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Friday is finally here and we are so ready to forget about work and laze about on the sofa until Monday.

We’ve somehow managed to spend way too much money this month so we’ll be hibernating in front of the telly all weekend long.

Luckily, tonight’s Graham Norton Show has one of the strongest lineups of all time so we’ll be pleasantly entertained for the night.

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The Corkman will be joined by none other than the legendary Bruce Springsteen. That’s right, the Born In The USA singer will chat to Graham about his iconic career and his new documentary Western Stars.

Legendary actor Robert De Niro also joins Graham to talk about his role in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman.

The hilarious Paul Rudd will also be on the show to chat about his new TV series Living With Yourself, which also stars Aisling Bea.

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Actor Sienna Miller will be promoting family drama American Woman.

There will also be music from James Blunt.

The Graham Norton Show airs at 10.35pm on BBC1.



Hollywood icon Robert De Niro has posted a video absolutely LASHING out at Donald Trump!

“I mean he is so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, a dog, he’s a pig,” says a p**sed off Robert in the Vice Exclusives video.

“He talks how he'd like to punch people in the face?… Well, I'd like to punch him in the face” he continued in the black-and-white-video. 

The video was originally recorded as part of a campaign to get people out to vote, and has since gone viral. 

In his closing statement of the video, Robert says the following:

“What I care about is the direction of this country and what I’m very, very worried about is that it might go in the wrong direction with someone like Donald Trump.  If you care about your future, vote for it.”

Well, Robert… tell us how you really feel! 



Iconic Hollywood actor Robert De Niro had a bit of fun with his co-star Zac Efron while out on a press stint for their upcoming comedy flick, Dirty Grandpa. 

The pair appear to get on famously and even made this hilarious video for Funny or Die. 

Zac, clearly enamoured by his very esteemed co-star, is looking for some acting tips and while he believes he is getting a metaphorical lesson in acting from a screen legend, Robert actually just wants a sandwich. 

Dirty Grandpa is out later this month and features Zac as an uptight guy who is tricked by his dirty-minded grandpa into driving him to Florida for Spring Break. 

Yeah, we can't wait to see this one if only for the reams of topless photos of Zac that have surfaced from the set of the movie. 

Yep, well worth a watch. 

Watch the hilarious Funny or Die video below: 



Jennifer Lawrence has had a pretty impressive run since she took up the baton of the Mockingjay in the formidable Hunger Games series.

Yep, our girl has been on quite the journey since she first hit our screens as our ultimate girl crush, Katniss Everdeen.

Not only has she gone and swooped up an Oscar during her five years working on the series but she has also been named entertainer of the year by Entertainment Weekly, is nabbing character roles ten years her senior and is apparently worth more than any other actress of Hollywood.

Yeah, she’s pretty hot right now.

And just when you thought she could not get any cooler, she has gone and found herself a squad to rival Taylor's, has continuously killed it on the red carpet and still manages to remain her HILARIOUS self. 

Now that the Hunger Games has reached its inevitable conclusion and the press stints are drawing to a close, surely Jen is going to have a lot of free time on her hands. So what is next for the rising star?

1) Joy

Jen will be straight back out doing press after Christmas for her next film, Joy, where she is once again joined by her ultimate on screen beau, Bradley Cooper as well as cinematic royalty, Robert de Niro.  

The film is a biographical comedy-drama following Joy Mangano, a single mother of three who throughout four generations builds her own business empire after creating the ‘miracle mop.’

2) X-Men: Apocalypse

Jennifer will also be reprising her role as Mystique in the next instalment of the X-men series due for release in the Spring.

3) Passengers

Little is yet known about this project, except that it will be a sci-fi drama and Jen will co-star opposite Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen. 

The story follows a spacecraft bringing thousands of hibernating people to a faraway planet. One passenger has a problem in his sleep chamber and he decides to wake up another sleeper,  instead of spending the next 60 years on board alone.

We will have to wait until the end of next year for this one folks! 

4) Writing

And of course Jennifer wants to expand her talents off screen. J-Law is working with her BFF Amy Schumer and Amy’s sister, Kim, on a comedy screenplay.

"They are the funniest motherf—kers that ever lived. They're brilliant writers, too. And fast! The script is pretty much good to go. We work really well together—it's been the most fun thing ever! All I do is laugh."

It is safe to say we are LIVING for that movie. 



Robert De Niro has been promoting his new film The Intern of late. While not all interviews can be with his new best friend Anne Hathaway, we didn’t expect this one to end how it did.

The actor stormed out of a Radio Times interview after objecting to the interviewer’s ‘negative inference’ in the questions.

The interviewer, Emma Brockes, called the star “depressed” before the interview was cut short. She says he asked her to stop recording their conversation before he started “pacing madly” and then storming out.

She asked the Oscar winner how he avoids falling into “autopilot” mode on set and the actor responded with “negative inference”.

Emma then asked where else he was referring to and he replied: “The whole way through and I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it, darling.”

She says that stuck his head out of the door of the room looking for someone to remove him from the interview before walking out himself. She then asked him where she was being negative:

“The question about being on autopilot – negative inference,” he said. She replied: “Wait, but I asked that question to establish how it is you manage not to be on autopilot.” He repeated: “There’s a negative inference.”

She told the Independent that his combination of “hostility and condescension” irritated her and she “lost her cool.”

"I certainly didn’t go in looking for an argument but when it happened I did think 'at least he’s finally saying something'," she added. 

She also admitted that she does have sympathy for the star for having to do such interviews for the film. The Intern follows the story of his character who takes an internship at a fashion website owned by Anne Hathaway’s character.

Not yet released in Irish cinemas, the film has not been getting exceptional praise from critics stateside. The Hollywood Reporter referred to it as a “middling star vehicle.”



The last thing you want as you celebrate the end of your college career and the beginning of 'real life' is an Oscar-winning actor telling you that you and your classmates are all essentially 'f***ed'.

(We mean, they can think it, but do they really have to say it like it is?)

Apparently so, because that's exactly what happened to students of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU when Oscar-winning actor, Robert De Niro, agreed to deliver the year's commencement address.

Standing before eager graduates preparing to hang on the star's every word, old Bobby delivered a speech which won't be forgotten for quite some time.

Glancing around the packed auditorium, the Meet the Parents star began by saying: "Tisch graduates, you made it… and you’re f****d."

Oh, swell!

The Jackie Brown actor didn't stop there though and with heartbreaking honesty went on to say: "A new door is opening for you, a door to a lifetime of rejection. It’s inevitable. How do you cope with it? I hear that Valium and Vicodin work."

Check out the moment the world's favourite actor told it like it is and still managed to charm every person in the room.

God, we love him!




Zac Efron is GORGEOUS (it’s a fact) – so you could be forgiven for going to see one of his films purely for the eye candy. Take The Lucky One, for example. Not a great film, but we’d watch it again, if only for the shower scene where we got a quick shot of his delightful bum.

However, his next film actually looks like it could be worth a watch for different, less superficial reasons.

Dirty Grandpa (which has nothing to do with Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa) will star Efron alongside Robert De Niro.

De Niro plays Zac’s grandfather – a perverted former Army man who thinks his grandson is marrying the wrong woman. When they’re on their way to spring break, their personalities clash.

Sounds good to us – we love Zac in comedy roles, and we are big De Niro fans too. We’ll definitely be giving this a watch!