Could your birth month really define your personality?

If you swear that all Taureans are stubborn, or all Aquarians are intellectual, you might not be as off the mark as some people might think! 

A new study has shown that our season of birth could have an impact on our personality traits and how other people react to us. The research, which was carried out in Hungary, could help scientists figure out why some people are more prone to mood disorders than others.

Here's the breakdown – see if you fit!

Born in spring:
Extremely positive and optimistic, sometimes excessively so. Maybe you always look on the bright side, or maybe you can't bear to see the bad side of those around you.

Born in summer:
Again, you have a lot of positivity, but you're also more likely to have mood swings than autumn and winter babies. You're no stranger to stress or anxiety.

Born in autumn:
Compared to winter kids, you're not as prone to depression, so you'll probably adapt better to significant life changes and move on from things quickly.

Born in winter:
Winter babies are calm, cool and collected – they're far less likely to get irritable than those born at other times of the year. So while the driver in front of you is frantically beeping his horn during that traffic jam, you're happily bopping along to the new Taylor Swift song and enjoying a few minutes' break from driving.