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Caroline Flack’s boyfriend Lewis Burton has issued a statement following Caroline Flack’s arrest. The TV presenter was arrested and charged with assault following an incident at her London home last week.

It is believed the 40-year-old threw a phone at her boyfriend Lewis Burton. Despite Caroline’s arrest, Lewis has issued a statement defending his girlfriend, stressing that she does not deserve any hate.

He posted the statement on Instagram this afternoon:

“I’m tired of the lies and abuse aimed at my girlfriend.

“This is not a witch hunt, this is someone’s life. I have not signed any NDA. Why would I?” he asked.

Lewis continued to defend his partner, “Caroline is the most lovely girl. Loyal and kind. She doesn’t deserve any of this,” he added.

On Thursday, Caroline was arrested and charged with assault by beating. 

A spokesperson for the Met Police issued a statement at the time.

"Caroline Flack, 40, of Islington was charged on Friday, 13 December with assault by beating. She will appear on bail at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 23 December."


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"This follows an incident at approximately 05:25hrs on Thursday, 12 December after reports of a man being assaulted. He was not seriously injured."

Caroline has yet to comment on the incident. 



Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have the best relationship.

They have always been open with one another as partners and parents, speaking up about difficulties and praising one another when deserved.

And John is more in love with his wife than ever.


my incredible man. what a surreal life.

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As a musician, his career requires him to travel all over the word. So, each time he returns home he truly treasures every moment with his wife and two kids.

Chrissy recently shared a video of the two lovebirds in which John is looking into her eyes with a content smile.

The mum is trying to play the piano and sing along to the notes like her talented hubby.

But she and John can’t keep it together and break out in hysterics, laughing at her musical attempt.


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“Well well well, look who decided to finally contribute to our family’s finances”, she joked on her Instagram.

The happy couple appear to be attending a fancy affair that night. John is dressed in a white tuxedo and Chrissy is dressed in a glamorous pink dress.

Her hilarious behaviour is classic Chrissy and John loves that about her.

Fans adore how cute the couple is together and were quick to comment on their funny moment.


my incredible man. what a surreal life.

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“You two are awesome!” said one. “Couple goals”, said another.

One thing is for certain, Chrissy has many talents, but it seems like pursuing a singing career may not be the best option.

We love how John and Chrissy can completely be themselves with one another and can’t wait to see what funny moment they share next.



Former partners Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian got into a heated discussion about their children.

In a sneak peek of Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the two are shown arguing over Scott’s recent decision.

Kourtney confronts him about the way he is balancing his new relationship with parenting their three young kids.


they make my heart melt

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According to E! News, the fight came after the dad introduced his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, to his children without consulting their mother first.

Scott calls his ex-partner “annoying” when she expresses her anger at the situation.

“It’s called giving someone a heads up and having a respectful conversation — giving someone the respect,” the mum tried to explain.

But the father did not agree with the point she was trying to make, saying that sometimes “things don’t always go as planned”.

Kourtney countered: “I make sacrifices all the time and you’re not following through with the things you say you’re going to do. Then you just go and do whatever you want, and I’m not okay with it.”

But Scott was on a completely different page than the model, attributing her reaction to her “overly controlling” and “difficult” nature.

“I think you expect a lot from a lot of people,” Scott continued. “But not always can your expectations always be met, even though people are trying their hardest to please you.”

The mum admitted being a “perfectionist” but said that it was “not okay” for Scott to “do whatever [he] wants”.

In this couple’s case, co-parenting is important to both of them, but Kourtney felt left out of an important parenting decision.

Hopefully, the pair can resolve the disagreement soon, but we will have to stay tuned for the next episode’s release to find out.



Victoria Beckham may be known as one of the top fashion designers in the world but family comes first.

It's what has kept the fascination with the Beckham family ever-constant; their down-to-earth likeability. Yes, we can't forget they do live a life of obvious luxury but even within this, they do 'normal' things. They write adorable father's day cards, a proud mum posts a snap of her daughter's haircut, a sweet sixteen gets celebrated (on a yacht with Elton John, but still).


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But all this hasn't stopped Victoria and David from enduring a share of unwanted attention from the press. The couple have been married for 19 years, and in the new issue of British Vogue, Victoria – who appears on two cover options, the first with her four children and the second with husband David while daughter Harper plays on a swing behind them – addressed the ongoing public fascination of their marriage.

Even this year, back in June, the couple were plagued, seemingly out of nowhere that their marriage was over. So much so, that after a 24-hour social media storm, a spokesperson for the couple was forced to vehemently denied the claims and unfounded rumours. The fashion designer and singer simply says that their lives are all about family, but added that she found the rumours "unfair." 


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The stories are not only unfair to them, but to the "wider effect on the people around us." She doesn't mention her children by name, but it is the boys: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz as well as daughter Harper who would instantly be affected by hurtful gossip. 

"It's all about the family unit. We are much stronger, the six of us, than we would be if we were individuals. We respect that family bond and that is key," she said in the interview.

She also adds that she knows the true value of the bond – and brand – that both her and David bring as a couple, despite both being charismatic and strong individuals. 

"We both realise that we are stronger together than we are as individuals. Would either of us be in the position that we are in now had we not met and been together all those years ago?" 


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While the profile has generally been praised, some are criticising the above photo in which the kids are fighting with water guns, with comments saying the move was "utterly tasteless."

“Why the guns?” read one comment on British Vogue’s Instagram page. “Use of guns is utterly tasteless,” wrote a critic. “Fake guns but really, did you need to use guns as props?” read a comment on Victoria’s Instagram page. The family have yet to comment on the backlash. 

Yet while the Beckham family are perfectly suited to the iconic magazine's historic pages, it's the 44-year-old's behind-the-scenes video footage of the shoot that is a highlight – it sheds light on yet another layer to her enigmatic personality as she showcases iconic looks from her Spice Girl days:


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She's hilarious. And she's given us many more reasons to adore her clan.      


Oh dear.

We had thought that perhaps these two might have gone the distance. However, it looks like Stephen Bear, boyfriend of Vicky Pattison, has announced their break-up. 

He took to social media with a serious of posts that seem to make it clear that he is no longer attached to the reality TV star. 

He captioned the image: "I'm done.No going back."

He then followed up with this gem:

The caption read: "Single. Bear's back out to play," and included a celebration emoji. 

Vicky has yet to comment on the supposed split. Although, she did post a photo today with her Judge Geordie co-star Alex Cannon.

Stephen and Vicky started dating this summer and it was reported that they split up last month before getting back together.

Only a week ago there were rumours of trouble brewing for the pair after Vicky posted a cryptic image on social media referring to heart break. She quickly deleted the post, but that didn't stop speculation about the end being near for the duo. 


Seemingly eager to dispel any rumours of a break up earlier this summer, The Mirror quoted Vicky as saying that things between she and Stephen were going well after he met her family:

"He was a bit nervous and obviously me mam and dad were a bit hesitant because of what's happened on Ex On The Beach, but everyone loved him."


She had also recently lashed out at former cast mate Marnie Simpson on social media after she claimed that Marnie was trying to be photographed with Stephen:

"I'm not joking. What the hell? Go get papped with someone who is single why does it have to be my lad? D***," she told OK! magazine. 

It looks like things could have taken a nasty turn, but we will have to wait and see what the outspoken Geordie has to say for herself.


So maybe this is the key to a long lasting celebrity marriage.

Actress, and wife of Les Miserables actor Hugh Jackman, Deborra-Lee Furness has said that she’s banned Hugh from working with a certain A-lister.

In the past Hugh has gotten up close and personal with a number of Hollywood ladies including Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman. But, Angelina Jolie is the one co-star Deborra is not allowing Hugh work with.

Not too surprising considering Angelina does have a history of romance with her co-stars; Johnny Lee Miller (remember that weird wedding t-shirt?), Billy Bob Thornton, and rumours floated that she was with Colin Farrell for a while too.

The couple were interviewed by The Today Show and asked how they cope with seeing one another getting hot and heavy with other actors.

Deborra joked “I’ve told his agent he’s not allowed to work with Angelina.”

While we’re sure that Deborra has absolutely nothing to worry about, we do empathise with the 59-year old, considering Angelina is known for being the woman of many men’s dreams. Also the fact that she hasn’t ever been afraid to date her co-stars. And then marry them- ahem, Brad Pitt.

After 19 years of wedded bliss and two children, Oscar, 14 and Ava, 9, Deborra just isn’t willing to take any chances.

The blonde Aussie told joked in the interview that she doesn’t have anything personal against Angie, “I’m sure she’s very nice and I love what she’s doing – shining a light on awareness for adoption…just kidding.”

The couple were interviewed before they took part in the Adopt Change fundraiser in Melbourne, Australia.
During the interview the pair also revealed that they never spend more than two weeks apart when working, a promise they made early in their relationship.

“We’ve managed to keep that,” 46-year old Hugh said proudly.

So Deborra probably has nothing to worry about after all!


Did you know that Will Smith and his wife Jada are worth almost €220 million combined?

According to the latest rumours circulating about the ‘are they or aren’t they’ pair, “their marriage might as well be a business arrangement.”

Speaking with Life & Style magazine, an insider has apparently come clean about the couple’s alleged divorce.

The pair have supposedly not been referring to themselves as divorced in the media for the sake of their kids, Jaden and Willow.

Apparently though, it’s the assets belonging to the couple that is keeping them together.

Will and Jada have reportedly been in an ‘open’ relationship despite being married for 17 years. But this latest report is saying that Jada is now seriously “contemplating divorce” because of Will continuing to act like a “single man” when out in public.

The same insider is saying that in May, Jada met with a very high-profile divorce attorney in the U.S when things between her and Will hit rock bottom.

Jada is reportedly livid with Will staying out until all hours of the night with a host of different women.

This all comes just days after Jada herself spoke with Entertainment Tonight about those pesky divorce rumours.

The actress, 43, said that she’s quite realistic about the how the media works. She said in the interview “people gotta make their money and do what they gotta do, you know what I mean?”

We’re kind of rooting for these two, who have never been shy about their chemistry and love for each other, to stay together.

In the same interview the actress also added:

“Will and I love each other so much, and our family and our relationship is so important, and the fact that these stories keep coming up, you know, you’d think people would be rooting for you to stay together not to break up.”

That helps clear that up then, doesn’t it?



After weeks of rumours, it seems TOWIE’s Sam Faiers and ex-fiance Joey Essex are back on.

They were spotted stepping out together and looking incredibly cosy – does this mean the wedding’s back on?

With Sam decked in a gorgeous white jumpsuit, the formerly-engaged couple enjoyed a very romantic dinner at the Dorchester Hotel.

Joey previously said that the two had kept things amicable after their split:

“Me and Sam are cool. We’re back in contact again and we’re talking and stuff as friends.”

Definitely looks like they’re more than friends now!