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Friday is finally here and we are so ready to forget about work and laze about on the sofa until Monday.

We’ve somehow managed to spend way too much money this month so we’ll be hibernating in front of the telly all weekend long.

Luckily, tonight’s Graham Norton Show has one of the strongest lineups of all time so we’ll be pleasantly entertained for the night.

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The Corkman will be joined by none other than the legendary Bruce Springsteen. That’s right, the Born In The USA singer will chat to Graham about his iconic career and his new documentary Western Stars.

Legendary actor Robert De Niro also joins Graham to talk about his role in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman.

The hilarious Paul Rudd will also be on the show to chat about his new TV series Living With Yourself, which also stars Aisling Bea.

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Actor Sienna Miller will be promoting family drama American Woman.

There will also be music from James Blunt.

The Graham Norton Show airs at 10.35pm on BBC1.



There are some people who choose between the six original cast members when discussing their favourite Friends characters, and then there's other people – us – who choose Mike Hannigan.

Ah Mike, ye of the phantom keyboard tricks, sick one-liners and 'sailor on leave' skills.

Played by Paul Rudd, Mike Hannigan was the first man that made Phoebe think she might want to hang up her hippie threads and become a soccer mom for life.

But it looks like the writers didn't actually have this future in mind for Phoebe.

According to Hank Azaria, who played Phoebe's love interest David in earlier episodes, writers actually intended to bring David back, pair him off with Phoebe and let those two lovebirds live out their hippie/ sciencey future together.

And it sounds like Hank was pretty cut up about the writers' decision.

"It actually did sting a little bit," Hank said. "Whatever part of me is David the science guy who went to Minsk, which admittedly is probably a small part of me, but that part of me wanted to end up with Phoebe."

Giving props to Paul, Hank, who's best known for voicing numerous Simpsons characters said; "I think, honestly, what happened was Paul Rudd is so awesome that they sort of found a groove with him and my character became more of just the grist for that mill."

Imagine Phoebe's wedding to Mike hadn't gone ahead – no steel drum, no dying dog, no manic wedding planning from Monica… it just wouldn't have been the same.




Well, okay then!

While promoting his latest film Ant Man, Michael Douglas announced in an interview that he believes he is seriously packing below the belt.

And why is the 70-year-old talking about his penis in an interview you may ask?

To explain: When Vanity Fair’s George Wayne was speaking to Mr Douglas he began talking about famous movie stars and their prominent physical traits.

“Your father had his cleft chin. Omar Sharif had the gap in his teeth…” To which Michael smiled and retorted with, “I have a big dick.”

It certainly sounds like there was all kinds of R-rated penis jokes going around on the set of Ant Man, with the Wall Street star being by no means the only funny man around.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd divulged one prank that he pulled during filming but that unfortunately did not go quite as planned.

He explained the incident that happened during filming saying, “I thought, I’m really gonna try and be buddy-buddy with the guy,” Paul said of Mr Douglas.

“We were doing a close-up, and I thought, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna Basic Instinct him. When he’s speaking, I’m sitting in a chair across from him, and I’m going to, you know.”

Although, it turns out that the Oscar-winning actor didn’t quite get the joke. “I should’ve just stopped, and I didn’t, and it looked like I was basically pleasuring myself to Michael Douglas giving a monologue,” the This is 40 actor admitted.

“He just stopped and just looked at me and said, ‘What are you, a f***ing pervert?’ No smiles.”

We are so excited to see the hilarious back and forth between this wonderful duo in their new film, which comes out tomorrow. 



Is there any moment more awkward than sitting in a quiet room (or in a recorded interview) and your chair makes the dreaded farting sound?

When this happened to Paul Rudd during a press interview for his new film, Antman, he dealt with the situation perfectly… by doing it again!

Thankfully the I Love You Man star was able to recreate the noise and did so with the most hilariously perfect ‘fart face’ throughout the entire interview. 




This may just be the best news EVER.

It’s hard to believe that one of our favourite films of all time is about to have its 20th anniversary.

Just like the columns of Cher’s house that date all the way back to 1972 – it’s a classic.

But fans can rejoice because the film’s creator, Amy Heckerling, has announced that the musical version of Clueless is already in the works and we are totally buggin’!

“I’ve written the, what they call ‘the book’ and it’s a jukebox musical,” Ms Heckerling told Entertainment Tonight.

While we are so excited about this upcoming project, we can’t help but wonder, who could possibly take over the roles of Cher, Dionne, Tai and Josh? The musical’s writer seems to be having the same thought process.

“Well casting – that’s like going to be like the main problem,” Ms Heckerling admitted.

With the anniversary of Clueless coming up, Alicia Silverstone who played Cher spoke about just how popular the film was and remains today.

“The amazing thing about this movie is that it’s still being discovered. I love when older people, like grandparents, tell me that they love this movie,” the 38-year-old admitted.

“That’s very odd and wonderful. And then little people who are just discovering it now – it’s just being passed on. It’s timeless. Even though it captured that time so well it seems that people really identify with it.”

While the producers have yet to hint at what “jukebox” hits are going to be in the show, we can only imagine that Rollin with the Homies will make an appearance – and maybe even some Billie Holiday… because we just love him! 



It would appear that Paul Rudd has found his body double should he ever need it!

The actor was claimed to have tried to break up a homophobic fight that broke out in a Dallas airport – but he says it wasn’t him!

In the shocking footage a man can be seen attacking another man for his pink shirt and calling him offensive homophobic slurs.

He then attacks the man and people jump in to help, including fake Paul Rudd.

The video has some NSFW language so stick your earphones in…

Everyone started to speculate about the actor’s appearance in the video, hailing him a hero before his publicist ruined everyone’s day, claiming: “It isn’t him. Thanks for checking.”

So who is the mystery man? After some searching the internet found a man called Ben Kravit, who does indeed resemble Paul!



TV Presenter Lorraine Keane has admitted that if she were to cheat on her husband, her first choice wouldn’t be George Clooney or Colin Farrell – it’d be Paul Rudd!

“I love him, you’d have great fun with him. I’m not a George Clooney person.”

She’d also give Leonardo Dicaprio a go, because he’s 6’4”: “Every Hollywood star is up to my shoulder and I’ve met enough of them, all the men are tiny. He’s a real man and beautiful.”

Hmm, we wonder if anyone has told her that Paul Rudd is only 5’9”? Still, his sense of humour would probably make up for what he’s lacking in stature!

These guys better be on their best behaviour if they ever run into Lorraine, as she hasn’t got any time for people with bad manners:

“Bad manners, there’s no excuse for it. People who are rude or full of themselves or think they are better than anybody else: I hate that."

“They say that often the most famous people are the most low-key… Bono is such a gentleman. He obviously has to have his stage persona and would have a big ego when he’s on stage because that’s part of the performance."

“But in real life, he actually has no ego, he’s just such a nice person. And yet you’d interview boy bands who haven’t even had a hit yet, they’ve just been formed and they’re little upstarts. You feel like saying, ‘Good luck! I hope it keeps fine for you!’ My mother always said to us, there’s always room in the world for a nice person. I believe in karma, a smile and good manners will help you through life.”



Paul Rudd isn’t your typical superhero, but then we suppose ‘Ant-Man’ isn’t your typical superhero either. So it kind of fits.

When we first heard of Ant-Man, we imagined a load of ants crawling out of Paul Rudd’s sleeves and the like, but thankfully, he gets his name from his ability to make himself really, really small.

The film won’t be out until 2015, and they only began filming at the beginning of the week, but Marvel Entertainment released a photo of Paul Rudd in his role – and we have to say, he’s lookin’ well! We really like the broody stare!

Other stars that will be appearing in the film include Michael Douglas, who will play Dr. Hank Pym, and John Slattery who will reprise his role of Howard Stark from Iron Man 2.

Our favourite thing about all these comic books being made into movies is the crossover between characters! We can’t wait! 


If you needed another reason to love Paul Rudd, well he has just given you one.

The Anchorman star revealed to chat show host, David Letterman that he loves spending time in Ireland and even said that Ireland “…is the best place on Earth. It is hands down the greatest country, it’s the best place.”

Wow thanks Paul!

Paul also talked about that famous stag party in Donegal, and joked that that he almost got in a fight with Irish football player, Seamus Coleman’s dad in a pub.

Oh Paul, you always know how to make us smile.



He’s hilarious and he’s definitely pretty cute – but would New Yorkers have sex with Paul Rudd?

In a special lightening round of comedy game show Billy on the Street, they’re asked just that.

Watch to find out how far they’re willing to go.



Paul Rudd shows off his amazing lip-syncing skills on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.