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There were fears for Jennifer Lawrence’s safety earlier when an excited crowd pushed through the barrier, causing her security to whisk her to safety.

The incident happened after Jennifer met with fans outside The David Letterman Show – but things soon took a sinister turn as people pushed, causing the barrier to collapse.

The photos emerging from the situation show Jennifer looking quite distressed – we think we would be too if hundreds of people suddenly rushed towards us!

Hopefully this scary incident won’t be enough to put Jen off meeting her fans – as she was once praised so highly for shunning a barrier completely especially to say hello to a little girl who couldn't see her properly as she was in a wheelchair.

We’re not surprised Jen is not a fan of the fame game, it certainly hasn’t treated her very well up to this point. 


If you needed another reason to love Paul Rudd, well he has just given you one.

The Anchorman star revealed to chat show host, David Letterman that he loves spending time in Ireland and even said that Ireland “…is the best place on Earth. It is hands down the greatest country, it’s the best place.”

Wow thanks Paul!

Paul also talked about that famous stag party in Donegal, and joked that that he almost got in a fight with Irish football player, Seamus Coleman’s dad in a pub.

Oh Paul, you always know how to make us smile.


Orange is the New Black star Laura Prepon has admitted that she used to live in a brothel. The actress who’s kept tight-lipped until now told David Letterman about her experience.

Niamh Geaney reports.



Speculation has been building for weeks on whether or not Naya Rivera was fired from Glee, as a result of so called “cat fights” with her co-star, Lea Michele.

But Lea has finally spoken out on what happened on the show and revealed nothing like that occurred on set.

After an appearance on American chat show David Letterman, Lea said rumours surrounding her and Naya were “really unbelievable” and were “just completely made up”.

Lea spoke of how people were trying to portray things on the show and she thought that “the way people like to pit women against each other…  is really annoying and it’s sad.”

“For me, if there were ever really a cat fight on the show, you’d know about it because I’d get a ring, and I’d put Jell-O in it, and I would make it fun for everyone and it would be super hot,”

Even if there were no “cat fights” on set, Naya’s future on the show still seems uncertain.