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This is legit real.

Adam ''I'd be lying if I didn't say she was attractive'' Collard, of Love Island fame is selling an, er, personal item, of his on eBay.

A lock of his hair?

A sweaty t-shirt?

Eh, no – it's a used tissue.

HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD, we hear you ask.

Yes, is the answer. 


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Love Island co-star Sam Bird has explained to fans what is going on in a video with Adam.

Adam said, ''I think the world’s gone mad because this started as a joke on Saturday night and one of my friends has put on a used tissue by me and now the eBay bidding has gone up to £4,500. I don’t know if this is legit. What do you think Sam [Bird]?''

Sam said, ''Because I’m the one bidding on it.''

Adam also posted screenshots of the bidding war, writing, ''This is getting out of hand. Please don’t waste your money’ and ‘Someone’s surely joking here? Otherwise, the world’s gone mad.''


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A staggering 62 (insane) people have placed bids on the tissue on the product since it was listed at just £1.40 on the weekend.

It's described as ''Adam Collards Used Tissue. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.''

There are four days left in this exciting auction so be sure to bid…we know we sure as f*ck won't be.



The 90s were hallmarked by some pretty epic toys. 

From alien pods to Tamogotchis to Beanie Babies, imaginative toys were in high demand.

Top of the toy charts was the iconic Polly Pocket, which enraptured the minds of children while simultaneously being a bit of a choking hazard (times were different back then). 

While you may have paid a few bob for them back in the day, the toys are now racking up the big bucks on online resale sites. 

Some unopened, sealed toys are going for almost €2,000, and there are reports of Polly Pockets with an asking price of up to the hundred thousands. 

The items that fetch the highest price are those made by the original toy creator Bluebird Toys.

Image result for polly pocket

The dolls were manufactured by Bluebird in the 80s before being bought by toy giant Mattel in the 90s. 

Dolls and accessories are particularly popular online, but the Polly Pocket Jewel Cases from the very 90s seem to be fetching the highest prices. 

According to Digital Spy, one Polly Pocket case was asking for as much as €100,000.

However, if you want to make bank with your old toys, they must be in their original packaging and sealed. 

Excuse us, we have a trip to the homestead and an attic search to embark upon. 



Ireland's very own Aengus Mac Grianna has just become the star of Ebay's latest ad – no really.

Live television is a beautiful thing, especially when something goes wrong, and oh boy has Aengus had his fair share of blunders.

We all remember the powder puff incident right?

The RTE news anchor has provided the country with many laughs over the years thanks to his impressive and ever growing blooper reel – And it looks like we're not the only ones who love to laugh at his unfortunate errors.

Ebay have made him the star of their latest Prime Deal advert and it could not be more perfect.

Poor Aengus can't catch a break. But hey, that's show business. 


Police in Germany are currently investigating a case, after a baby-for-sale was posted on eBay.

Whether or not this post was a tasteless joke or a seriousness sale is still unknown. 

The popular website is famous for selling pretty much everything, but local police have been shocked to discover that the  infant has been listed online for €5000.

The concerning post shows a dark-haired 40-day-old baby in a number of different outfits, with the caption: “Child, 40-days-old named Maria … for sale.”

The post gained viral status after it was uploaded, and it was removed by eBay just 30-minutes after it was uploaded. 

Image result for ebay

Pierre Du Bois, the founder of eBay, released a statement regarding the incident: “We received a lot of complaints from users and we immediately pursued the matter. In such a case, we provide the authorities with all available information.”

It remains unclear if the post was meant to be a weird sort of joke, or if the sellers, from Duisburg in Germany, were hoping to make a quick buck. 

The website is no stranger to joke listings that sometimes include hoax items or attempts to defraud buyers.

We really hope that this was just a ridiculous joke, and that little Maria is in safe hands. 

German police are still investing the incident. 



With the hurling final wrapped up again for another year, sporting attentions have now turned to the All Ireland football final in two weeks' time. 

Taking place on Sunday, September 18 between Dublin and Mayo, understandably demand for tickets for the game far exceeds supply.

But while most disappointed punters have resigned themselves to watching the match in their local, some desperate fans are seemingly willing to shell out THOUSANDS of euro to secure a coveted seat in Croke Park. 

Indeed, eBay currently has a pair of recently posted tickets for sale at €1,000 – with further bids being placed hourly.

Facebook page All Dublin GAA Fans has also shared screen-grabs of further outrageous sales which it says are also currently taking place on eBay.

One asking-price for two tickets stands at an eye-watering €3,050 while another snaps shows an astonishing figure of €12,000 – although it is not clear how many seats this secures.

"Wow!! Tickets are being sold on eBay for between €3,050 and €12,100 for Dublin's All Ireland football final against Mayo in two weeks," the fan-page wrote this morning. 

"What do you think of this? Would you pay mad money like that for two tickets for the game? And should people be allowed to sell them for such crazy prices?"

The response to the post has been particularly strong – with many claiming that no 'real' fan would dream of offering up such obscene sums.

One poster wrote: "To be honest I think people who pay that much for a ticket don't deserve to be there. More money than sense. They probably think Croke Park is Dublin's home ground."

They added: "Sure I'll work my arse off so someone can sit at home and make a living off selling tickets. Obviously I'd pay over the odds for a ticket but come on! There's a limit.

"I'm a diehard Dubs fan and haven't been to a final and obviously I'd love to go but if someone said to me I have 2 hill tickets for the final, €1,000 each I'd tell them to you know what."

They continued: "Boils my blood seeing tickets go at this price and there's genuine fans out there who can't get a ticket. To me, if you pay that much for a ticket you're not a real fan in my eyes.

"But, if and its a really big if, if this buyer is a big Dublin fan, why support these scum. Don't care if you're a millionaire you don't give those people that kind of money for 2 Upper Davin tickets. If you're a die hard fan you don't pay for a touts holiday. Bloody joke."



Ebay are about to announce the closure of their operations in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

According to the Independent, even though the Dundalk branch is closing, it will still continue to employ staff in other parts of the country.

However, with job losses expected, their former sister company PayPal will add additional positions to their business, which is also located in Louth.

It is believed that up to 150 jobs will be lost as Ebay are set to announce the news today.



Suffice to say that breakups are rarely straightforward.

But one disgruntled husband has certainly taken things to the next level – sticking up a load of his wife’s possessions on eBay.

Under the username CalibraSteve, the post reads: "JOB LOT OF ALL OF MY VILE CHEATING EX WIFE'S CLOTHES AND POSSESSIONS."

He furthermore reveals that he has already successfully offered up the couple's Smart Roadaster car – a sale which now has bids of some £1,480 (€1,865) –leading him to post up further items for immediate disposal.

Explaining that his “evil cheating wife couldn't be arsed to collect” the things from their home following their split, he adds: “This whole endeavour was all about me ridding myself of the cheating slime of a woman I'm now proud to a call my ex wife and me getting some closure.

“I was going to burn all of these possessions but I have decided to just sell the whole lot as one complete job lot. It will all go to the highest bidder, nothing will be sold separately!”

On offer is “a heap” of clothes (most of which are a size 10-12), and “some electrical bits”.

He goes on to state: “I want rid of this s*** as it's taking up vital room I could be using to store booze and porn. 

“There are designer dresses she wore on our honeymoon which I paid a fortune for, shoes, lots of shoes but apparently since the rotten cow ‘found herself’ she decided she doesn't want material things,” he explains.

“There's some jewellery but I've already taken the gold and expensive stuff to our local jeweller who proceeded to rip me off whilst smiling at me.

“But it's ok cos now I can afford a heap of cheap scotch.”

The Shropshire-based man concludes: “Please help me clear out this pile of utter c**p. Cash on collection only please.”

The lot has now amounted to some £225 (€285) from a total of close-to 40 bids. It will wrap up on June 23.


Well, any Katie Price fans out there can now get a little bit of Jordan all to themselves. 

Katie is selling one of her wedding dresses – on actual eBay – and we just can't help but wonder why. 

It is thought that the dress is the one she wore for her marriage reception to Alex Reid in 2010, although it's not specified. 

The listing says: “Stunning wedding dress by David’s Bridal. Katie wore this to her wedding reception for a few hours.”

But our favourite line is: "This was expensive."

The eBay listing also includes photos of the bride and her best friends, Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner. 

The price started at £250 (€327) on Monday night and at time of writing it is already up to £2650.99 (€3470).

Katie must have been reminiscing over the weekend though, as she also replied to a tweet from Kim Kardashian… from SEVEN years ago. 

While the glamour model was trying make it big in America in 2009 and Kim tweeted that she saw Katie on the plane.

Kim said: "Omg Katie Price aka Jordan and her husband Peter are on my flight home from NYC!"

And Katie replied: "Awe that is so cute! Thankyou Kim #Flashback."



We already know how to shop online, (hell, we do it nearly everyday), but what about selling online?

Sites such as eBay and Depop are great for selling your unwanted clothes, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, that jumper or those jeans just won't sell. 

So, here are some tips and tricks for selling clothes online, and how to make the most bang for your buck:

1. Look after your items

You have to make sure to protect your leathers and suedes, stuff unused bags with paper so they keep their shape and try to keep shoes in their boxes – this way you will be able to charge a higher price. 


2. Keep proof

For some items you will need to keep proof of purchase. Knowing where and when you bought the product and what season it came from will ensure a quick sale. Also keeping authenticity cards will help you out big time for designer goods. 


3. Be aware of time

The best time to sell a piece is usually three to four seasons after it was first released, but if it was an investment/designer piece, holding onto it for a while could increase its value. 


4. Take CLEAR pictures

There's no point taking a photo of a jacket in a dark room or with a bad camera. If the buyer can't see the full piece, they will pass on it. Instead make sure your room is well lit and show as many details of the piece as you can. Also note these things in the description; fabric, pockets, zips, etc. 


5. Know the facts

Give exact measurements of the garment and set a fair price for it too. The price will depend on the season it was sold, the condition it's in and if it sold out. Depending on the piece, sell for around 40 to 70 percent of the retail price. 


When our favorite childhood things come back to into our lives we generally get quite excited. Toys? TV shows? Everything about Nickelodeon? All of those things are great, and reassure us that we are very sophisticated individuals indeed. 

However, you can’t take any of those and drive them down the road to pick up the messages. However, you can take your favorite Little Tikes Car from days gone by out for a spin. If you’ve got a spare €22,000. But let’s not put a price on our childhood happiness.

Brothers John and Geoff Bitmead actually a made a real-life, life-sized version of the red and yellow car. The toy car is actually known as the “Little Tikes Cozy Coupe”, just FYI. The brother's version is called the “Crazy Coupe.”

For anyone who’s ever tried to squeeze their adult body into the toy car meant for children younger than 5, this is for you. For anyone who has ever re-painted their Smart Car and Fiat to look like the toy car, this is for you- yes, someone has actually tried to do that. 

This is the real deal, and it’s already got “5,000 miles of genuine road use” according to the eBay listing.

“Apart from it not being the fastest car on the planet has been the most incredible fun with people queuing up to take photos along dual carriageways and highways on every trip. Guaranteed to create smiles wherever it goes!”

The interior appears to be all red and yellow, and it’s a manual drive. The car also only seats two, so you’re going to have to tell your friends to form an orderly queue.

The brothers also write that they’ve raised money for charity with the car, and “in the right hands could be quite [phenomenal].” When the car was first made in 2013, the BBC News even profiled it.

A working Cozy Coupe car, with the potential to bring happiness to everyone, great at charity events, and will guarantee you to be the envy of everyone else on the road?

Bidding is currently open on the car, good luck!


We think this probably means that any and all chances of a reunion are well and truly gone at this stage.

Earlier today it was discovered that fan favourite Abz from the much-loved band 5ive is most definitely putting his past career behind him.

The band scooped a BRIT award in 2000 for Best Newcomer Pop Act. Now it looks like Abz is ready to say goodbye to his past in a permanent manner.

He has put his award on Ebay. The 36-year old posted the award on the auction site on Monday morning. The reasoning behind it is apparently in order to earn some cash to buy top soil and gardening tools for his farm.

He could be in for a bit of luck because at the moment it’s already going for well over €6,000.

Rumour has it that the value is going up so high due to one crucial piece of information: Jason Statham held this trophy.

On the site Abz wrote: “Has been held by Jason Statham although I cannot prove this.”

Well, that’s surely going to be a deal breaker for some people out there. He did however that is has been 'dropped and knocked' a few times. You couldn't have put it in a display case, Abz? Really?

If you are interested, and fancy giving Abz a hand getting his faming tools up to date, then you have until Thursday before the bidding closes.



Is there any moment in life more awkward and more uncomfortable than meeting your ex after a break up to give them back their things?


Nope, we don't think so.

Some folk, of course, actually just can’t even deal with a face-to-face – forcing them to get creative in their methods. 

The usual options generally include getting a friend to return the stuff, throwing it out the window, giving it to charity, leaving it on their door step… the list goes on.

But for every couple who has broken up after a long-term relationship, there are always a few things that you bought together and you can’t quite decide who should get them.

Well, this particular German guy came up with a VERY extreme way to divvy up the goods that he and his ex-girlfriend had once shared. 

He SAWED all of their belongings in half, posting her half back to her, while putting his on half up for sale on eBay. 

He even recorded his carpentry techniques as he went to town on his girlfriends belongings. 

Who wants half an iphone?


He's not bitter at all… 


How long must this have taken?


Well, his dedication is admirable if nothing else… 


Must have been a nightmare to post


Okay, NOW he's gone too far 


Anyone looking to buy a single bed?


There are no words left really… 

And finally, here's the video of his crafty cutting skills