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Let's be real – we all wanna look like one of the Stranger Things cast. 

Not only do they do 80s cool effortlessly but it just looks GOOD.

Think brooding Billy in hip head-to-toe denim or Steve ''The Hair'' Harrington in his high-waisted jeans and Nikes?

Well, now you can. 


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With the third season of Stranger Things hitting Netflix on July 4, Nike wants to celebrate with a collection dedicated to the cult show. 

Inspired by Hawkins High School. it is brimming over wih 80s nostalgia.

Launching on June 27, the collection boasts the Nike x Hawkins High Cortez, Nike x Hawkins High Blazer Mid, Nike x Hawkins High Air Tailwind 79 – and they are all in the Hawkins High's green and orange signature colours and feature the Tiger mascot.

So cool, right?


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As well as that, there is gym gear, a Hawkins High t-shirt, hoodie with "Phys. Ed" on the front, and a Hawkins High cap. 

Just like all of our school clothes…we wish. 

The second half of the collection, the "OG Pack," will arrive on July 1 and feature Air Tailwind covered in red, white, and blue to celebrate Independence Day, which is the day season three officially hits Netflix.

We are in love and need EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE.

There go our wages…



By now, all of society have adjusted to constantly seeing mannequins looking the exact same, with very slim form and usually white.

However, sportswear brand Nike have debuted their plus-size para-sport mannequins in their London flagship store, and has been applauded for this inclusive step.

Their first plus-size clothing range debuted in 2017, offering customers sizes up to 3X. The Oxford Street shop has unveiled its new women's floor exclusively for female athletes.

Nike’s GM/VP for Women in EMEA, Sarah Hannah, said:

“With the incredible momentum in women’s sport right now, the re-designed space is just another demonstration of Nike’s commitment to inspiring and serving the female athlete.

“This is more than a shopping experience, it’s a destination to celebrate sport just in time for an incredible summer of football, netball, athletics and more," Hannah added,

The brand's choice to use a variety of body sizes in its mannequin range has been met with phenomenal praise. The new women's section also has bra fittings and leggings adjustments, so sport can be for everyone and every body type.

With the internet increasingly editing and filtering images of themselves and their bodies, seeing authenticity in clothing modelling is incredibly important.

Any honest depictions of the female body in fashion is a rarity, so we are hugely impressed with Nike's new women's floor.

Celebrating diversity in sport allows anyone to take part in activities of exercise, for their health as well as for social reasons. Giving plus-sized people this space is beyond amazing.

The average mannequin measures, according to The Guardian, are 6ft in height, with a 34in bust, 24in waist, and 34in hips. Not very realistic, is it?

This makes Nike the first brand to use realistic mannequins, and last year Missguided displayed mannequins of varying ethnicities and possessing stretchmarks and vitiligo.

Let's keep up the momentum of demanding real-life bodies in the media, in beauty and in fashion. No airbrush, no editing, and no bullsh*t.

Feature image: Twitter/@designtaxi


Serena Williams is well used to winning. After 23 Grand Slam trophies, you'd think she'd eventually take her eye off the ball, but you'd be wrong.

We're all familiar with her INCREDIBLE fashion sense, and cutting edge tennis court style. Her partnership with Nike has seen her expand the borders of fashion in women's sport.

If we cast our minds back, we can remember her controversially banned the Black Panther catsuit (the NECK):

She really ace'd that one, and it even helped her circulation after suffering from blood clots during the delivery of her ADORABLE baby daughter, Alexis Olympia.

After being ridiculously barred from wearing the "disrespectful" suit, an absurdly sexist rule, she traded it for a tutu and played the hell on.

Oh, and the tutu was designed by none other than Virgil Abloh, the newest talent making waves at Louis Vuitton.


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Everyone was wondering what fashion gold Serena would bring to the Australian Open, where she's currently competing. Not to mention winning, as per. All she does is WIN.

She stunned crowds by wearing a turquoise romper that cleared our skin and filled our bank balance. It's iconique. She's doing God's work by spilling such tea all over the sexist tennis rules.

Officials to Serena: We're banning the catsuit.

Serena taking zero of their sh*t: I'm gonna alter it slightly and play on, mmkay? Cut the legs off:

Slay, Kween.

People are rightfully shook, there's even fishnet tights to go alongside it. The details, we can't even.

The tweets are clearly off the hook, with Serena once again being compared to a superhero. You know, because she is one.

Naturally, her supportive husband Alexis Ohanian Sr. tweeted his love of the romper:

 In conclusion, Serena is straight up FIRE in the fashion world, and we don't deserve her.

serena williams tennis GIF by WTA


Rihanna has reportedly turned down the opportunity to perform at the Superbowl Half-Time show to show her solidarity with former NFL star and 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, US media reports.

She allegedly is in total disagreement with the NFL's methods, such as their stalled divisive policy regarding the national anthem.


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Kaepernick gained infamy after choosing to kneel during the US national anthem last year, and became the first of numerous NFL stars to protest race inequality and police brutality in America, and is now thr face of Nike's controversial ad campaign.

He has not played in the NFL since early 2017 and is now embroiled in a lawsuit with the organisation- claiming team owners have shunned him for his activism. He has claimed that his political stances have resulted in his total ostracisation, despite race relations in the US currently being far from ideal.


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The US media is claiming that pop superstar, fashion icon and general Badass Female Rihanna was the first choice for the half-time show, which the likes of Lady Gaga, Prince, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson have headlined.

"CBS and the NFL reached out to Rihanna first, who after thinking about the offer, decided to pass due to the NFL and the situation regarding players kneeling."

Judging by the reactions on Twitter, fans are standing by her side in her decision to protest the NFL’s methods, though many are divided in their opinions.

Her fans continue to stan, and appear to understand the global superstar's reasons.

Maroon 5 have since been chosen as Plan B for the show, which takes place in Atlanta next year.

Cardi B is apparently the favourite to be their guest star, and there are also claims stating that Pink turned the chance down when talks dragged on for too long.

Kween Rih has spoken.



This tutu sports dress is everything.

And it could not look as fabulous on anyone other than the dynamic Serena Williams.

But we can still try, right?

Photo Credit: Nike

The fantastic ensemble is part of The Queen Collection, a creative collaboration by the Olympic gold medallist, Nike, and Virgil Abloh.

Virgil is the artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear, creative designer of the Italian fashion company, Off-White, and an absolute visionary.

Serena will be sporting the new collection during the US Open on August 27th.

The Queen line consists of a performance tennis dress with a tutu-like skirt that comes in both black and white.

It also includes a bag, jacket and three types of runners: the NikeCourt Flare 2 and limited editions of The Ten, Nike Air Max 97 and Nike Blazer Mid SW, according to NikeNews.

Photo Credit: Nike

Designer Virgil was wholly inspired by Serena’s “powerful” presence, on and off the court.

“I was trying to embody her spirit and bring something compelling and fresh to tennis.”

The dress combines an athletic, spandex-like bodice with a tulled designed skirt.

“The dress is feminine but combines her aggression. It's partially revealing. It's asymmetrical. It has a sort of ballerina-esque silhouette to symbolise her grace.

“It's not about bells and whistles and tricks. It's just about it living on the body and expressing Serena’s spirit with each swing of the racket,” Virgil explained.

The sneaker editions are available in eye-catching colours of sparkling silver as well as pinks and purples.

Photo Credit: Nike

Serena is a skilled and powerful athlete with a flair for fashion, making her the perfect model for The Queen Collection’s combination of “grace” and “spirit”.

Don’t worry, the collection will be available in select Nike stores at the end of this month with prices ranging from €110 to €790.

So, this autumn we can look almost as fierce as the queen, Serena Williams.



Okay, we all remember the blue and black/gold and white dress that divided a nation. 

Well now a new item of clothing is here to baffle our minds and ensnare our senses with confusion. 

This image of some Nike running gear is going viral, as social media users argue about what colours the kit is. 

People are divided between seeing pink and white and turquoise and grey. 

Currently we're seeing turquoise and grey, but rumour has it that the longer you look at the image, the more it changes colour. 

We're completely baffled by this internet mind trick, but what do you guys think? 



Shopping for gym gear can be a stressful experience at any size, but finding plus size workout gear can be extremely tough. 

Finding garments that don't chafe or dig in can be a complete pain (literally and figuratively) so going for unprofessional pieces is a no-go. 

Thankfully, the gym veterans over at Nike have finally released a plus size workout collection, available right this second.


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The collection is made up of easy, basic separates, perfect for building a high-functioning but stylish workout wardrobe. 

From sports bras to leggings to T-shirts, there is a bit of everything in a range of larger sizes. 


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"Nike recognises that women are stronger, bolder and more outspoken than ever," reads a brand manifesto.

"In today's world, sport is no longer something that she does, it's who she is. The days where we have to add 'female' before 'athlete' are over. She is an athlete, period."

"And having helped fuel this cultural shift, we celebrate these athletes' diversity, from ethnicity to body shape."


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The sportswear brand have incorporated the stylings of influencers influencers Grace Victory and Danielle Vanier to promote the line, and we're loving the looks the plus size stars have created.

Now, if only the other workout brands would follow suit. 



There is something incredibly, gloriously satisfying about watching Randy Cando's creations – not least during at time of year when we're vegging out on the couch and need weird and wonderful amusement. 

The artist, who is pretty much entirely self-taught, has an Instagram account with 200K followers, also attracting mega-attention from a load of influential industry insiders from the advertising and film worlds.

Still just 28, he's furthermore worked with the likes of Netflix, TNT, and Nike.

Randy says his creations take anything from two hours to two weeks to make. 

Here's a selection from his Instagram account that we LOVE:


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A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on



A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on



A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on



A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on



A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on



A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on



A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on



A video posted by Randy Cano (@randy.cano) on


Ladies, allow me to introduce you to Nike’s STUNNING limited edition rose-gold runners!

Rose-gold has, without a doubt, been the colour of the year, and we are still madly in love with it!

So naturally, when we saw that Nike were releasing a special pair of limited edition runners, we nearly passed out with excitement. 

The shoes were created in partnership with American store Bandier, and will be available to buy in the Bandier outlets across the US. 

THANKFULLY, the runners will also be available online, so we won't be missing out!

These metallic beauties will set you back €110, which is expensive… but look how PRETTY!

We are definitely popping a pair of rose-gold Nikes on our Santa list!  


As one of the world’s leading fitness brands Nike’s use of ripped fitness models has been well documented, so naturally the gym-wear giant’s recent curve social media posts have received a lot of attention.

Last week Nike shared a picture of celebrated curve model Paloma Elsesser on its Nike Women Instagram account in what appears to be a bid to diversity the brand's online image.

Paloma is photographed stretching in a branded sports bra and gym leggings in a post that makes no reference to her size and instead focuses on sharing a sports bra related fact.


On Saturday, a similar post appeared on the same account showing yoga and wellness expert Claire Fountain posing in a black sports bra and burgundy coloured leggings.  Again the image was accompanied by a bra focused fact.

While the majority of the brand’s followers have celebrated the move with comments like “more of this!  Curvy women workout hard too” and “so excited to start [seeing] fit women who look like me in the media”, others have been less enthusiastic.

A number of Instagram users have been quick to point out that while they are happy to see the brand’s image becoming more diverse, they still struggle to find their own sizes in Nike’s range.


One user wrote: “And it only took you about 20+ years to figure out!!!!! Now, how about some Dri Fit workout tops in sizes that actually fit us too?”

While another stressed that including curve models should not lead to the exclusion of traditionally accepted frames: “Ok I'm all for it but stop saying real woman…So annoying just because my Frame is smaller doesn't mean I'm not real!”


As we all know some New Year's resolutions totally fail after the first week of January. Most resolutions are fitness goals, and this year there has been a huge rise in ladies going out running.

So, whether you've kept up your resolutions or fell off the wagon a little bit, these pieces will get you right back on track. And a bonus? You'll look hot AF while working out. 

A breathable t-shirt

Life Style Sports, Nike Pro Hypercool T-Shirt, €42


Leggings with the perfect stretch

Life Style Sports, Nike Tidal Capri, €52


Comfortable runners

Life Style Sports, Nike Air Zoom Fit, €120


The perfect running bra

Life Style Sports, Adidas Womens Supernova Bra, €36


Leggings to keep everything in place

Life Style Sports, Adidas Womens Three Quarter Tight, €42


The lightweight runner

Life Style Sports, Nike Womens Pegasus, €110


The trend-setting half zip 

Life Style Sports, Nike Womens Pro Hyperwarm Half Zip, €62


Just today she took to Instagram to share an insight into her training progress with her followers, and we can see why.

Model Thalia Heffernan has that most enviable of body types – tall, lean and toned – but it doesn't come without hard work.

"By eating clean, to a certain extent, and training every week day I've managed to develop my muscles in such a short time frame," she wrote on Instagram today next to two snaps taken a week apart.

The 20-year-old favours cross-training style workout sessions with her personal trainer, including a LOT of tough abs workouts.

"No sudden movements, like sneezing, for me for the next few days," she joked after a particularly intense core session last month.

And with a new sportswear campaign for Life Style Sports just launched, it's clear Thalia's hard work has been paying off.

Just LOOK at her killer abs in that crop top:

The Sports Born, Street Worn campaign was styled by Courtney Smith and features a range of brands including Nike, Adidas Originals, Ellesse and Converse. 

It's all available to shop now online at LifeStyleSports.com with next day delivery if you order before 7am – hurrah!

Among the looks featured in the new campaign is this Adidas Originals Firebird Track Top (€70) which we're thinking we might have to snap up for ourselves.

And for the man in your life, there's a whole range of seriously stylish hoodies and tracksuits, like this Adidas Originals Mens Graphic Hoody (€65) and matching Adidas Originals Pant (€55).

Now, if we could just have Thalia's abs to go with our new clothes, we'd be sorted.