You know when you go to a restaurant, the way your dinner arrives on the plate speaks volumes about the restaurant and the chef. 

Well, as it turns out the way you plate food for yourself can say a lot about your personality too. 

Behavioural food scientist, Juliet Boghossian, spoke to Cosmopolitan about the connection between eating habits and personality. She believes people aren't what they eat, but how they eat. 

1, You give equal space to each food

You're a planner but you don't take on anymore than you can handle. You're also a very disciplined person and always have your goals in mind, which you will never give up on. 


2. You have a messy, over-lapping plate

You are a free spirit and take on anything that comes your way, which turns you into quite the multi-tasker. You are eager to experience everything you possible can but still have an easy going attitude. 


3. You pile your food into a bowl

You are the creative type and seek to be unique in everything you do. You always think outside of the box and love to add a personal touch to your things. 


4. You eat food off you partner's plate

You like to maintain close relationships with family and friends but sometimes you over-step boundaries. You like to feel a connection with people and love the simple things in life. 


5. You stack food on top of each other

You are a predictable person and your friends and family can always count on you. You have a nurturing personality and like to take care of people.