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Third-wheeling is something we all have experience of, but few of us would happily embrace the third-wheel title with the same enthusiasm as one brave man named Mitch Jolliff.

And for that, we applaud him.

In a move which we're sure many couples will seek to mimic, Mitch agreed to appear in his best friend's engagement and wedding photos as the classic third wheel, and he nailed it.

It all started when Brittney Krysinger got engaged to Mitch's best friend Kody and asked Mitch if he would take part in a photo shoot which would sum up the trio's dynamic.

While initially reluctant, Mitch finally decided to get involved and took part in the couple's engagement and wedding photos which were captured by photographer Lindsey Berger.

"At first, I was not a big fan of it,” Mitch told Yahoo. “They actually had to persuade me quite a bit to take the pictures. I’m not a big picture taker."

Delighted that Mitch took part, Brittney said: "I think it’s so relatable. Everybody has that friend who third-wheels with you, who’s always there."

Sound familiar?




We have come across the perfect Instagram account that sums up all of the feelings you feel while being on your own in the company of a loved up couple. 

If you have ever been a third wheel, then you can related to Peter Alden, a 29-year-old from New York. 

He told Buzzfeed: "I am 29 years old, single and living in NYC, Help!".

He chronicles the adventures of his brother and his fiance going on dates and doing other romantic things together, while Peter photo bombs all of their cute pictures.

Peter is used to be a third wheel by now as he spent a lot of time with the couple in the early days of their relationship. 

Peter said “I used to live with my brother. When they started dating I was always around.”

But it seems he's getting used to the life of being a third wheel, and he may even kinda like it “After almost two years, they moved in together and I had to move out on my own. I tried to live with them, but nooooo.”

It's his captions that really get us though, as he shares his good times with his two best friends, or tripod as he calls them.

"We had the best day ever at the beach"


"Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for me, but it's never cold when you are with friends!"


"Happy Valentines day! Sometimes being in a relationship means doing things you aren't comfortable with"


"Happy birthday Ben, we love you so much!!"




"Sunday night ramen! Only had tables for two… but everyone knows take out is better! I'll wait for you guys!"