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We were recently told by The Skin Nerd that wearing SPF every single day is vitally important, but we had huge misconceptions about light, the sun and skincare. 

First of all, we assumed you had to be on a beach in a country over 30 degrees to even contemplate using SPF, but it turns out our own phones could be damaging our skin with blue light.

Sh*t craic, that is. Taking a selfie is damaging in even more ways now, even ones with our pets.

Avon released research indicating that the blue light emitted on our mobile phones can damage skin hugely for millennials, who check their phones constantly. (Statistics say it's 157 times a day…)

Pollution, smoking, insomnia, crowded urban places and alcohol can harm our skin, but SPF is the priority it seems.

According to Glamour UK, a quarter of 18 to 34 year olds spend seven hours or more per day on their phones, and sixteen percent of women spend almost one-third of their waking day on their phones. 

Only one-in-ten people knew that the light from a mobile phone can actually age you. Our skin plays such a huge part in our lives, it's an organ for Gawd's Sake, and we need to value it.

23 percent of the same young age group refuse to post an image of themselves online with no filter, purely because of their skin.

All blue light screens apparently "reflect UB rays and may indirectly trigger damage" to our skin, with experiments performed by scientists on a mannequin wearing a UV sensor.

Co-author of the study, Mary Logue of the University of New Mexico, said:

"These devices are generally used for communication or entertainment, so it can be easy to overlook their reflective properties unless you happen to catch the glare off a screen."

The study suggests the light may significantly affect skin and stop it from healing – and the consequences on DNA have led experts to believe it could speed up the ageing process.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico warn that people may be putting themselves at risk of getting skin cancer by going outside to use their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Broad spectrum is that which protects from both UVA and UVB rays, and we need to be wearing it on our face, neck and décollage every single damn day.  

Invest in screen glasses to protect you against high-energy visible light (HEVL) at work.

For SPF skincare products, we highly recommend The Skin Nerd's brand new Skingredients treatment; 'Skin Shield'. 

IMAGE Skincare Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturiser is also a great product,

Enjoy the sun, gals, but don't forget about your skin. Make SPF part of your daily morning routine so you won't feel guilty every time you check your phone or laptop, you won't regret it.


Swiping through potential baes on Tinder is like listening to a podcast or scrolling through Instagram – it's just something you do when you have a bit of spare time. 

For those of us who might not have permanent access to a smart phone, Tinder is rolling out a brand new feature which allows users to swipe from any device, including desktop computers. 

So clear your browser history and clear cache and cookies, because the hookup app is about to be a Google search away.


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'For some, using Tinder hasn’t always been as simple as reaching over, tapping the app and messaging your matches,' reads the Tinder blog. 

'Let’s face it: not all places on earth have 4G.'

'Some people can’t get bundled services, while others don’t have enough memory to support Tinder on their mobile phones.'


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'For all those who’ve ever been stuck in a lecture hall or had to endure an eight-hour workday without access to Tinder—this is for you.'

You can swipe, match and message potential suitors all from the comfort of your laptop or desktop computer, simply by logging in with Facebook. 

New ways to find baes have officially arrived. 

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As far as trendy addictions go, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is so last year. The new widespread addiction is FOBO (Fear Of Being Offline).

Yep, according to a study called Coming Of Age Onscreen – which surveyed 18-24-year-olds in 13 different countries – the majority of young people are totally addicted to their phone. 

In fact, 70 percent of people surveyed said they need to be able to check their phones at ALL times. Sound like you?

Here are signs you need to get out of your FOBO funk:

1. The first thing you do when you go somewhere new is check for a Wi-Fi connection and make sure your phone has a signal.


2. And if someone doesn't know their Wi-Fi password, it's just like:


3. You treat your phone like a person with feelings.


4. The first thing you do in when you wake up and the last thing you do before going to sleep is check your phone. And this usually happens while doing so:


5. You sometimes spend the whole day on your laptop and don't realise it until you look up and it's dark outside.


6. If you leave your phone in work, you rather travel all the way back than go without.


7. And don't even talk about planes.


8.You've gone to extreme lengths to charge your phone.


9. And a slow-loading page throws you into a crisis.


10. Losing your phone = losing your BFF.





People might think you’re mad – but you’ve fallen for someone online.

You’re not alone as so many people in this technological generation are finding love through dating sites, on Facebook, or anywhere else.

However, while it may be legit and for real, there are some steps you should take to ensure this person is who they say you are.

It’s a lot easier than pretending there is no chance and being hurt later on.

1. Google, google, google
Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype to make sure this person is who they say they are. If they have more than one social profile with the same picture/name/details then there is more of a chance the are who they say.

2. Facebook photos
If their Facebook photos are all of their “modelling” or DJing” days then that may be a bad sign. Is there photos of everyday things also? Of that same model doing normal things, looking normal? It may also be a bad sign if there is only one or two pictures.

3. Videochat
Insist of videochat – they will surely want to if they have nothing to hide, right? If they hold off or have some terrible excuse (“I have no camera”…please) then there is probably a reason why.

4. Too good to be true?
So they are a billionaire with their own helicopter and spend 4 months of the year cruising the Greek Islands in their own private yacht…Right. Ok, it’s not impossible, but don’t be naive either.

5. Face to Face
Try to meet up as soon as you establish mutual admiration. Always, always meet in a very public place in daylight hours and bring a friend. Don’t put yourself at risk.