Niall Horan is messaging with one of the Geordie Shore girls


Niall Horan is a national treasure, but he's been looking across the channel for a potential love match.

Gerodie Shore's Marnie Simpson, who recently went through a break up with her ex Lewis Bloor, has been sliding into the 1D star's DMs, but Niall isn't the only one she's been corresponding with. 

Marnie has also gotten chatting to X Factor singer James Arthur. 


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"I’ve been speaking to them. We’ve said hello and I’ve spoken over DMs with both of them," the Geordie star told The Sun.

The Mullingar man is a fan of the show, according to Marnie, and the pair have been chatting about it, though Marnie insists that it is just "friendly."


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Marnie is still separated  from Lewis Bloor after it was revealed that her cheated on her.

We think Niall is a much better option, Marns.