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Unlike today's teens, who look like they have just stepped down from the Inglot MUA's chair, we are from the era of foundation covered lips and self applied French manicures.

Perhaps it's down to the mass of YouTube tutorials and Instagram inspiration that wasn't available to us back in the day, but today's teens fail to fall into the (foundation coated) makeup traps we did in secondary school. 

Here are a few of the top nostalgic makeup techniques we used back in the day: 

1. Foundation lips

Foundation coated lips were the basis of an excellent makeup look in secondary school.

While voluptuous, lined and highlighted lips may be all the rage now, when we were 15, the look du jour was to pretend you didn't have any lips at all. 


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2. Foundation types

If it wasn't Dream Matte Mousse or pan stick, we didn't want it. 

There was something about the mousses' air whipped formula that we found perfect for school, and the shiny, tanned, glamorous sheen awarded to our visages by pan stick was too good for us to resist. 

The problem was the liberal nature in which we applied these products, rather than the products themselves. Less is more wasn't our mantra back in the day. 


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3. Spidery lashes

Again with the opposition to less is more, layering mascara onto our lashes until they resembled a terrifying mass of brambles was the way to go.

Bonus points is the mascara started flaking off and left gorge little black specks under your eyes. 

Fake eyelashes from the €2 Shop were also an option for discos, which were to be bought alongside your tube of glowsticks and disposable camera. 


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4. Brushes? What brushes? 

If an eye shadow palette came with a little sponge applicator, that was what was used for liberally layering the pastel shades.

The term brush roll sounded more like a baking term to us in our teens. 

Applying foundation with your fingers was also an acceptable activity, whereas todays' teens wouldn't be caught dead without their beauty blender. 

5. Orange foundation 

There is something about being uber-tanned that seems like an absolute accolade when you are in your teenage years. 

But like, who could be arsed tanning your whole body or splashing the cash for spray tans? 

The natural remedy to our pasty skin was layers on tan in the spots of skin people could see, like our necks and forearms, and a nice coating of 'deep tan' foundation on our faces. 


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6. Foundation mask

Speaking of the aforementioned foundation, it was left in a flat, featureless mask on our faces, with the likes of highligher and contouring distant gifts from the future which had yet to be awarded to us via Kim Kardashian (who wasn't even a thing at this stage of our lives). 

You may have occasionally opted for two delightful stripes of bronzer along your cheekbones or a splash of bright pink blush, but telling someone to get their 'highlight on fleek' back in 2008 would have been a completely foreign concept. 


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7. Raccoon eyes

Whether you were simply experimenting with a new look or had a deep, passionate relationship with The Pretty Reckless or Panic! at the Disco, raccoon eyeliner was the territory of emo kids at secondary schools the country over. 

The look was accompanied by a matte black a swathe of eye shadow across the upper lid, symbolic of the deep and dark nature of the tormented soul of the wearer. 

8. A severe lack of blending

Blending our makeup was something that we never did as teens. 

After all, what was the point of wearing makeup if it didn't look like you were wearing makeup? 

From that attractive orange jaw line to eye shadow that went all the way up to your brows, blending was far from the essential technique that it is seen as by the kids these days. 


Online dating is tricky business. Between picking the perfect profiler and composing a witty bio, portraying the best version of ourselves can be tough.

Sure, you may have gathered an impressive number of matches, but how many of these potential suitors have you actually talked to?

It’s fairly common practice nowadays, but according to Erika Ettin, relationship coach and founder of dating site A Little Nudge, this is just one of the ways we’re shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to finding love online.

“You’ll find an exception to every rule, but my background is analytical, and I’m an analytical person,” she told Business Insider.

“So if something works 99 per cent of the time, that’s what I’m going to recommend. You’ll always find the 1 per cent and that’s fine, but I’d rather give you a better chance.”

Explaining how to get the most from online dating, Erika compiled a list of the 13 worst mistakes we all make:

1. Not writing a bio 

2. Just writing your height 

3. Too many pictures 

4. Your first picture isn’t your face 

5. No full body photo

6. No interesting photos 

7. Pictures with other people 

8. Nothing but group pictures 

9. Too many pictures of people of the opposite sex

10. Boring conversation starters 

11. No momentum 

12. Talking too much over text 

13. Keeping a backlog of the matches you never talk to

You’re propably sittiing there nodding along thinking how annoying it is when you come across a profile like this – but how many are you guilty of?

Curate your profile to show your best self (without exagerating the truth) and you’ll turn those matches into dates in no time.

So now you know – visit GoDateNow.com to get started.



We've probably ALL made a social media mishap of sorts: you share something you shouldn't; you get caught out stalking an ex; you post a totally ill-advised image.

But hey – it always could be worse.

Recently, BuzzFeed asked its readers to share with the US-based website their worst online errors: and here at SHEmazing! we just had to pick-out the nine best ones – if nothing else, let these be a lesson to us all.

Prepare to cringe…


1) I went on two dates with a girl I liked. I decided to stalk her family on social media in the middle of the night and I accidentally added her mother as a friend.

Her mother accepted.

2) You know how Ron Burgundy says, “Well that escalated quickly”? In the sixth grade I accidentally posted on my sister’s Instagram photo “Well that ejaculated quickly.” I’ve never been more embarrassed.

3) Once when I was talking to a guy in private messages I got my screens mixed up and announced to EVERYONE on Facebook how large my penis is and what I like to do sexually. My mother saw it. I stayed off Facebook for a month solid.

4) A girl I know was once trying to drunk Facebook-stalk her boyfriend’s ex. She woke up in the morning to find that instead of searching the girl’s name she’d just made it her status over and over again. They broke up.

5) Not my fail per se, but my mother “accidentally” Facebook friended the woman my ex-boyfriend married. She accepted. I’m mortified.

6) When I first made a Facebook, I saw where you can post a status, I thought this meant relationship status…. So my first Facebook post was the word “single”.

7) When I was in high school, a very popular teacher got arrested for having multiple affairs with some of my classmates, and the day she got arrested I went to search for her name but instead set it as my status.

I didn’t realise my mistake until I was called in to the principal’s office and was asked if I knew specific details about the ordeal.

8) I stalked my co-worker’s Instagram and went through every photo. Next week, she went private and I asked her about it at work. She gave me a weird look and said “I don’t remember telling you about my Instagram”.

9) About a year ago I was Snapchatting this super cute guy I had just started talking to. I had just sent something to the guy when I got a Snapchat from my best friend saying she was eating chocolate chip cookies.

So naturally, I made the most hideous, obnoxious face I could and the caption said “soft or hard?” because I prefer the soft kind and she prefers the crunchy kind. I clicked the name at the top of my friends list and hit send when I realized to my horror I had sent it to the cute guy.

Picture that, you open a Snapchat from a girl you’re talking to and its just the most obnoxious picture that’s captioned “soft or hard?” I wanted to explain but I realised I didn’t have his number…




Turning 18 and finally being the legal age to buy alcohol is a huge milestone in our young lives, but with that, comes a lot of funny and interesting mistakes we made at that age! Here are a few of them!

1. Thinking you’ll automatically get in everywhere just because you’re finally legal
Unfortunately now we get the bouncer’s excuse of STILL being too young and/or being too drunk (do they not know we’re students and cannot afford the drinks inside the club?)

shes too young for you bro gif

2. Spending wayyyyyy too much money
When you started going out you went overboard on new outfits, taxis and a few cocktails beforehand. At this stage, a night out consists of whatever outfit you don’t have any pictures on Facebook wearing, trying to get a free rickshaw from on Grafton Street and trying elaborate ways to sneak a naggin of vodka into the club!

3. Discovering that the person you kissed isn’t as good looking as you thought
You learn that the person you spent the night kissing isn’t as good looking as you originally thought, when you Facebook stalk him the next day. You decline the request and swiftly try to move on with your life.

4. No night out is complete without the banter in the take away afterwards
Making best friends with other people in your college is essential to cheapen the taxi fare home.

5. Realising you’re a complete lightweight, but not letting that stop you
Realising you’re a complete lightweight, but powering through the night in order to keep up with your friends and save face. It’s such a terrible mistake, but we were young and drunk at the time.

6. Losing your prized possessions in a drunken stupor
Finally now you understand that the best possible outcome from a night out is you return home with your phone, purse and preferably no hangover the next day. 

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These common stretching mistakes could be getting in the way of your fitness goals or even leave you with an injury.

So limber up ladies, it’s so worth it.

1. You forget to warm-up
Even gym bunnies lump stretching and warming up as one and the same. They’re not. Before you bend and flex, you should raise your body temperature with blood-pumping moves, or your muscles will be more likely to tear. A few minutes of jumping jacks or a slow jog will get you ready to stretch.

2. You rush it
You’re running late for your spinning class, or you only have 20 minutes before you have to get back to work. It’s no excuse to speed through your stretching. You want to hold each stretch for 15-20 seconds and hit at least five key areas: your quads, lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, and calves.

3. You try to push through pain
The phrase “no pain, no gain” is stuck in your head, and that’s not good for your body. Stretching is supposed to trigger a gentle pull or pressure, but if it hurts, that’s not normal, and you should stop.

4. You skip it post-workout
After working up a sweat, you want to do a few minutes of static bending and limbering to reduce post-gym muscle soreness. It helps your body recover and restores your range of motion, so you don’t feel stiff like a robot for the rest of the day.

5. You only stretch on gym days
You’ll be able to bend more overall and boost your workouts if you get in the habit of limbering up daily.



Wearing make-up is supposed to make you look brighter, fresher and impossibly dewy, right? In theory, perhaps, but most of us are guilty of the following beauty mishaps:

Using too much powder
Over-powdering tends to leave your skin looking older and tired. A light covering of translucent powder is enough to get rid of the dreaded shine.

Not applying moisturiser
Moisturising before you apply your foundation is the best way to avoid dull, tired, flaky skin. Remember to pick one up with an SPF.

Using the wrong colour concealer under your eyes
Whether it’s too dark or too light, the wrong concealer will make you look tired. Make sure you apply your make-up in a well lit room.

Not using a primer on your eyes
Primer under your eyes is a great way to stop dark colours from smudging your them. Nobody likes the raccoon look.

And if you’re still looking a little tired after fixing your make-up routine, you might want to consider an earlier bedtime…

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