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Pregnant reality star Marnie Simpson has opened up about her "major anxiety" surrounding cellulite,

The 27-year-old ex-Geordie Shore star has documented her "daunting" pregnancy journey with her 3.5 million social media followers, and got candid about the tough changes which her body has faced.

Admitting she felt "uncomfortable" about her stretch marks, the mum-to-be poses frequently in front of mirrors to show off her burgeoning baby bump.

Image: Instagram/@marns

Marnie said that the changes to her gorgeous physique have been "challenging" to experience.

In a long Instagram post, she wrote: "Can't believe I'm almost there, pregnancy has been a experience. Watching my body change has been challenging to say the least.

"Not going to lie, I've started to develop some stretch marks and water retention leaving me with a hell more cellulite than usual which is daunting, but I know it's going to be so worth it regardless when I see my baby boy."

The reality star was honest about her "major anxiety" over giving birth and facing motherhood for the first time, but she wants to keep "social media real" for her fans.


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"No pregnancy is perfect, I've felt insecure, tired, hormonal, and overall c**p but social media only sees the ups, never the downs! Which is frustrating but I wanna keep it real for all the other mammas out there!

"I'm also suffering with major anxiety daily about the birth and the aftermath, especially with all my previous bladder trouble I'm just so scared of the unknown," she continued.

"I'm so grateful for all the messages I get daily it literally keeps me going and calms me down to know there is so many of us all feeling the same. We got this girlies."


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Mum-to-be Marnie has been speaking out about all the aspects of pregnancy alongside her boyfriend, 24-year-old Casey Johnson.

The happy couple starred in the new Geordie Shore series: OG, which will follow Marnie as she swaps her party girl lifestyle for parenthood.

Marnie is expecting to give birth in September to a baby boy, and we're sure her followers will be kept in the loop.

Feature image: Instagram/@marns


Pregnant supermodel Ashley Graham is being praised for showing off her stretch marks in a beautiful photo.

The American catwalk star is pregnant with her first child, and posted the image to her Instagram followers.

She captioning the shot; “Same same but a little different." Fans were hugely appreciative of her 'real' honesty and body positivity.


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The image was liked by celebrities such as model Lily Aldridge and comedian Niecy Nash. Author Rebecca Scritchfield commented;  “We need this!!! Beauty and real ness.”

31-year-old Ashley has become renowned for her inspiring activism surrounding the topic of body confidence, and her plus size model career has skyrocketed.

She announced last week that she was pregnant with her first child with husband Justin Ervin in a stunning video;


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The announcement came on Graham's ninth wedding anniversary with husband, after posting the video about her growing family;

"Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life. It has been the best journey with my favourite person in the world!

"Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY! Happy anniversary, Justin. Life is about to get even better."

Feature image: Instagram/@ashleygraham



This week's Beauty Product of the Week is one of the most exciting announcements yet, because renowned skincare brand Science of Skin is finally launching in Ireland.

The brand uses all natural ingredients such as EGCG, a green tea extract which acts as a powerful antioxidant active and is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of scarring and redness.

Solutions to your scarring and stretch mark worries have never been so easy to find.


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The company was created by Science of Skin leader Dr. Ardeshir Bayat, an internationally renowned expert in scar management, and Douglas McGeorge MBE, a leading UK cosmetic surgeon.

Clinically-proven, solution-focused skincare remedies created by Science of Skin are now available in Boots pharmacies nationwide. We can't contain our excitement that three effective remedies for scars and stretch marks will be at our fingertips.

Science of Skin combines ground-breaking ingredients from science and nature into treatments that safely heal, soothe and repair your gorgeous skin. We're officially hooked.

The main ingredient, EGCG, has been scientifically proven to reduce scars by over 40 percent, and as if that wasn't enough; The products are all vegan-certified and alcohol, paraben and fragrance-free.

1. Science of Skin Solution for Scars, €20.99

A huge amount of the population have experienced skin scarring, whether from acne marks or other ailments. It's incredibly hard to find the right product for the job.

 A product that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance for scars, we're over the moon that Boots will now stock this specialist scar cream with a difference. 

Solution for Scars works at a cellular level to actively support your skin and improve the appearance of scars by reducing redness and thickness, as well as soothing the skin.

2. Science of Skin Solution for Stretch Marks, €43.99

Developed by a team of skin and scarring experts, the formula behind the Solution for Stretch Marks works by combining active natural phytochemicals and highly moisturising natural ingredients with vitamins C and E to offer a soothing treatment.

The product is suitable for weight-gain stretch marks and growth-spurt marks, and is certified vegan as well as paraben, alcohol and fragrance-free. You won't have to worry about any harmful toxins, that's for sure.

The Solution for Stretch Marks targets problem areas such as stomach, hips and thighs, and contains one of nature's most powerful soothing extracts; magnolia bark.


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The Science of Skin also have a stretch mark product for mums-to-be, suitable for use throughout pregnancy; Science of Skin Stretch Mark Defence (€26.99)

The full range is now available from Boots stores across Ireland and on the Science of Skin website.

Feature image; Instagram/@scienceofskinuk


Vogue Williams is a known fitness fanatic. The mum is always doing her best to keep fit and proudly shows off her progress on her Instagram account.

The presenter has been sharing many stunning bikini snaps from her recent trip to St Bart's and we have to say she looks incredible.

The DJ's latest honest post has won us over. Taking to Instagram stories, Vogue posted a close-up image of her thigh and showed off her stretch marks.

She wrote: “Lots of people asking how I have no stretch marks… Every woman has stretch marks.”


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Vogue proudly showed off her stretch marks in the candid snap.

“I have them up my thighs and all over my tush…” she shared.

Vogue reminded her followers that we should never be ashamed of our stretch marks. They’re not flaws, but simply part of growing.

She said: “There’s nothing wrong with stretch marks, it’s a part of growing!!!”

The mum is constantly praised for her incredible figure, but even Vogue struggles with her confidence.

She recently opened up about her fitness routine and said that even she has her bad days.

The DJ explained that she adores going to the gym, especially because of the impact it has on both her physical and mental health.


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“It’s great for my body but even better for my mind. Women are hard on themselves, I’m hard on myself too but I’m happy with my body now,” she wrote.

Vogue may have a figure to die for, but the mum said being slim isn’t the be all and end all.


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“It made a baby, that’s what impresses me most,” the mum gushed.

We just can’t get enough of how honest Vogue is. She really is a breath of fresh air.



Irish model is living it up in Bali for the festive season, but took the time to pen an empowering message to her Instagram followers about self love – specifically, the importance of accepting your stretch marks.

Roz detailed how she originally thought her stretch marks were cool as a pre-teen, but society's beauty standards quickly changed how she viewed them as she grew older and her body continued to change. 

'I remember the first time I noticed my stretch marks probably like 11 or 12, I was like i don't remember my cat scratching me,' she wrote, jokingly. 


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'A few months of noticing more and more I was like this is so cool I have all these reptile markings no one else has & showing them off.

As i grew up, went to secondary I realised it was something I shouldn't think was so cool or show, no one in magazines had them I never noticed them on anyone else, it was not normal or considered beautiful.'

'Even now it’s rare you see an unedited photo in a magazine I'm like how is that girls butt so smooth.'


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Roz admits that only recently has she become confident enough to wear clothing that reveal her stretch marks without worrying about what other people think.

'It hasn't been until now the past two years I can confidently walk passed someone in a bikini or shorts and not cringe inside thinking that they're probably looking at all my stretch marks and cellulite,' she wrote. 

'Maybe it's age( most likely) but you realise if someone is doing that they're 1. A nob 2. A nob. Stretch marks are normal, we all have them, big or small they're part of me & they're here to stay!'


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Roz also detailed that she would not be trying to get rid of her stretch marks any time soon despite that being advised to her.

'Got a few replies on stories early like you know what you need to do to get rid of them ”x, y&z” sorry babes I don't have time or the dedication to massage my but in some super oil for 30 mins before bed sure I’d slip out onto the floor,' she sassed. 

Faire dues to Roz for speaking out about stretch marks – particularly at a time like Christmas when people are certainly feeling more aware of their bodies ahead of the anticipated societalhealth kick of January


Pregnancy, weight-gain, and general physical changes can lead to the very common commodity known as stretch marks. 

If you feel that your stretch marks are something you're not about, manoeuvring through the world of anti-stretch mark products can be confusing and frustrating.

However, according to Chrissy Teigen, this everyday household item is something she swears by. 


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In true Teigen style, the model talks frankly to the website, Refinery29 about her skin care routine, and the fact that she was well acquainted with stretch marks before her pregnancy.  

"I'm from a real stretch mark-prone family.

I had stretch marks way before the baby. Mine went to my inner thighs for some reason — my thighs just got really angry one year."


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The magic product is coconut oil. Yes, that’s right: coconut oil! Prevention also plays a key role in keeping away stretch marks, according to Teigen. 

“I like coconut oil… Sometimes, we only take care of our skin when we see a breakout happening, but with stretch marks, it's all about prevention." 

Teigen is expecting her second baby in June, with husband John Legend. The couple already have a two-year-old little girl, Luna. As her belly grows, the entire family has been recruited to help her with her routine.


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"I'm big now, so it's hard for me to bend over. John helps me a lot with everything at the end of the night. Luna loves helping out.

It's exhausting to do this 10-15 minute session of lubing up your belly and body, with all these different layers, especially when you're like, 'I don't even have a stretch mark yet!'"

No matter who you are, supermodel or not, according to the 32-year-old, no one is exempt from encountering stretch marks at one point in their life.

"People are so worried and so self-conscious of them, but I've never seen a woman without them," she says. "I've worked with every supermodel in the world. I'm lucky to know that the most incredibly beautiful women all have stretch marks and all have the butt dimples. It really is our common bond."

We hear you gal!



Online fashion company Missguided received international applause when they featured models on their website with visible stretch marks. 

It's an industry norm to airbrush out every stretch mark, scar and wrinkle, and so the inclusion  of these 'imperfections' was a welcome respite. 

However, fans of the fashion collective began questioning the legitimacy of the marks, and accused the brand of actually photoshopping the stretch marks onto the models. 

'I’m sorry, I don’t understand how this brand keeps denying that they’ve photoshopped stretch marks onto this model, but from these two images you can clearly see the marks aren’t the same,' reads one tweet.

'If you’re trying to show natural beauty, don’t photoshop it in.'

'The @Missguided stretch mark pics look weird? weirdly edited?' said another.

Now, the model featured in some of the shots has come forward to confirm their legitimacy. 

'I'd like to speak out and let everyone know the stretch marks shown in my images on Missguided are real,' she penned in an Insta post for the behemoth fashion brand.

'I think it's really positive that Missguided aren't photshopping them out – it's important to show young women it's not about striving for perfection, it's okay to have stretch marks.'


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'There's nothing wrong with having them, we all do, and shouldn't be something that's covered up.'

Kudos to Missguided for ceasing to edit out stretch marks, a natural part of growing up into into an adult body. 

Another win for natural beauty, in our opinion. 




Missguided is the latest online retailer to stop the practice of editing out models' stretch marks and cellulite, and the internet is all about it.

For years now, shoppers have become accustomed to the perfectly airbrushed and seemingly 'flawless' models splashed across the pages of every fashion mag and online store – and while deep down we're all aware of the wonders of photoshop, it can be hard to remember this when we're supplied with a endless stream of images showing the 'perfect' body.

It's an industry norm that few retailers have been brave enough to step way from – until now.

Following in the footsteps of ASOS, Missguided has stopped erasing its models' stretch marks, and has instead opted for much more natural look.

And while it's pretty shocking that it's taken this long for brands to realise that consumers would much rather see models in all their natural glory – it's definitely a step in the right direction.

The online retailer quietly began using the un-altered images this year in a move that has earned it a huge amount of praise.

Here's hoping other brands follow suit.


Stretchmarks, scarring and cellulite are far more common than the modelling industry want you to think.

You'd be hard pushed to find any woman who doesn't have the odd 'imperfection' here or there, yet you'll rarely find this portrayed in any magazine or ad campaign – until now.

Online fashion retailer ASOS, have been praised for using untouched photos of models proudly baring stretchmarks on their legs.

One eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted several photos on the swimwear section of the site clearly showing the models' natural bodies that have escaped the usual airbrushing process. 

After sharing her discovery with the rest of the twittersphere, many customers have thanked the company for helping to make 'natural' be seen as 'normal'. 

While the industry still has long way to go in representing all body types, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Kudos to ASOS for making strides toward body positivity – hopefully more retailers will follow suit.


We don't usually get to see things like stretch marks or cellulite on the perfectly airbrushed Instagram feeds of image-conscious influencers and celebrities, which is why body positive accounts like the one run by Kenzie Brenna are so important.

Kenzie has committed her Instagram page to being one of celebration of all body types, and a place where the negative thoughts about our bodies are exposed. 

The self love promoter recently posted a snap to her Instagram showcasing her stomach stretch marks, and had some words of wisdom to share about them. 


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'Does this affect the quality of who I am? No,' she captioned the post.

'Would it make you a better person if you got rid of these marks? No.'

'Would it make you kinder, more generous and a better lover if you had the money to erase them? No.'

'Then you're perfect. I don't feel perfect.That's cause perfect isn't a feeling.'


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The YouTuber has posted a number of Instagram snaps celebrating her body and the bodies of other women, and has called out the double standards of sizeism and body shame numerous times.

'I love how people see me in full clothes and comment on how 'skinny' I look in them in comparison to these types of photos where the comments I get 'you're so brave. (Which I am) But, bravery requires an act of courage.'

'Courage isn't a characteristic we find in ourselves unless we are doing something out of strength, where the odds are stacked against us.'


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'You don't tell a Victoria's Secret model that "they're so brave" for showing off their body or someone who is sculpted from a type of athleticism.'

'Bravery requires an acknowledgement of fear, possibility of loss, where chances of failure are high,' she said. 

Posts like Kenzie's on social media are so necessary and important to remind us that flaws are in fact beautiful, and the things that we perceive as a negative don't actually affect who we are or the value of ourselves as women. 



Last night, Kendrick Lamar dropped the video for his new single, Humble.

And while the song has many qualities, it was praised all across social media for including natural beauty.

Featured in the video was a woman with no make-up, stretch marks, and her hair was flowing au-natural.

The lyrics include lines such as, "I'm so f*cking sick and tired on the Photoshop/ Show me somethin' natural like afro on Richard Pryor. 

"Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks/ Still will take you down right on your mama's couch in Polo socks, ayy."

And here are the reactions from Twitter: 



We absolutely LOVE this!

Model, Karrueche Tran, has shared an image of her stretch marks in a bid to urge women to love themselves for who they are.

Karrueche, who is best known for being Chris Brown’s girlfriend and Rihanna’s love rival, shared the image on her Instagram account with the caption: “this is me … I’ve got a tiny little booty w stretch marks .. there’s nothing wrong with the way God made us.”

The model still looks amazing, and the message she is sending is so important.  Hopefully her honesty can help women out there accept themselves for who they are.