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In honour of the International Day of Sign Languages (September 23) leading Global Technology company Huawei extends its StorySign campaign to improve storytime for Deaf children in Ireland.

At a day of storytelling and activities with Karen Koster at Dublin Zoo, Huawei reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Ireland’s Deaf community. The leading technology company announced further investment in StorySign, a free app developed to bring the joy of story time to Deaf children, with the addition of four new books to the StorySign Library and the launch of the app on iOS, making it available to more families with Deaf children, regardless of which smartphone they own.

Pioneered by Huawei, the app has been downloaded over 40,000 times since its launch in December 2018, creating an authentic reading experience that truly helps enrich story time for Deaf children and their parents. 

Byron Maxi, Huawei Ireland’s Country Director said, “At Huawei, we believe that when you bring together human imagination with the power of our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we can do something for the greater good.”

“Huawei has worked closely with the Irish Deaf Society throughout the StorySign campaign to raise awareness of Deaf literacy issues and develop the app as a long-term resource that grows over time and continues to benefit the Deaf community in Ireland.”

Commenting on why StorySign can now be used on any smartphone Walter Ji, President of Huawei’s Western Europe Consumer Business Group, said: “At Huawei, we want to use our technology to make the world a better place – no matter where you live or what smartphone you use – whether it’s Android or iOS.

34 percent of the people who have downloaded the free StorySign app have become daily active users, which reinforces our commitment to helping more deaf children learn to read and makes us proud to continue developing and expanding StorySign.”

John Sherwin, CEO Irish Deaf Society commented further, “Education tools that enhance the use of Irish Sign Language at home are vital when tackling early development of language, cognition and literacy. 

“The Irish Deaf Society are proud to support Huawei with its long-term vision to help open the world of books to Deaf children through StorySign. The expansion of the StorySign library, a new language and wider availability mark an important step towards helping Deaf children enjoy story time.”

At Sunday’s event at Dublin Zoo families were treated to special performances by the Cabra Deaf Choir. The children from the choir who attend the Holy Family School for the Deaf in Cabra, Dublin have benefited from the StorySign app and experienced first-hand the unique experience it affords them to enjoy story time. 

At the event Huawei Ireland also premiered a new short film directed by Oscar winning director Chis Overton, bringing StorySign to life with a local Dublin family with two deaf children, Bobby and Sophia. https://consumer.huawei.com/ie/campaign/storysign/storysignfamilies/

StorySign, the free mobile app is available on both Android and iOS, and comes alive with Star, the app’s friendly signing avatar developed in partnership with world-class studio Aardman and input from experts in the deaf community. Star translates a range of popular children’s books into sign language in real-time, creating a seamless reading experience and allowing deaf children to enjoy story time, no matter what.


New research findings by global technology leader Huawei have just revealed that more people now aspire to be a social media influencer than a pro sports player as their 'dream job'.

Seeing as we're all budding photographers, they've decided to launch the Creatives competition for the fourth year in a row, which aims to find Ireland's most creative and talented amateur photographer.

The winner? You can earn the prize of travelling to ANY destination in the whole world, taking snaps on your Huawei premium device from their flagship P30 series as an extra gift.

You can have the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world, putting Huawei's camera to the test in the trip of a lifetime.

Huawei coincided the launch of the competition with their research findings, which state that 67 percent of Irish people believe that social media inspires them, and 78 percent say it gives them ideas for creative projects.

For a traditionally sports-obsessed country, it speaks volumes that more of us now want to be an influencer. Irish people took a whopping 3,924,723,984 photos in 2018 alone, and social media is now a way to showcase creativity.

Talent can be promoted from your phone nowadays, so Huawei's Creative competition fits perfectly with our budding photographer nation. Why not enter?

All you have to do is share a photo entry with the hashtag #HuaweiCreatives, and one lucky winner will gain flights and accommodation for two to search for new photography experiences.

Last year, the competition had 15,000 entries, but 2019 now has SEVEN additional categories, including night, nature, street and cityscapes.

Capturing Irish scenery, skylines, buildings and fashion shots on Instagram could now lead to a life-changing all-expenses paid trip.

To apply for the Creatives campaign, photograph, your should be uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #HuaweiCreatives as well as the hashtag for the category they are entering.

Find out more on their website, happy snapping ladies. We hope your travel dreams come true.


If you've ever had the pleasure of sitting around a table with a few generations of your family, you may have noted the different pronunciation of words.

They can vary depending on where you come from in Ireland, but I do enjoy my nana's Longford take on 'cooker' and 'book.'

However, the correct pronunciation of words can cause some serious family conflict – and we have a few more words to add to the list to spice up the next family get-together.

That is according to new research conducted by Huawei, as they have uncovered words that as a nation we constantly get wrong.

Don't look so smug though as you are probably one of the people mispronouncing them.

Sadhbh took the top spot for the most regularly mispronounced names in Ireland – get your tongue around that one.

In fact, 25 percent of survey respondents confessed to butchering the name.

Caoimhe, Muireann, Tadgh and Blaithnaid closely followed behind as names we politely murder with our feeble attempts – sorry.


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We all know that pretentious pr*ck chowing down on the trendiest international cuisine and we get corrected immediately on the right way to pronounce it.

Acai bowls are the perfect example of this, they made their debut in Ireland a few years ago.

Thanks to YouTubers, we as a nation struggled and continue to do so, to get our mouths around how on earth we say it right – don't feel bad though, there's Youtube videos dedicated to its pronunciation. 

Huawei's research showed that Acai, Worcestershire and Quinoa were the most mispronounced foods in Ireland – so get ready for the family fights.

However, in light of collecting the data – they set the record straight for a pronunciation close to their own heart.

They finally settled how we should be saying Huawei – and FYI it's "wah-way"

Sure, as long as you say any of the words with an unjustified sense of confidence – you'll be grand.


So I have always been an Apple fanatic – I cannot imagine my life without an iPhone, MAC and iPad. 

Pathetic, I know. 

Anyway, I had myself convinced that no phone on this earth would ever match up to my glorious iPhone, in all of its glory. 

However, last week I had the honour of jetting off to Paris to attend the launch of a brand new phone, by Huawei.

Let me tell you lads, I was NOT disappointed. 

We sat back in our seats and watched the CEO of Huawei Technologies Consumer Business Group unveil this shiny new tech toy, I listened to what he said, but I was sceptical. 

He spoke about the new camera, the AI technologies, and how this new phone is a groundbreaking piece of machinery. 

I was intrigued, of course – mainly by the camera. 

He said that the camera was as good as a professional one, and could actually be used for shooting and capturing editorial imagery.

An influencers dream phone, basically. 

So what exactly makes this phone so special? Let me explain. 

So the Huawei P20 Pro has an advanced camera system to capture more light, more details and more beauty, featuring a 'revolutionary Leica triple camera and 5x Hybrid Zoom'.

Real talk though, I cannot tell you how amazing the camera is – the pictures are so sharp and clear it is outrageous! 

Sure just look at all the gorgeous piuctures I've included in this piece – can't argue with it! 

It has innovative photography features, including Master AI with AI-driven professional photography and HUAWEI AIS (AI Image Stabilisation), a powerful AI stabilisation technology.

Oh, and one of my FAVOURITE features? It has an amazing battery life (seriously, you won't have to charge it once during the day!)

“We look for inspiration from artists to continuously evolve our approach to design and innovation,” said Richard Yu.

“The HUAWEI P20 Series builds on the legacy of our collaboration with Leica. With a breakthrough triple camera on the HUAWEI P20 Pro, an advanced dual camera on the HUAWEI P20, and powerful artificial intelligence on both, today’s most vibrant consumers can capture and share the brilliance of the world around them.”

Anyway, if you're smart, you'll consider getting one of these bad boys. 

It hits Irish stores on April 13th, so get ready.