Uh-oh! Rihanna changes her new album in fear it’s not good enough

It looks like Rihanna's album release date could be pulled back even further as it has been revealed the singer isn't happy with some of her new tracks.

The Diamonds hitmaker is planning to change and tweak her forthcoming album – called Anti – because she's "uncomfortable and unhappy" with various pieces of it. 

Rihanna's father Ronald, who claims he has heard 26 songs she's recorded, told The Sun: "Robyn (Rihanna's real name) is not happy with the new album. She's not comfortable with it."

"When she went over the songs she found all these little things she wanted to change and was worried about it. It's a long process and isn't easy."

Anti was originally planned to be released by the end of the year but it looks like the 27-year-old wants to push the release date into next year in order to create more content.

"It's been three years now since her last album," said Ronald. "She wants this to blow everything else away, no competition, because she's calling it her 'first album'."

Rihanna, who has previously collaborated with rappers such as Drake, Kanye, Jay Z and Eminem, has decided to record much of this album alone.

"A lot of times she has someone else singing with her and the collaborations always do good but this time she has a lot by herself – and you don't miss the other singers as she's so good."