Paul Rudd isn’t your typical superhero, but then we suppose ‘Ant-Man’ isn’t your typical superhero either. So it kind of fits.

When we first heard of Ant-Man, we imagined a load of ants crawling out of Paul Rudd’s sleeves and the like, but thankfully, he gets his name from his ability to make himself really, really small.

The film won’t be out until 2015, and they only began filming at the beginning of the week, but Marvel Entertainment released a photo of Paul Rudd in his role – and we have to say, he’s lookin’ well! We really like the broody stare!

Other stars that will be appearing in the film include Michael Douglas, who will play Dr. Hank Pym, and John Slattery who will reprise his role of Howard Stark from Iron Man 2.

Our favourite thing about all these comic books being made into movies is the crossover between characters! We can’t wait!