We can’t BELIEVE what this Irish star just admitted!


TV Presenter Lorraine Keane has admitted that if she were to cheat on her husband, her first choice wouldn’t be George Clooney or Colin Farrell – it’d be Paul Rudd!

“I love him, you’d have great fun with him. I’m not a George Clooney person.”

She’d also give Leonardo Dicaprio a go, because he’s 6’4”: “Every Hollywood star is up to my shoulder and I’ve met enough of them, all the men are tiny. He’s a real man and beautiful.”

Hmm, we wonder if anyone has told her that Paul Rudd is only 5’9”? Still, his sense of humour would probably make up for what he’s lacking in stature!

These guys better be on their best behaviour if they ever run into Lorraine, as she hasn’t got any time for people with bad manners:

“Bad manners, there’s no excuse for it. People who are rude or full of themselves or think they are better than anybody else: I hate that."

“They say that often the most famous people are the most low-key… Bono is such a gentleman. He obviously has to have his stage persona and would have a big ego when he’s on stage because that’s part of the performance."

“But in real life, he actually has no ego, he’s just such a nice person. And yet you’d interview boy bands who haven’t even had a hit yet, they’ve just been formed and they’re little upstarts. You feel like saying, ‘Good luck! I hope it keeps fine for you!’ My mother always said to us, there’s always room in the world for a nice person. I believe in karma, a smile and good manners will help you through life.”