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Chantelle Connelly is barely out the door of the Geordie Shore house and she's already throwing some serious shade at her former housemates.

On Friday the news broke that the 26-year-old reality star had quit the MTV hit show as she chatted online about catching a flight when she was supposed to be filming in Kavos with the rest of the cast.

Now the former exotic dancer has taken to Twitter clarify why she left and – in true Geordie Shore fashion – stir some serious drama in the process.

Along with a picture of her and her on-off boyfriend Tommy Sayers, Chantelle tweeted: “Let’s jus say I couldn’t live with 2 faced snakes…would rather be with the love of my life any day!” [sic].

The tweet was quickly followed by: “Fame and money isn’t everything….Health and happiness is!!!”

The Twitter rant continued later in the day as the Geordie threatened to reveal what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling.

"Can't wait to tell it how it really is!!! You's don't have a Fkn clue! Well I'm about to tell all #keep #it #real you's will be surprised."

"Ppl have to much to say yet they don't no the facts!!! Well I do just wait till I let it all out what actual happens not what u watch!" [sic].

And the first wrong Chantelle wants to put right?  Her on-screen virginity.

She wrote: "Never slept with anyone EVER on the show."

Good to know girl.  Thanks!

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The size of models in the media is always a controversial topic, so it’s little wonder Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley caused a stir yesterday when she questioned the meaning of ‘plus-size’ in an angry tweet.

Using an image from a Calvin Klein campaign, the soap star tweeted: “Tell me this is a joke?? PLUS size?!?! Congrats on giving another generation of girls eating disorders.”

The photo features 29-year-old American model Myla Dalbesio who – at a UK size 10 – was called plus-sized by Elle magazine in a 2014 interview.  

When that article was released almost two years ago people began referring to Myla as Calvin Klein’s first plus-sized model – despite the fact CK had never actually used the term to describe the American beauty.

The reactions to the soap star’s tweet were as expected – a lot of unhappy people wondering why on earth the former pageant winner would be called plus-sized.

But the model in question has now come out on social media to clarify that she is not actually considered plus-sized by her agency and to explain that things are changing in the industry.

She wrote: “I am not plus size. I have never been plus size. Which is confusing, I understand, because for the first 8 years of my modeling career, that is the segment of the industry that I worked in.”

“Why is that? Because 10 years ago, when I started modeling, no "straight size" board would sign anyone above a size 2-4 (and even size 4 was pushing it). Working under that label was the only way I could work.”

“Luckily, things have changed in that regard. I am happily on the main board at @nextmodels, which does not distinguish any difference in size or shape of it's models, just represents them as they are, without labels.”

The model – who also works as a photographer and writer – finished by asking women to quit body-shaming and be kinder to one another.

“But I also think it is important for women that are my size to see themselves represented. Let's not begrudge them (or me) for that.”

“Can we all just work on understanding each other? Body shaming, whether it be too fat, too skinny, too athletic, etc. is unfair for all. We all want to be healthy, we all want to be beautiful, we all want to belong.”

"I DESERVE TO BE REPRESENTED AND YOU DO TOO.  We all do.  And we all can be, if we start encouraging and supporting one another instead of picking each other apart."


Yesterday, it was reported that Kylie Jenner signed a seven-figure deal to be the new face of Puma, as well as its brand ambassador.

But in a weird turn of events, Kylie's brother-in-law Kanye has gone on yet another Twitter rant about how Kylie is on the "Yeezy team."

Kylie has walked in two of Kanye's fashion shows, so it seems that the rapper might be feeling a little pressure ahead of the release of his new line and album.

The 38-year-old took to Twitter to share his views (again) and even said that the brand can even have its money back:

As we all know, Kanye has his own shoe line with Adidas, and he clearly doesn't want Kylie to make any money for his competition.

So, is Kanye right or is this just another stunt since his album is about to land? 


Kanye West unleashed an epic Twitter rant with Wiz Khalifa last night; and even if you're not a fan, it was one not to be missed.

The rappers both dated Amber Rose, and Kanye made several comments about her during the fight, but Wiz wasn't one to back down and went on to apparently diss Kimmy K.

The feud all started when Kanye announced the new name for his upcoming album, Waves. For some reason, Wiz seemed to hold a grudge about it and then later tweeted something about "KK" which Kanye took as an insult against his wife.

When Amber got involved, her response was probably the most shocking of all, telling the world Kanye's explicit bedroom habits. Ouch. 

But in the end, Kayne took it all back, saying he mistook "KK" and it actually stands for a type of marijuana. 

So, when Kanye realised his mistake, he apologised for all the confusion, but also let his fans know that Wiz lost 2 million followers because of it.

Khloe Kardashian also chimed in at the end, saying her brother-in-law should run for president. 

Ah, the drama. 



Not too long ago model and actress Cara Delevingne took to social media and blasted the paparazzi in Milan.

The 23-year old was in the city with fellow model Kate Moss to present their campaign for Mango. While there, the star seemed to have a bit of trouble when some of the photographers were acting very rude.

She went on to say that she would refuse to let grown men treat her “like objects with no feelings and get away with it.” She also apologised to her followers for her rant but explained it was necessary- she feared otherwise "these situations would probably end in violence."

Now, it seems Mullingar-native Niall is less than impressed with how he’s being treated by the photographers too.

The 1D star let loose on Twitter this morning after paparazzi told their fans to move out of the way so they could get a photo.


Just last night Niall had tweeted in praise of their fans after their gig at the 02 Arena in London. The pop star certainly did not hold back as he gave the paps a warning. 

Niall’s fans immediately took to Twitter to praise him for taking a stand.

They were very impressed.



We all saw Kim Kardashian’s bikini body when she was on her second honeymoon in Mexico, and we were all sick with jealousy over it. So why is the queen of reality TV ranting and raving about her inability to lose more weight?

The star took to Twitter to express how she has yet to shake the last “15 – 20 lbs of baby weight. No more excuses. My baby is 1 years old! UGH”.

Perhaps this sudden fixation on being overweight is why she was spotted out in a baggy t-shirt, which is not like her.

We hope Kanye tells her to relax, and soon! She looks amazing!