Taking those daily photos might be boosting your sense of wellbeing

As the generation who grew up with a camera embedded in every portable electronic device, it's no wonder we're so snap happy. 

Whether it's a hot-dogs-or-legs snap by the holiday poolside, a candid of you and the gals necking cocktails, or that slightly blurry picture of a cute dog you saw while at a red light, we're constantly capturing the moment with our phones, Polaroid cameras and DSLRs. 

One place we cant help but share these images is social media, and this may not be a bad thing. 

One study suggests that taking a photo and posting it on social media every day is great for your wellbeing.

The team looked at the impact this had on people and found that interacting with fellow users and capturing the moment had a positive impact on the participants’ mood.

This might seem counter productive if you factor in the pressure to get likes and comments, but for people who can put that aside and just admire their digital photo album, there are benefits to reap. 

Many participants admitted that they love looking back at the moments they’ve captured, especially if they’re feeling down.

It can't hurt to remember the good time during phases of sadness, and they can serve as a realistic reminder that positivity could be just around the corner. 

We're thinking of making an album of all out favourite pictures on our phones right now…