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If the New Year has the wheels in motion for a brand new you – you may want to consider Thalia Heffernan's thoughts on the whole idea.

The Irish model expressed her feelings about New Year's resolutions on social media and it's massively refreshing.

As everyone larks on about their plans for the New Year and everything they're going to change – you might be feeling the pressure.

We are all guilty of trying to stick to resolutions but social media tends to put additional emphasis on succeeding to achieve a new, perfect you.


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Cutting into the bullsh*t of the tradition, Thalia reminds everyone that in the grand scheme of things, it's just another day.

"I know I’m technically a day, or two, late.. yet despite this being inadvertent (or so I thought) I now think that there’s a good reason for it. The New Year is, of course, a good place to ‘Start’.. a grander version of the Monday so to speak.."

"But with this little box and small space, I want to share some of my truth- instead of filling you with the weight of the aspirations and resolutions that are being thrown around… It’s just another day," she wrote.


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That doesn't mean that she is discouraging you from wanting to reach your goals, but she puts the notion of resolutions into perspective and issues a reminder not to pressurise yourself in attempting to achieve the better version of yourself.

"Now, I mean that in the most inspirational way possible! Every single day you wake up is a blessing in itself. However, please don’t put yourself under strain because of a date in a calendar, a benchmark set by society, because you are more than that," she explained.

"I know I struggle with the concept of being a ‘new me’ due to an annual change, and I also know that I shouldn’t. So I guess I’m just saying that a New Year, or a Monday, or because your sister, cousin or best friend is doing something doesn’t mean that it’s right for you," she added.


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Wrapping up the inspiring caption, Thalia dished up some good ole self-love and encouragement.

"And a day in the year certainly shouldn’t demand you to be a ‘better’ version of yourself. You be whatever and whoever the hell you want to be and love every second," she said.

We honestly couldn't agree more, we just wished that more people on social media would adopt this idea, instead of cashing-in on the tradition.



We knew it would happen!

On Strictly Come Dancing over in the UK, it's safe to say all eyes are on the singletons to see who will hook up with who. And we have to say, it never disappoints.

But over on our green shores, it seems a new romance is brewing on Dancing with the Stars.

Irish model Thalia Heffernan is reportedly getting close to professional dancer Ryan McShane.

According to the Herald, the 21-year-old was spotted kissing the pro while out on Sunday night together.

A source told the publication: "It's a really young cast among the professional dancers and everyone's up for having a laugh during their time off in Dublin.


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"Everyone's off on Mondays, so they've started going in to Krystle after the show."

The insider continued: "Everyone noticed that Thalia and Ryan have got close in recent weeks and always have a great laugh together.

"They all had a great night out in Krystle last Sunday, and at one point Thalia and Ryan were seen sharing a kiss in a corner of the club, so it's kind of an open secret now among the cast and crew.

"They're both single and just enjoying each other's company," the source added.


Just today she took to Instagram to share an insight into her training progress with her followers, and we can see why.

Model Thalia Heffernan has that most enviable of body types – tall, lean and toned – but it doesn't come without hard work.

"By eating clean, to a certain extent, and training every week day I've managed to develop my muscles in such a short time frame," she wrote on Instagram today next to two snaps taken a week apart.

The 20-year-old favours cross-training style workout sessions with her personal trainer, including a LOT of tough abs workouts.

"No sudden movements, like sneezing, for me for the next few days," she joked after a particularly intense core session last month.

And with a new sportswear campaign for Life Style Sports just launched, it's clear Thalia's hard work has been paying off.

Just LOOK at her killer abs in that crop top:

The Sports Born, Street Worn campaign was styled by Courtney Smith and features a range of brands including Nike, Adidas Originals, Ellesse and Converse. 

It's all available to shop now online at LifeStyleSports.com with next day delivery if you order before 7am – hurrah!

Among the looks featured in the new campaign is this Adidas Originals Firebird Track Top (€70) which we're thinking we might have to snap up for ourselves.

And for the man in your life, there's a whole range of seriously stylish hoodies and tracksuits, like this Adidas Originals Mens Graphic Hoody (€65) and matching Adidas Originals Pant (€55).

Now, if we could just have Thalia's abs to go with our new clothes, we'd be sorted.


This morning when Thalia Heffernan walked the catwalk for the Brown Thomas’ Autumn/Winter ’15 collection, no one could tell that she has suffered a violent attack just hours earlier.

The stunning 20-year-old took to Facebook to write an emotional message calling out her attackers and describing the stress that she is understandably still feeling from the incident.

“To the horrible girl who hit me in the face and robbed my bag this morning,” the post began. “To the guy who helped her, and to their thieving little friends for watching.”

Ms Heffernan explained how the group of teenagers hit her repeatedly in the face and shoved her in an attempt to take her handbag.

“What’s worse is that there was nothing I could do to even attempt to defend myself, despite screaming and crying after them,” Thalia revealed.

The Irish beauty, who is a known athletics fiend, felt helpless as the gang of youths attacked her.


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She has released a further update, saying that the Gardai are investigating the incident and that she is assisting them in every way possible. She explained how “The most important thing now… is getting these kids off the streets so parents, brothers and sisters don’t have to worry about their loved ones being harassed, robbed or worse.”

Thalia also revealed that the police have since found her handbag in the Cuffe Street flats in Dublin City Centre but that it was emptied of all her belongings.

Ms Heffernan ended her post saying that she hopes she can assist the Gardai in catching the culprits and holding them responsible for what they have done to her and, no doubt, countless of others. 



Thalia Heffernan, who has been linked with One Direction’s Niall Horan, has spoken out about the level of bitchiness within the modelling industry.

The Dublin blonde said that other models aren’t all that nice: “It’s not the most friendly environment. The models don’t really care for you that much. A lot of them just regard you as competition, especially if you’re in any way similar.

“The blonde girl might not even speak to me, or the girl with the same skin tone, or the same height.

“I’m very friendly, maybe a bit too much sometimes, and they don’t know how to react when I bound into a room and they are intimidated by me for the wrong reasons.”

Thalia says she tried to tone down her bubbly nature to fit in: “I tried being a cow, too, but it was too hard.”

Oh well, there goes that idea! Since being a cow didn’t work out, Thalia has decided to just focus on the positive: “People will say how lucky I am, or that they idolise me, or that they admire me, which is nice, and I have to focus on that and not the person who says a negative that pulls me down.

“It’s a battle, but it’s a battle that comes with the job description. I’m happy with my choice, but it has chosen me, too. I haven’t denied it, and it’s incredible, it really is.”


Irish designer Lucy Nagle has been making a name for herself over the past few years with her collections of contemporary and innovative knitwear, creating cashmere and merino wool separates that keeps us looking stylish while still feeling ultra-cosy.

Since launching her debut collection in 2013, Lucy Nagle has developed into an international brand, and Ciara O’Doherty headed over to the Dylan Hotel to check out her Autumn/Winter 14 showcase, and to chat to the woman herself about her latest collection. Check out the video for more!