How can I tell if he loves me so?

When it comes to kissing, it’s not just their kissing style we discover – we also get an insight into their personality.

Here are some of the most popular kissing styles and what they mean:

Closed-mouth kiss
If you’re not dealing with a shy one, you could have someone who wants to take things slow. Either way, both are admirable!

French kissing
He isn’t exactly the shyest person around, is he? Lip locking usually means he’s into you.  Be careful though, you might find yourself falling for him too.

There’s no doubt this fella knows exactly what he wants. Don’t be afraid to tell him you’d like to slow things down……even if you are enjoying the neck kissing.

Peck on the forehead
If all other signs point to the fact he’s interested, this intimate touch usually means you have a romantic one. Don’t be surprised if you answer the door to a bouquet of flowers.