Your wedding day will probably be the most photographed day of your life, and with good reason.

Between the perfect dress, the flawless make-up and the beautiful venue to act as the backdrop, you’re going to want to document your efforts. But have you ever stopped to think just how many photos will be taken?

A new report has put a number on it – and it's slightly terrifying.

Research by has found that an average of 3,000 pictures are taken over the course of the average wedding day.

That's right, 3,000

See, while most couple still choose to hire a professional photographer to document the day, a massive 75 per cent of wedding guests will use their smart phones to grab some extra snaps.

The survey of 1,015 wedding guests and 1,015 recently married couples also found that two thirds of those pictures are shared on social media – so essentially 2,000 pictures of your wedding day will be floating around in cyber space for all of eternity.

Given these stats, it’s no wonder most brides make it their business to look their best on the day.