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When it comes to the red carpet, there's no doubt that Amy Schumer sees it as the perfect platform to showcase her offbeat humour.

Using it as an extension of her TV and film sets, the actress is much more content to crack a few gags and fall at the feet of Kim and Kanye than chat about her gown with the rest of them.

And this year's Emmys was no different.

While being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic alongside her sister Kim, the Trainwreck actress responded to the classic 'Who are you wearing?' question with something that could ONLY have come out of Amy Schumer's mouth.

Ladies, behold.




Earlier this year, Giuliana Rancic announced that she would be saying goodbye to E! News after 10 years hosting the programme.

The TV personality confirmed that she would be ending her run as anchor on the series in August, but she would still be returning to co-host Fashion Police this season. 

The 41-year-old host described this new stage in her life as "such a thrilling time" and thanked the team at E! for allowing her to move on to the "next chapter."

She is still technically attached to the network and will be hosting red carpet events, so she’s not exactly going to be quick to diss E!

Her husband Bill, however, does not seem to be so concerned. 

New York Daily News asked the Fashion Police host if Kathy Griffin had “thrown the show under the bus when she made her haughty exit last year”.

Giuliana responded by saying: “I can’t comment on that,” then supposedly motioned at Bill adding, “I can’t say it. He can.”

Bill, 44, then “gave the universally recognised look that says, ‘Hell, yes!’”

Kathy left the show after just seven episodes and said she did not want to use her comedy “to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism.” 

When asked if focusing on her fashion line, G By Giuliana, since going part-time at E! was a “breath of fresh air!," Bill was again quick to jump in.

“From your mouth to God’s ear!” he said, while Giuliana apparently attempted to keep him quiet:

“Stop saying that! You’re so bad! Bottom line: It’s just really nice to be doing what I’m very passionate about.”


With temperatures soaring close to 40C in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, stars struggled to cope on the Emmys red carpet.

Heavy make-up and floor-sweeping gowns are hardly perfect hot weather attire, and the sizzling weather meant a lot of attendees were suffering. But things got too much for one actress in particular when she came close to collapsing during an E!'s live red carpet broadcast.

Olivia Culpo was on air with hosts Giuliana Rancic, Ross Matthews and Brad Goreski when she fell to her knees behind a podium.

She could be seen with her head between her legs as the other stars rushed to help her.

In another red carpet link-up later on, Giuliana was quick to reassure viewers that the former Miss USA was doing fine. "She got a little overheated at the end there, she's okay," she explained.

Olivia also took to Twitter after her fright, posting a picture of herself in a wheelchair being pushed through the theatre's main lobby.

"OMG it is SO HOT out here. Literally just almost passed out #Emmys2015 #ERedCarpet," she wrote, adding, "@GiulianaRancic @helloross @mrbradgoreski its ok I know u would have caught me."

Though there were no other fainting incidents, other stars were certainly showing signs of overheating.

Dancing With The Stars host Mario Lopez was drenched in sweat under his suit jacket, but he didn't mind showing off.

A pregnant Cat Deeley wisely came along with a portable fan:

And Amy Schumer followed suit too, being sure to keep cool in her custom made Zac Posen gown:

You'd never have this problem at the IFTAs, that's for sure.


If there's one thing American Horror Story actress, Sarah Paulson doesn't like, it's being asked the same question twice. 

The 34 year-old actress, who played a woman with two heads in the Freakshow series, was obviously at her wit's end when asked the same joke by Giuliana Rancic for E!.

The red carpet host jokingly asked Sarah if she would win two Emmys for her role in the hit horror series, to which she responded: "Everyone's asked me that and I think the answer is sadly no."

After Giuliana shows her shock, Sarah replies: "No sorry, sweetie, everyone's asked me that." Ouch.

We're not sure who was right or wrong here, but that sure must have been an awkward interview. 

You can watch the video here. 


Giuliana Rancic will say goodbye to E! News after a decade at the helm, she confirmed today.

The TV personality this morning confirmed that she would be finishing up as anchor on the well-known entertainment news show on August 10th, but that she would still return as a co-host of Fashion Police this autumn. She will also continue to work with E! for one-off red carpet events like the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

"For more than a decade, I was fortunate enough to play a role in the success of E! News and will miss my family at the show,” Giuliana said in a statement. "At the same time, I am excited to not only continue as host of two major franchises on E! but also… take my wine and clothing lines to the next level."

The host described this new stage in her life as "such a thrilling time" and thanked the team at E! for allowing her to move on to the "next chapter."

Giuliana's shock announcement comes just five months after she sparked controversy on air by poking fun at singer Zendaya's dreadlocks during a Fashion Police Oscars special. The presenter said she thought Zendaya probably smelled of "weed" and "patchouli," something which did not go down well with viewers and was later heavily criticised in an open letter by Zendaya herself.

The comments, which many said were racist and cruel, led to weeks of drama which eventually saw Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin quitting the show and Giuliana making a public televised apology.

Giuliana also took a lot of flack for her thin frame during this year's awards season, with many saying she looked "sick" and "skeletal" on the red carpet. The host later revealed that her low weight was not a personal choice but was the effect of the cancer-suppressing medication she has been taking since a diagnosis in 2012.

"I look in the mirror and it's hard for me," she confessed to People magazine in May. "I am really thin. I want to look fit and beautiful and sexy, and I can't." 

We'll definitely be tuning in to E! on August 10th… that's going to be one sad goodbye.



You know those moments where you think someone super cool is waving at you so you wave back, but they were actually waving at the hot girl behind you? Or when you go in for a dramatic high-five and someone leaves you hanging? Well, Giuliana Rancic knows the kind of moments we're talking about after her awkward red carpet moment with Kendall Jenner.

The red carpet, not exactly a subtle location either…

The pair were chatting at the Billboard Music Awards and everything seemed to be going fine, until they parted ways. The model and E! presenter decided to kiss each other on the cheek to say goodbye as Kendall left, but it didn't all go to plan.

After one kiss on the cheek, Kendall started to walk away but poor Giuliana awkwardly leaned in for another.


The presenter was left hanging and stuck with that dilemma where you have to play it cool and hope no one saw.

We hate to break it to you girl, but we saw…

We've all been there though, so maybe we should stop talking about it before karma comes for us. 

One last thing though, we do hope Kendall didn't mean to do that to the poor woman…

Mail Online posted the video earlier, you can find it here.



Trainer and fitness blogger Cassey Ho has made a successful business out of her healthy diet and active lifestyle, but in a recent video she showed that she isn’t immune to cruel online comments about her weight.

In the video, Cassey imagines exactly what would happen if she took every piece of negative feedback on board. In the end she might end up with a body that will please everyone, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be any happier in herself.

Cassey’s not the only one who has been taking a stand against cruel weight shamers of late. Here are a few other inspirational celebs who have spoken out against their haters…

Selena Gomez
Selena might have been having the time of her life on her holidays in Mexico last week, but that didn’t stop online trolls from making hurtful comments about her weight. The singer refused to stand for the negativity, and responded on Instagram by saying, “I love being happy with me y’all #theresmoretolove.”


I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on


Giuliana Rancic
E! presenter Giuliana has been the subject of endless criticism in recent months for being “too skinny”. She finally spoke out last month to set the record straight about her low weight, which is the result of ongoing cancer treatment. “I’m doing the best I can… I refuse to be broken,” she told People magazine.


Kelly Clarkson
The American Idol singer has had to defend herself and her weight numerous times, most notably after Katie Hopkins asked if she had “eaten all her backing singers.” Kelly’s epic response? “I’m awesome! It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world. Say what you will.”


Fierce as always, Pink was having none of it when some cruel comments began appearing online after she attended a red carpet event recently. In an open letter to her haters, Pink wrote, “I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off.”



Kelly Osbourne may have quit Fashion Police, but that doesn't mean the feuding is over.

The English presenter exited the show last month, just days after her co-host Giuliana Rancic was accused of making racist comments on air about singer Zendaya, who wore dreadlocks on the Oscars red carpet.

Kelly was also implicated in the scandal, but she strongly denied having any part in it and soon after made the decision to quit.

Earlier this week she took to Twitter to make her feelings known, writing, "Liars ALWAYS get caught!", a less-than-subtle message which many believe to be a public dig at Giuliana. 


The tweet came just hours after Giuliana spoke out on the TODAY show about the scandal, saying it was all down to bad editing. "I think it's time to just tell the truth," the E! host said. "I find racism reprehensible. I don't tolerate it at all. Nor have I ever."

Giuliana, who joked with her Fashion Police co-hosts that Zendaya must smell like "patchouli oil… or weed", said that she never intended to cause offence. "I thought the joke was not edited in the proper way. That's just something I have to live with," she said. "It's very important for me to get out there and tell the real story."

The 40-year-old's refusal to take responsibility for her actions has seriously annoyed Kelly, according to one insider. "Kelly cannot understand why Giuliana keeps talking about editing when there was a whole audience and crew who heard and saw otherwise," the source told Us Weekly. "Kelly thinks Giuliana should have just been truthful, apologized, and moved on."

Looks like this catfight isn't going to die down any time soon!



Ooh, it looks as if there are going to be some very explosive revelations in Giuliana Rancic’s upcoming memoir, Going Off Script

The E! Entertainment presenter opens up about her past relationship with actor Jerry O’Connell, revealing he cheated on her with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. 

“I was being two-timed for one of the lesser Spices? ‘Yeah, I know, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened’. He has as much emotion as the customer-service representative who tells you your bag missed the flight” explains Giuliana in the book. 

Giuliana, who is now happily married to Bill with whom she has a son, Duke, also slammed her ex Jerry’s cruel break-up tactic. After a week of silence following a trip to Las Vegas, she decided to confront him at his home, as she explains his reaction: “Nope. Sorry homegirl’ he said while ending the relationship for good. “Things change, but you take care, ok?”

The TV presenter also revealed her suspicions about Jerry and his now-wife Rebbeca Romijn: “Little did I know he was in the VIP area, talking up Rebecca. As a prelude to feeling up Rebecca.”

Yikes, we wonder what the actor and his wife will make of this…


TV presenter Giuliana Rancic has always had a slim build but in recent months her thin frame has really come under fire in the media.

During awards season, the E! presenter took to the red carpet in a number of strapless and sleeveless dresses which highlighted just how low her weight had become.

Amid speculation of an eating disorder, the 40-year-old star has spoken out about the harsh criticism she received, and says her slender frame is nothing do with her eating, but rather the cancer-suppressing medication she has been taking since 2012.

"I look in the mirror and it's hard for me," she confesses. "I am really thin. I want to look fit and beautiful and sexy, and I can't." 

Giuliana, who underwent a double masectomy in 2011, told People magazine that some of the comments about her weight have been extremely hurtful. "Some people were saying, 'The cancer is probably back'… And they were accusing me of every eating disorder. I thought to myself, 'God, if someone really thought I had an eating disorder, what a horrible way to approach it.'" 

Speaking about the medication's effect on her weight, Giuliana says her doctor had informed her that increased metabolism could be a likely side effect. "I started noticing that I was eating a lot, but not gaining weight at all," she said. "I was concerned… I eat more than any of my friends. I eat a very robust, healthy, balanced diet and dessert almost every night. I'm not hiding from anything."

The mum-of-one says that her weight issue became particularly upsetting during this year's award season. "I never want my weight to distract people from what I do," she says. "But it is becoming a distraction, [whenever] I wear something sleeveless, show my arms, my back." 

One major publication even backed out of a photoshoot with Giuliana, telling her she was too skinny. "That was really hurtful," she says. "I thought, 'Wow, I'm on cancer medication. I'm doing the best that I can.'"

Regardless of the criticism, Giuliana says she maintains a positive attitude. "I refuse to be broken [by what people say]," she says. "I have so many beautiful things in my life." 

Inspiring words.



Giuliana Rancic has had her fair share of the public’s opinion on her weight – and it seems she has had enough.

The mum-of-one’s weight has always sparked concern with fans of E! News and Fashion Police, but Giuliana has always maintained there is no issue. The TV presenter announced in 2011 that she had undergone a double mastectomy following a diagnosis and treatment for early-stage breast cancer.

Her appearance on the Grammy Awards red carpet back in February caused concern among fans on Twitter. 

Now, it seems the Fashion Police co-host feels things have gone too far, after an online commenter suggested she didn’t want to carry a baby because she would put on weight:

“I read a comment on some article, ‘She doesn’t want to carry a baby … because she doesn’t want to get fat.’ I’m like, how disgusting is that? How about I’m on medication that prevents me? It’s just awful. I actually feel bad for that person. You logged into your account and sat down to say something nasty? That’s a problem – yours, not mine.”

Giuliana and her husband Bill welcomed their son, Duke who was born via surrogate in 2012.

We can’t say we blame Giuliana for being angry with awful comments like that. 



Just when we thought all of the drama surrounding Fashion Police was over, Kathy Griffin speaks out about it!

The comedian, who replaced Joan Rivers on the panel show following her death late last year has now decided to add her two cents to the scandal involving Giuliana Rancic and Zendaya.

Following Giuliana’s inappropriate comments of Zendaya’s dreadlocks, Kelly Osbourne famously stepped away from the show with no replacement announced as of yet.

Kathy was asked in a recent interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Splash magazine if she believed the same events would have unfolded if she had made the comments instead of Giuliana.

Honestly, Kathy answered: “Probably not.”

However, the comedian added that it would never have come to that in the first place as she would never have made such a comment:

“But I wouldn’t have said the joke in the first place. Some dude wrote it for her. Don’t have anyone write you jokes or even suggest jokes for you on Fashion Police. You have enough great insider gossip from actually being on the red carpet. That’s what fans want to hear the next day. Just talk and be yourself.”

Let’s hope Giuliana takes Kathy’s advice on board!