There are some people who choose between the six original cast members when discussing their favourite Friends characters, and then there's other people – us – who choose Mike Hannigan.

Ah Mike, ye of the phantom keyboard tricks, sick one-liners and 'sailor on leave' skills.

Played by Paul Rudd, Mike Hannigan was the first man that made Phoebe think she might want to hang up her hippie threads and become a soccer mom for life.

But it looks like the writers didn't actually have this future in mind for Phoebe.

According to Hank Azaria, who played Phoebe's love interest David in earlier episodes, writers actually intended to bring David back, pair him off with Phoebe and let those two lovebirds live out their hippie/ sciencey future together.

And it sounds like Hank was pretty cut up about the writers' decision.

"It actually did sting a little bit," Hank said. "Whatever part of me is David the science guy who went to Minsk, which admittedly is probably a small part of me, but that part of me wanted to end up with Phoebe."

Giving props to Paul, Hank, who's best known for voicing numerous Simpsons characters said; "I think, honestly, what happened was Paul Rudd is so awesome that they sort of found a groove with him and my character became more of just the grist for that mill."

Imagine Phoebe's wedding to Mike hadn't gone ahead – no steel drum, no dying dog, no manic wedding planning from Monica… it just wouldn't have been the same.