This may just be the best news EVER.

It’s hard to believe that one of our favourite films of all time is about to have its 20th anniversary.

Just like the columns of Cher’s house that date all the way back to 1972 – it’s a classic.

But fans can rejoice because the film’s creator, Amy Heckerling, has announced that the musical version of Clueless is already in the works and we are totally buggin’!

“I’ve written the, what they call ‘the book’ and it’s a jukebox musical,” Ms Heckerling told Entertainment Tonight.

While we are so excited about this upcoming project, we can’t help but wonder, who could possibly take over the roles of Cher, Dionne, Tai and Josh? The musical’s writer seems to be having the same thought process.

“Well casting – that’s like going to be like the main problem,” Ms Heckerling admitted.

With the anniversary of Clueless coming up, Alicia Silverstone who played Cher spoke about just how popular the film was and remains today.

“The amazing thing about this movie is that it’s still being discovered. I love when older people, like grandparents, tell me that they love this movie,” the 38-year-old admitted.

“That’s very odd and wonderful. And then little people who are just discovering it now – it’s just being passed on. It’s timeless. Even though it captured that time so well it seems that people really identify with it.”

While the producers have yet to hint at what “jukebox” hits are going to be in the show, we can only imagine that Rollin with the Homies will make an appearance – and maybe even some Billie Holiday… because we just love him!