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We already know how to shop online, (hell, we do it nearly everyday), but what about selling online?

Sites such as eBay and Depop are great for selling your unwanted clothes, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, that jumper or those jeans just won't sell. 

So, here are some tips and tricks for selling clothes online, and how to make the most bang for your buck:

1. Look after your items

You have to make sure to protect your leathers and suedes, stuff unused bags with paper so they keep their shape and try to keep shoes in their boxes – this way you will be able to charge a higher price. 


2. Keep proof

For some items you will need to keep proof of purchase. Knowing where and when you bought the product and what season it came from will ensure a quick sale. Also keeping authenticity cards will help you out big time for designer goods. 


3. Be aware of time

The best time to sell a piece is usually three to four seasons after it was first released, but if it was an investment/designer piece, holding onto it for a while could increase its value. 


4. Take CLEAR pictures

There's no point taking a photo of a jacket in a dark room or with a bad camera. If the buyer can't see the full piece, they will pass on it. Instead make sure your room is well lit and show as many details of the piece as you can. Also note these things in the description; fabric, pockets, zips, etc. 


5. Know the facts

Give exact measurements of the garment and set a fair price for it too. The price will depend on the season it was sold, the condition it's in and if it sold out. Depending on the piece, sell for around 40 to 70 percent of the retail price. 



Say goodbye to having to dig out your passport for every jaunt abroad: you can now get your hands on the brand-new, WAY more convenient passport cards, which are valid for travel within Europe. 

And there's further good news for anyone who's had to endure the decade-long horror of a pharmacy-taken snap: you can upload an image of your own choosing (so long as it meets standard criteria).

Applications can be made right now online on the Department Of Foreign Affairs website or via the specially-developed smartphone app. 

All you need to kick-off the process is your standard passport number and the date it expires; a suitable (read: a 'gorgeous') photo that you can upload, and the €35 fee.

However, to ensure you're eligible, it's important to also note the following:

  • You must be aged 18 or over.
  • The personal details you provide online must match the details exactly as they appear on your Passport Book.
  • Your Passport Book must have a minimum of 30 days validity remaining.
  • If your current Passport Book is lost, stolen or damaged you must apply for a new Passport Book before applying for a Passport Card.
  • Payment is by credit/debit card only; €35 will be deducted from your card. There will be an additional €5 postal fee if you reside outside Ireland.
  • Your Passport Card will have a maximum validity of 5 years or the remaining validity of your current Passport Book i.e its expiry date cannot exceed that of your Passport Book.
  • The image you submit will be reproduced in black and white.

Meanwhile, before you start overloading your passport profile picture with excessive filters and soft shading, you should furthermore take heed of the below:

  • Plain background: Which means white or pale grey – no red-carpets, certainly. 
  • Head centred: A front pose – you can't tilt your head to capture your 'good' side.
  • Neutral expression: Mouth closed, no smiling, smirking, smizing or duck-faces. 
  • No shadowing: On the face or around the eyes – aka subtle contouring.
  • Eyes must be clearly visible: No sunglasses, and no hair around your face either. 
  • Photo must be in focus: So put down the filter.
  • Natural colouring: The photo can't be too bright or too dark – even if you think you need a bit of a tan.




We've probably ALL made a social media mishap of sorts: you share something you shouldn't; you get caught out stalking an ex; you post a totally ill-advised image.

But hey – it always could be worse.

Recently, BuzzFeed asked its readers to share with the US-based website their worst online errors: and here at SHEmazing! we just had to pick-out the nine best ones – if nothing else, let these be a lesson to us all.

Prepare to cringe…


1) I went on two dates with a girl I liked. I decided to stalk her family on social media in the middle of the night and I accidentally added her mother as a friend.

Her mother accepted.

2) You know how Ron Burgundy says, “Well that escalated quickly”? In the sixth grade I accidentally posted on my sister’s Instagram photo “Well that ejaculated quickly.” I’ve never been more embarrassed.

3) Once when I was talking to a guy in private messages I got my screens mixed up and announced to EVERYONE on Facebook how large my penis is and what I like to do sexually. My mother saw it. I stayed off Facebook for a month solid.

4) A girl I know was once trying to drunk Facebook-stalk her boyfriend’s ex. She woke up in the morning to find that instead of searching the girl’s name she’d just made it her status over and over again. They broke up.

5) Not my fail per se, but my mother “accidentally” Facebook friended the woman my ex-boyfriend married. She accepted. I’m mortified.

6) When I first made a Facebook, I saw where you can post a status, I thought this meant relationship status…. So my first Facebook post was the word “single”.

7) When I was in high school, a very popular teacher got arrested for having multiple affairs with some of my classmates, and the day she got arrested I went to search for her name but instead set it as my status.

I didn’t realise my mistake until I was called in to the principal’s office and was asked if I knew specific details about the ordeal.

8) I stalked my co-worker’s Instagram and went through every photo. Next week, she went private and I asked her about it at work. She gave me a weird look and said “I don’t remember telling you about my Instagram”.

9) About a year ago I was Snapchatting this super cute guy I had just started talking to. I had just sent something to the guy when I got a Snapchat from my best friend saying she was eating chocolate chip cookies.

So naturally, I made the most hideous, obnoxious face I could and the caption said “soft or hard?” because I prefer the soft kind and she prefers the crunchy kind. I clicked the name at the top of my friends list and hit send when I realized to my horror I had sent it to the cute guy.

Picture that, you open a Snapchat from a girl you’re talking to and its just the most obnoxious picture that’s captioned “soft or hard?” I wanted to explain but I realised I didn’t have his number…



'Round SHEmazing Towers, we can't help but notice that mega successful singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is fond of a high-profile celebrity spat

Yes, whether it's Katy Perry (obvs), Nicki Minaj, or Tina Fey AND Amy Poehler (unforgivable!), Tay-Tay certainly isn't afraid of jumping in for a scrap when she feels slighted (which seemingly is quite often).

The 25-year-old has even managed to get her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, in on the act: a week ago he didn't like a comparison made online between his Shake It Off love and Miley Cyrus.

When the message was retweeted by none other than Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction, Mr Harris let his feelings be known in rather spectacular fashion.

And now it's a case of another week, another celebrity shade throwing bonanza. This time, Taylor has been pitted against Canadian songstress, Avril Lavigne.

Here's the back-story (pay attention): Swifty liked a post on Tumblr which suggested she was nicer to her fans at meet and greets than many other singers – the 'other' examples used being Kanye West, Britney Spears, Katy Perry (eek)… and Avril herself. 

When this came to Ms Lavigne's attention, she quickly amassed a montage of her own.

Depicted was the musician engaging warmly with the many followers she has met over a career which spans close-to a decade-and-a-half. It included the caption: "So let's keep it all about the love and stay positive."

And another tweet stated: "Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are. We all Love our fans," – a message her 19.3million followers responded positively to.

Cue Mr Harris jumping in. "She didn't judge you she doesn't judge anyone!

"She was only having fun with her fans, not trying to compare you," the 31-year-old Scottish DJ said addressing the Sk8r Boi singer, 30, directly on Twitter.

And needless-to-say, it didn't take long for respective fans to express their outrage at the opposing side's actions. Indeed, social media has been positively alight since the incident.

Today, a source also told HollywoodLife.com that Calvin reckons Taylor is involved in so many feuds simply because "everyone" is jealous of her. 

"Calvin thinks it’s plan and simple, everyone is jealous of his girl," the insider explains. 

"Taylor is constantly being picked on for every little thing she does and Calvin’s advice is to stay positive and not take it personally."

Well, in that case we can't wait for next week's instalment of Tay-Tay's topsy-turvy world. Surely we're due a Britney-Swiftney spat soon?




Giuliana Rancic has had her fair share of the public’s opinion on her weight – and it seems she has had enough.

The mum-of-one’s weight has always sparked concern with fans of E! News and Fashion Police, but Giuliana has always maintained there is no issue. The TV presenter announced in 2011 that she had undergone a double mastectomy following a diagnosis and treatment for early-stage breast cancer.

Her appearance on the Grammy Awards red carpet back in February caused concern among fans on Twitter. 

Now, it seems the Fashion Police co-host feels things have gone too far, after an online commenter suggested she didn’t want to carry a baby because she would put on weight:

“I read a comment on some article, ‘She doesn’t want to carry a baby … because she doesn’t want to get fat.’ I’m like, how disgusting is that? How about I’m on medication that prevents me? It’s just awful. I actually feel bad for that person. You logged into your account and sat down to say something nasty? That’s a problem – yours, not mine.”

Giuliana and her husband Bill welcomed their son, Duke who was born via surrogate in 2012.

We can’t say we blame Giuliana for being angry with awful comments like that. 



We’ve all seen the video where a woman walks down the street to many cat calls and ‘compliments’ from men. Similarly, we’ve seen men grow aggressive and angry when these compliments go ignored.

So what happens when women accept the compliments given to them by men online? The inevitable it would seem. They go from being a bi*** if they ignore the compliment, to a bi*** if they accept it. That makes sense…or not!

Gwen Bateman decided to conduct a social experiment, giving in to the men that complimented her and accepting their words graciously and owning it, of course. 

In a number of Twitter and Tumblr posts, messages between women and men can be seen where the man pays a compliment that is accepted, before turning on her for being full of herself and vain. Sigh…

So the lesson learned here has been…always ignore what any man says on the internet about you because if you don't react in the exact way they want you to, you're going to get called a vain bi***.



5 Seconds of Summer member, Calum Hood, has confirmed that a snapchat of him showing off his manhood, is in fact him.

Despite the fact that his face wsasn’t actually in the snap, so he could have easily said it wasn’t him, Calum decided to tell the truth, tweeting: “Least ya know what it looks like now.”

He later blamed his youth (because, YOLO) writing: “I’m still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes J”

Needless to say, fans of the boyband member have gone completely crazy over the image over the image with tweets such as these interesting ones basically taking over the internet…

Most fans seem to be mostly concerned by the fact that they don't have Calum's snapchat. 




We REALLY don’t like the sound of this!

An ASOS warehouse the size of six football pitches has been badly damaged by a fire, forcing the online fashion giants to stop taking orders.


Both the UK and Irish websites have been down since this morning because of the blaze that started last night, and ASOS released a statement saying it would not be active again until the extent of the damage was assessed.

It’s been reported that close to 10 million boxes of clothes were destroyed in the fire.

If you try now to visit the site for your weekend browse, you will see this message:

“Dear Customers,

We have pressed pause on the ASOS website, this is due to a fire in our Barnsley distribution centre in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Thankfully no one was hurt and we expect to be back to normal for you in the next day or so. So please hold on to your orders, we will be back with you soon. ASOS x”

More than 60 firefighters tackled the blaze through the night, which is believed to have spread from the second floor to the third and fourth floors.

In a statement, the company said no new orders were currently being taken and existing orders yet to be shipped, would also be delayed.

Police and fire officers have started an investigation into the cause of the blaze.




Uh oh, apparently one of Kelly Rowland’s 30 guests isn’t much of a friend after all!

Photos of her wedding to Tim Witherspoon have appeared online and judging by their quality – it’s no official release!

In an unusual twist, all of the guests wore white.

Kelly’s cousins, Beyoncé, Solange and their mother, Tina Knowles, were all in attendance for the ceremony which took place in Costa Rica.

In this sweet photo it looks as if Kelly is overcome with emotion as she says “I do” to her love.




We might ‘like’ it, but we’re secretly fuming on the inside!

1. A snap of you…in a bikini…on a beach…doing yoga. OK, so you’ve spent months trying to perfect your downward facing dog and yes, you look amazing for it, but PURRRLEASE don’t rub it in our faces. It’s not very Zen.

2. Pictures of an À la carte dish your Ryan Gosling lookalike boyfriend has just prepared for you. We’re eating frozen pizza tonight…Alone!

3. A photograph of the cleansing green juice you have just made and are about to drink. We’ll fully support yet another one of your juice detox diets, but please don’t make us feel bad about heating up last night’s leftover kebab for dinner.

4. A gym selfie. Again, see above. We’ll get around to our own gym membership when we’re good and ready, OK?!

5. Valentines’ Day cards/presents/cuddly toys/romantic meals/hotel breaks. Please have a heart and think of all the single ladies out there. Surely you were single once. No? Never?? Well, bully for you! Pass the cookie dough please.

6. Anything on a private jet.

7. Same goes for VIP entry to the hottest club in town, while we’re trying to sneak in through the toilet window.

8. A photo of your manicured feet on an exotic beach captioned ‘Paradise’. It’s lashing rain back home, and all we can afford this year is a weekend stay in our parent’s caravan…in the back garden.

9. A picture of your new designer handbag. You didn’t get that in Penneys did you?

10. Your fabulous new hairdo by a top stylist when we struggled to get a comb through our tangled mane this morning. The Sinead O’Connor look is back in again…isn’t it?!



A new online tool developed by The Food Safety Authority of Ireland will allow Irish food businesses to calculate the calorie content in their menus.

MenuCal is the first such tool of it’s kind in Europe and it seems other countries may follow suit.

It will allow Irish restaurants and other food businesses to display the amount of calories in each of their dishes for their customer’s awareness.

However, the plan has struck some controversy with the Restaurant Association of Ireland who claim that it could cost the industry up to €5,000 a year.

The Minister for Health, James Reilly, has said there are no plans to make the display of calorie content in menus compulsory for restaurants as of yet.

Would you prefer to know the calorie content of the dish you have ordered in a restaurant?



People might think you’re mad – but you’ve fallen for someone online.

You’re not alone as so many people in this technological generation are finding love through dating sites, on Facebook, or anywhere else.

However, while it may be legit and for real, there are some steps you should take to ensure this person is who they say you are.

It’s a lot easier than pretending there is no chance and being hurt later on.

1. Google, google, google
Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype to make sure this person is who they say they are. If they have more than one social profile with the same picture/name/details then there is more of a chance the are who they say.

2. Facebook photos
If their Facebook photos are all of their “modelling” or DJing” days then that may be a bad sign. Is there photos of everyday things also? Of that same model doing normal things, looking normal? It may also be a bad sign if there is only one or two pictures.

3. Videochat
Insist of videochat – they will surely want to if they have nothing to hide, right? If they hold off or have some terrible excuse (“I have no camera”…please) then there is probably a reason why.

4. Too good to be true?
So they are a billionaire with their own helicopter and spend 4 months of the year cruising the Greek Islands in their own private yacht…Right. Ok, it’s not impossible, but don’t be naive either.

5. Face to Face
Try to meet up as soon as you establish mutual admiration. Always, always meet in a very public place in daylight hours and bring a friend. Don’t put yourself at risk.

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