No more naked Snapchats? Marnie insists Lewis needs to CHANGE

When it comes to the do's and dont's of relationships, it seems Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor need a crash course.

Despite insisting they were the real thing during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the reality star couple appear to have seriously struggled after getting back to their normal lives.

"Things on the outside are very different to how they are inside the CBB house and we have kind of got a completely different relationship to what we had in there, so it's back to basics," Marnie recently explained.


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In recent weeks, Marnie deleted all trace of Lewis from her Instagram before admitting during an appearance on Loose Women that she had overreacted.

"We had an argument and I deleted every picture of him on Instagram. I was really angry and immature and forgot everyone can look at it." she admitted.

And just days after the social media clear out, Marnie was back Snapchattin' footage of a naked Lewis roaming through her house, so it's no surprise the public are starting to question whether Marnie and Lewis have any idea what they're doing.

Addressing that notion in her latest column for Star magazine, Marnie insists her boyfriend is the one causing issues.

"It's been a difficult week with Lewis and I having a two-day argument, but my friends have been amazing," she wrote.

"I love Lewis, but he needs to make some changes to the way he behaves if he wants our relationship to work," Marnie added.

Can we also suggest ditching the naked Snapchats?