What happens when girls accept guys’ compliments online? This…


We’ve all seen the video where a woman walks down the street to many cat calls and ‘compliments’ from men. Similarly, we’ve seen men grow aggressive and angry when these compliments go ignored.

So what happens when women accept the compliments given to them by men online? The inevitable it would seem. They go from being a bi*** if they ignore the compliment, to a bi*** if they accept it. That makes sense…or not!

Gwen Bateman decided to conduct a social experiment, giving in to the men that complimented her and accepting their words graciously and owning it, of course. 

In a number of Twitter and Tumblr posts, messages between women and men can be seen where the man pays a compliment that is accepted, before turning on her for being full of herself and vain. Sigh…

So the lesson learned here has been…always ignore what any man says on the internet about you because if you don't react in the exact way they want you to, you're going to get called a vain bi***.