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It’s safe to say we were delighted when Netflix revealed they were adapting the Baby-Sitters Club book series for modern TV.

The family series will feature 10 half-hour episodes and will follow the babysitting adventures of Kristy, Claudia, Dawn, Mary-Anne and Stacey.

The streaming service have yet to reveal who will play the five best friends, but they have found two of their cast members and we’re very excited about them.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Clueless icon Alicia Silverstone has joined the show and will star as Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, Kristy’s mum and Watson Brewer’s love interest.

Mark Feuerstein will star alongside Silverstone as Watson Brewer.

Filming has already begun in Vancouver so keep your eyes peeled for more casting announcements. 

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The show will  broach topics from the books including racism, divorce and belonging, as well as issues facing modern day teens.

The books have previously been adapted into a TV show in 1990, but it only ran for one season.


We just like totally got the best news of the year..

One of our favourite movies is being remade – Clueless.

Can you believe it has been 23 years since the original film came out? We have never felt older.

The Beverly Hills high school classic is a beloved tale of a superficial but good-hearted teen on her quest for true love.

The remake is still in its earliest stages, Deadline reports, so the casting details have yet to be announced.

So, it is unsure if the new movie will pick up where the last left off, with the original cast years later, or if it will feature an entire new set of actors to play our favourite characters.

Either way, we are so excited that one of the most quotable movies of all time is coming back to the big screen.

We can’t wait for more of Cher’s classic one-liners!



Alicia Silverstone has always been very open about her choice to lead a vegan lifestyle, and naturally, her son shares a similar diet as well.

But the mum recently revealed that little Bear loves to play tricks on her regarding his meal choices.

Since Alicia’s split from her husband Christopher Jarecki, their son shares his time between his mum and dad’s homes.


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And recently, the Clueless star told US Weekly that her son returned home from his father's house boasting of trying lamb for the first time.

Little did he know that Alicia knew her ex-husband is also a vegan, but she decided to play along anyway to see what her son would say.

“You did? How was it?” she asked him.

But Bear was too much of a mummy’s boy to keep up his teasing for long.

“I didn’t really do that, mommy!” he admitted.


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The American Woman star was proud of her son for telling the truth and opened up about her choice to adhere to strictly vegan meals at home.

The mum said that she’s explained to Bear about where meat comes from and taken him on farm trips, but she's always made sure he makes his own choices.

“Honey, if you ever want to do that,” she said after her son’s joke, “you can do whatever you want.”


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Up until this point, the seven-year-old has only eaten vegan by default, she said, because that is the type of groceries she buys.

However, she fully encourages Bear to try whatever food he wants and will support him in those future decisions.


90s girls, listen up! 

One of the decade's most iconic characters has returned to our screens, as Alicia Silverstone reprises her role as Cher Horowitz in the ultimate Lip Sync Battle

In a teaser clip released yesterday, the Clueless actress can be seen rocking the iconic yellow plaid skirt suit as she lip syncs to Fancy by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX.

A fitting choice given that the video for the 2014 smash hit paid homage to the classic 90s rom-com. 

In the episode, which is due to air on Thursday June 14, Alicia will go head-to-head with her American Woman co-star Mena Suva, who is set channel some seriously psychedelic vibes with her performance of Deee-Lite's 1990 track Groove Is in the Heart

Host of the show and Clueless super-fan, Chrissy Teigen clearly enjoyed the throw-back performance as she's seen screaming "this is amazing", from the sidelines. 

Other stars line-up for this series of Lip Sync Battle include country diva Shania Twain and former Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. 


It's safe to say that Clueless is one of our all-time favourite movies.

The kickass female characters, the fashion and the comedic romances are just some of the things we adore about it.

But, according to Alicia Silverstone, it almost didn't happen.

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During an interview with Variety, Alicia said that she received a fax from the writer/director of the movie, Amy Heckerling, explaining that the flick wasn't going to make it.

"One studio said no to it because they didn't think anyone was interested in watching a movie about a young girl," she recalled.

"Those people now do kick themselves that they were not part of that film. They were like, 'We don't think anybody is going to care. It's not going to sell tickets.'"

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Fortunately, producer Scott Rudin came to the rescue and scored a deal with Paramount, and as they say, the rest is history.

God, are we glad Clueless got made.


Clueless was one of the most iconic movie of the nineties, and to this day it holds a special place in our hearts.

It bought laughter, tears, and most importantly, some of the greatest costume to ever grace the big screen screen.

Cher's designer wardrobe was the envy of every budding fashionista, but as it turns out, the actress who played the role wasn't such a big fan.

In a recent interview with ET, Alicia Silverstone revealed that she didn't quite grasp the importance of the outifts.

“At that time of my life, I wore jeans and a green t-shirt every single day and that was it. I just didn't get fashion at all. I was just kind of a tomboy and I just wasn't into it.”

“I just didn't get it until I saw the movie and then I was like 'oh I get it.. the costumes are the star of the movie'”

She also admitted that even though she was able to take many of the items home once filming had wrapped, she ended up giving most of them away because she didn't know how to incorporate them into her everyday style.

We'd say she only kicking herself now.

Just imagine how much that iconic yellow suit would be worth today.  



Katy Perry might be taking on one of her biggest roles to date soon; yes, Katy is in the mix of names to play Cher Horowitz in the upcoming Clueless musical.

Amy Heckerling, who directed the 1995 film and is currently in control of its musical adaptation, opened up to Vulture about her dream choice to play the part that was made famous by Alicia Silverstone. 

"I love Katy Perry," Amy said, and then revealed that the singer has already "expressed interest" in filling Cher's Jimmy Choos.

However, before we all start losing our minds over this, Amy did say that nothing is set in stone.

"You never know what will happen, she has a whole big schedule," she explained, adding that her initial response to the offer was more optimistic than official: "It was like, I love it, I wish I could do it." Oh.

So while it still remains uncertain if Katy will make her Broadway debut wearing yellow plaid-on-plaid, we still think this modern remake is going to be totally kick-ass.

But the question remains, would anybody else be better suited to playing Cher? As if!


Jessica Alba; Alicia Silverstone; Gwyneth Paltrow; Blake Lively: it seems every A-lister has their own 'clean-living,' website. 

No gluten; no dairy; no meat; no sugar – green juices, raw salads, and strange concoctions… it's all part of the current trend for eating extremely healthily.

However, if you're one of the many people who tries to emulate their favourite stars' diets in a bid to look your best, you might want to reconsider: because clean-eating could well be making you ILL.

Indeed, researchers have now come up with a term for it – orthorexia – incidence of which are apparently rising.

As Professor Charlotte Markey, a psychologist at Rutgers University in the US explains: "People start eliminating foods they consider 'impure' or 'bad' – sweets, sugars, carbohydrates.

"Before they know it, they are eating a highly limited diet.

"They think there is room for improvement and that they can always eat 'healthier. They cut out sugar, then salt, then wheat, then dairy, and so on.

"They become obsessed with what they should not be eating and keep whittling down the foods they will allow – which often impacts them socially since food is such a part of our social experiences."

She adds: "What people don't realise is that many of those foods they are restricting, like carbohydrates, which are an important source of energy, really do serve a function."

Here, take the Bratman Test to see if you too are suffering from the negative effects of the condition:

  • Do you spend more than three hours a day thinking about your diet?
  • Do you plan your meals several days ahead?
  • Is the nutritional value of your meal more important than the pleasure of eating it?
  • Has the quality of your life decreased as the quality of your diet has increased?
  • Have you become stricter with yourself lately?
  • Does your self-esteem get a boost from eating healthily?
  • Have you given up foods you used to enjoy in order to eat the 'right' foods
  • Does your diet make it difficult for you to eat out, distancing you from family and friends?
  • Do you feel guilty when you stray from your diet?
  • Do you feel at peace with yourself and in total control when you eat healthily?

Your results:

  • Yes to 4 or 5 of the above questions means it is time to relax more about food.
  • Yes to all of them means a full-blown obsession with eating healthy food.
  • It also important to note that orthorexia nervosa is not seen formal medical condition yet many experts believe that it is a growing concern as society becomes more obsessed with health and diets.


This may just be the best news EVER.

It’s hard to believe that one of our favourite films of all time is about to have its 20th anniversary.

Just like the columns of Cher’s house that date all the way back to 1972 – it’s a classic.

But fans can rejoice because the film’s creator, Amy Heckerling, has announced that the musical version of Clueless is already in the works and we are totally buggin’!

“I’ve written the, what they call ‘the book’ and it’s a jukebox musical,” Ms Heckerling told Entertainment Tonight.

While we are so excited about this upcoming project, we can’t help but wonder, who could possibly take over the roles of Cher, Dionne, Tai and Josh? The musical’s writer seems to be having the same thought process.

“Well casting – that’s like going to be like the main problem,” Ms Heckerling admitted.

With the anniversary of Clueless coming up, Alicia Silverstone who played Cher spoke about just how popular the film was and remains today.

“The amazing thing about this movie is that it’s still being discovered. I love when older people, like grandparents, tell me that they love this movie,” the 38-year-old admitted.

“That’s very odd and wonderful. And then little people who are just discovering it now – it’s just being passed on. It’s timeless. Even though it captured that time so well it seems that people really identify with it.”

While the producers have yet to hint at what “jukebox” hits are going to be in the show, we can only imagine that Rollin with the Homies will make an appearance – and maybe even some Billie Holiday… because we just love him! 


Getting asked for ID at the off-license used to be the worst thing in the world, but these days it's starting to seem more like a compliment. "You think I look… 17? Oh my god!"

Some celebrities seem to have this aging thing down though. We can only hope to look half as good as them in our thirties and forties!

Here's some of the biggest culprits – the ladies who seem to have totally escaped the perils of growing old…

1. Alicia Silverstone
It's a struggle to tell the fresh-faced Clueless Alicia apart from the 2014 Alicia. At 37 years old, the actress could still pass for a high school teen!

2. Halle Berry
The only reliable way to tell young and "old" Halle Berry apart is the hairstyle. Yes, she's given up that questionable perm these days, but her skin is as flawless as ever. The star says she rubs pure Vitamin C on her face before applying moisturiser. Okay, we're going to need to get some of that, STAT.

3. Jennifer Aniston
If anything, Jenn is actually hotter these days than she was back during Friends' pilot series. The actress, who is now 45 (whaaat?!) has a 30-minute daily beauty routine which involves washing her face with ice water, steaming and cleansing, and putting a dab of Vaseline under each eye.

4. Liv Tyler
These two pictures of Liv might as well have been taken a few days apart. Only the dodgy fringe betrays the fact that the lady on the left is not present-day Liv. The pale beauty is 37 these days and about to give birth to her second child – but she looks as youthful as ever.

5. Reese Witherspoon
Firstly, let's take a moment to giggle at the VERY casual outfit Reese chose for the premiere of True Lies back in 1994. She wouldn't be seen dead on the red carpet in jeans these days! The actress, aged 37, says she uses intensive hydrating moisturiser to keep her looking fresh-faced. Right, off to Boots with us…




Our teen selves are freaking out right now.

There was a cast reunion for the special Clueless screening at the Los Angeles Film on Tuesday night.

Alicia Silverstone (Cher), Stacey Dash (Dionne) and Elisa Donovan (Amber) gathered with director Amy Heckerling and stylist Mona May to mark the event.

With the film’s 20th anniversary happening next year, questions have been raised about the possibility of a sequel.

“I’m game to whatever Amy has in store,” said Alicia during a recent interview.

“I think that time has passed, though. I don’t even know what Cher would be up to these days.”

We have everything crossed for this – eeeek!



Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Mama, is aimed at mums to be, but she also has some advice for women in general.

The new book has caused much controversy surrounding Alicia’s views on motherhood and it doesn’t stop there!

The Clueless actress has claimed that tampons can make women infertile: “Unfortunately, feminine-care manufacturers are not required to tell you what’s in their products which means that noone’s talking about the potential pesticide residues from non-organic cotton and the ‘fragrances’ containing hormone-upsetting, fertility-knocking phthalates that you are snuggling up to your hoo-ha.”

Alicia also goes on to say that the vagina is the most absorbent part of the body, except she calls it a ‘chichi’.