TV presenter slams comments about her weight


Giuliana Rancic has had her fair share of the public’s opinion on her weight – and it seems she has had enough.

The mum-of-one’s weight has always sparked concern with fans of E! News and Fashion Police, but Giuliana has always maintained there is no issue. The TV presenter announced in 2011 that she had undergone a double mastectomy following a diagnosis and treatment for early-stage breast cancer.

Her appearance on the Grammy Awards red carpet back in February caused concern among fans on Twitter. 

Now, it seems the Fashion Police co-host feels things have gone too far, after an online commenter suggested she didn’t want to carry a baby because she would put on weight:

“I read a comment on some article, ‘She doesn’t want to carry a baby … because she doesn’t want to get fat.’ I’m like, how disgusting is that? How about I’m on medication that prevents me? It’s just awful. I actually feel bad for that person. You logged into your account and sat down to say something nasty? That’s a problem – yours, not mine.”

Giuliana and her husband Bill welcomed their son, Duke who was born via surrogate in 2012.

We can’t say we blame Giuliana for being angry with awful comments like that.