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In a day which is just SATURATED with Kardashian gossip (cheers, Tristan, you're a melt)…let's not forget that Kourtney Kardashian had an awkward encounter with ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

The pair split six months ago after dating for two years, following pictures surfacing showing the young model getting cosy with another girl on holidays. 

E! News reports that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who called it quits with her former beau last August, was seen standing alongside her ex at Alfred Tea Room in Los Angeles.


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Her fans may have gotten excited imaging a romantic reunion between the pair,  E! News are saying that this was a chance encounter rather than a planned meeting.

"Kourtney bumped into Younes getting coffee at Alfred. It wasn't a planned meet up," an insider source told the publication. "She goes there often and so does he. She was happy to see him and very nice. It wasn't awkward for her and they chatted for a few minutes."

Younes bought Kourtney a latte, which seems nice until you remember he got cosy with another woman…


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"It was sweet and she appreciated it. She gave him a hug and went on her way," the source claiemd. "He texts her from time to time but she has moved on. It was nice to see him and she was glad to see he's doing well."

The former couple ended their romance when Kourtney learned of him getting cosy in Mexico with another girl, but last December, Younes posted a tribute to his famous ex on Instagram.

"Let's not forget this beautiful woman inside and out," Younes wrote alongside pictures of Kourtney. "I'm not the type of man that forgets moments like that. You are an amazing woman and mum and I hope you will find happiness for you and your children."

"It's all love at the end of the day…we don't know what can happen tomorrow so there you go," he finished.


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Apparently, the same source said; "Kourtney heard he had posted, but she has moved on from that time in her life. She doesn't trust Younes and his intentions. It felt like he was looking for attention and to be relevant again."

"She didn't think much of it. She's focused on other people and other things." Kourtney hasn't been in contact with Younes since the photos, and has gotten on with her life without him.

"She knows he is still hurting and misses her, but she isn't focused on him." Damn right girl, you don't need no man.

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The gender pay gap is an issue that, by now, should be in the past, but it's still a reality for many Irish women. 

A submission from the Irish Women's Council of Ireland found that on average, childless women earn 17 per cent less than men, while working mothers earn 14 per cent less than their male counterparts. 

Now, the Government is to host a meeting on the gender pay gap in Dublin.

The symposium is set to happen on Wednesday next week. 

According to RTE, the meeting will see senior policymakers, business representatives, trades unions and academics come together to debate the issue. 

In the National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020, the Government made a commitment to report the results of to intends to publish the results of such surveys, to get a clear picture of the wage gap landscape in this country. 

'A series of measures are proposed to address the gender pay gap,' reads the National Strategy for Women and Girls.

'These will include the introduction of wage surveys to be undertaken by companies with more than 50 employees and the development of practical tools to enable companies to calculate and to address the gender pay gap'



Today, Ryanair will meet with a workers union in a move that is historic for the company.

Today marks the first-ever meeting with a union since the airline was founded over three decades ago.

Ryanair staff have planned strike action for tomorrow, December 20.

Passengers may still face disruption despite the budget airlines meeting today.

Pilots have temporarily suspended their strike plans to allow for talks.

However, they reserved the right to resume their plans based on today’s talks.

Up to 117 members of the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association planned to strike.

'Christmas flights are very important to our customers and we wish to remove any worry or concern that they may be disrupted by pilot industrial action next week,' said Michael O'Leary previously.

'If the best way to achieve this is to talk to our pilots through a recognised union process, then we are prepared to do so, and we have written today to these unions inviting them to talks to recognise them and calling on them to cancel the threatened industrial action planned for Christmas week.'



The board of the National Maternity Hospital will meet today to discuss the future of the facility. 

Board member Dr Peter Boylan is refusing to step down from his position after he spoke out about concerns about the project's new ownership.

The new hospital is set to be under the 'sole ownership' of the religious order the Sisters of Charity.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland recently, Dr Boylan said it would be inappropriate for the €300,000,000 facility to have strong links to the Catholic Church.

The deal in place regarding the new facility was published yesterday. 

'I think it is clear that the new Maternity Hospital negotiated hard that clinical independence would be written in stone but I think fundamentally the issue of ownership hasn’t been addressed,' said Councillor Eilis Ryan of the deal. 

'There are a number of doctors who have said it is really impossible to guarantee clinical independence unless the state has ownership so I think that is still quite worrying.'

A petition has gone viral against the ownership, which has since garnered over 92,000 signatures. 

An RTÉ poll also found that 86 per cent of people do not want the Catholic Church to have any role in maternity services in Ireland.