Cheese or chocolate? Here’s what your food choices say about you

You can think twice if you think your love for grilled cheese is just a random quirk!

Apparently, our food habits say a lot about who we are, with subtle differences in taste dictated by our upbringing. 

Scientists are increasingly linking our food preferences with our personality traits, so if you want to find out what your love for chocolate means, read on:

If you love grilled cheese…

You're seductive, charitable and worldly. 

Research carried out by dating site, Skout, quizzed 4,600 people on their diet, bedroom habits and lifestyle and what they found out was quite interesting.

The survey found that 81 percent of cheese lovers donate time, money or food to those in need. And 84 percent enjoy travelling compared to only 78 percent of people who don't like cheese. 

And if you love a cheddar toastie in the evening, it also means you have a good time in the bedroom! They discovered that 73 percent of cheesy people have sex at least once a month, compared to only 63 percent of non-cheese lovers. 


If you love chocolate…

You're selfless and good-natured.

A study carried out by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people with a sweet tooth tend to have sweeter dispositions.

The research found that those who like chocolate are more likely to volunteer to help another person. They're also more agreeable and even-tempered than those without a sweet tooth.


If you love pepperoni pizza…

You're extroverted and argumentative

A survey from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation tested 500 adults on their preferred pizza topping. 

The results found that people who like pepperoni on their pizza thrive when they're the centre of attention and are more likely to be extrovert than those who like other toppings.

They are also more likely to be argumentative and procrastinators, while those who like chicken as a topping are likely to be driven, assertive and competitive. 


If you love curry…

You're a risk-taker.

Research by the University of Grenoble found that people who like spicy food are more likely to be financial, sexual and behavioural risk-takers. 

Spice-lovers are also seen to be daring and adventurous and prove to work better in intense situations. 


If you love ice-cream…

You're impulsive and idealistic.

If you're partial to vanilla ice-cream, you're likely to be dynamic and idealistic.

Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation used various tests to determine that ice-cream lovers are impulsive and rely on intuition more than logic. They are also seen as more emotionally expressive and work better in close relationships.