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Love Island star, Camilla Thurlow, looks absolutely stunning as she shows off her adorable baby bump. In her latest Instagram post she’s with her smiling boyfriend, Jamie Jewitt, wearing a mixed animal-print, camisole dress, cradling her little bump.

The caption on the post reads, “Can't decide if Jamie's new do is his first Dad haircut or him trying to shave off a few years… either way I like it #29weeks”.


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Camilla’s fans were quick to show their support, one saying “Probably a bit of both but looking good!”. 

Camilla has also been smashing it with the maternity style lately, continuing to post photos of herself throughout the summer in outfits which accentuate her growing bump. The couple announced their pregnancy to the world via an endearingly cheesy video posted to Camilla’s Instagram page on May 17, where the couple showed how their own family and friends were told the big news.


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Since her baby news reveal, Camilla has been keeping busy, promoting her debut book, Not The Type, which is due to be available from August 20. The book is said to be a memoir of an extraordinary life, and a script for living one's life to the full.

Although often an engaging reflection on life, landmines and Love Island, this is also a book about learning to confront one's own anxieties in a world dominated by celebrity culture and social media – and on being a woman in what is still too often a man's world. 

Not The Type sounds like an enlightening and empowering must-read, and we can't wait to get our hands on it!


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Pregnant reality star Marnie Simpson has opened up about her "major anxiety" surrounding cellulite,

The 27-year-old ex-Geordie Shore star has documented her "daunting" pregnancy journey with her 3.5 million social media followers, and got candid about the tough changes which her body has faced.

Admitting she felt "uncomfortable" about her stretch marks, the mum-to-be poses frequently in front of mirrors to show off her burgeoning baby bump.

Image: Instagram/@marns

Marnie said that the changes to her gorgeous physique have been "challenging" to experience.

In a long Instagram post, she wrote: "Can't believe I'm almost there, pregnancy has been a experience. Watching my body change has been challenging to say the least.

"Not going to lie, I've started to develop some stretch marks and water retention leaving me with a hell more cellulite than usual which is daunting, but I know it's going to be so worth it regardless when I see my baby boy."

The reality star was honest about her "major anxiety" over giving birth and facing motherhood for the first time, but she wants to keep "social media real" for her fans.


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"No pregnancy is perfect, I've felt insecure, tired, hormonal, and overall c**p but social media only sees the ups, never the downs! Which is frustrating but I wanna keep it real for all the other mammas out there!

"I'm also suffering with major anxiety daily about the birth and the aftermath, especially with all my previous bladder trouble I'm just so scared of the unknown," she continued.

"I'm so grateful for all the messages I get daily it literally keeps me going and calms me down to know there is so many of us all feeling the same. We got this girlies."


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Mum-to-be Marnie has been speaking out about all the aspects of pregnancy alongside her boyfriend, 24-year-old Casey Johnson.

The happy couple starred in the new Geordie Shore series: OG, which will follow Marnie as she swaps her party girl lifestyle for parenthood.

Marnie is expecting to give birth in September to a baby boy, and we're sure her followers will be kept in the loop.

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Ever since word landed that Kylie Jenner was expecting her first child, fans of the 20-year-old reality star have been on unofficial 'bump watch'.

Unsurprisingly, the make-up mogul has been keen to keep her supposed bump under wraps while posting to social media, so when paps shared photos of the star on Sunday, Kylie was far from impressed.



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Insistent that the photographers had digitally altered her appearance in order to increase her size and shape, Kylie took to Twitter to advise her fans not to take the photos at face value.

"First of all if you’re going to photoshop my photos blogs/paps, check for the crooked lines in the background.2nd photo is clearly altered," she wrote last night.

While Kylie is adamant that the photos taken of her have been digitally altered, many media outlets are contradicting the star's claims.

Given the speculation surrounding the star's supposed pregnancy, it's hardly surprising that Kylie's fans are still desperate to know whether she is, indeed, pregnant.

"I like Kylie but her leading us on like this is ridiculous. Either you are or your not. The in between is really getting old," remarked one Twitter user.

"So are you or aren’t you? Just say something and everyone will leave it be," added another.

Looks like she's not about to give anything away just yet…



Kelly Rowland let the world know she was expecting her first child when she posted a photo of baby shoes on June 10th. Yesterday, she decided to debut her bare baby bump by posting a photo of herself looking incredibly serene during a yoga session.

The star has yet to make an official statement about her pregnancy, but judging from these photos, she’s really enjoying the experience!