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Police in Denmark have charged 1,004 people for sharing multiple videos of underage teenagers engaging in sexual inter course.

The teens in the video are 15 years of age. 

The videos were shared to Facebook, after which the social media site tipped off authorities. 

Around 800 males and 200 females have been charged, ages between 15 and 20.

Danish authorities claim that the sharing of the film could fall under the distribution of child pornography.

The clips were mostly shared via the Facebook messenger app.

Some are reported to have shared the clips hundreds of times. 

'It's a very big and complex matter that has taken a long time to investigate,' said police inspector Lau Thygesen from North Zealand Police in a press statement to Mashable.

'Not least because of the large number of charged.'

'We have taken the case very seriously as it has major implications for those involved when such material is spread. And it must be stopped.'

This is the biggest case of it's kind to have occurred in Denmark. 

The country is taking a strong stance against the sharing of illegal footage, including revenge pornography. 


She's the self-confessed 'living doll' who managed to wow tough-to-please Simon Cowell and the rest of the X Factor judges over the weekend. 

However, it has now emerged that, far from being an undiscovered talent, Sada Vidoo has a hugely successful career in Denmark.

Already an well-established singer/songwriter, she has been signed to a record label in Denmark – although Mr Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh said that they have never heard of her before she arrived for her X Factor audition. 

Sada has released an album and several singles, going platinum in her native country: she penning the song Infernal for dance act Ten Miles in 2007 and the song ultimately went on to be a HUGE hit.

It even topped charts in Turkey, Spain, and Poland

Her own album A Story With No End was released in 2014.

Over the weekend, she performed Love Is A Battlefield for the quartet of reality TV show judges, with Simon saying she was "barking mad".

A spokesperson for the ITV show said in response: "Anyone can apply for The X Factor whether they are professional or amateur, irrespective of their past experience and all contestants are auditioned on merit.

"Past experience can not always be featured in the programme due to time constraints."



There has been many debates about eating out-of-date food, but one supermarket in Denmark is trying to make you do just that.

WeFood in Cophenhagen just opened at the end of last month and it sees people queuing down the street to get in daily.

The food produce comes at 30 to 50 percent cheaper than your average store and most days WeFood actually runs out of food.

According to the Washington Post, the grocery store only sells food past its expiration date or with aesthetic problems like broken packaging or 'ugly' vegetables.

This isn't the first time a store like this has opened though. Daily Table in the states runs a store very similar, and any fans of Jamie Oliver will notice his campaign for this type of work on his show Friday Night Feast.

Well, would you be into this and want to see something like it open in Ireland?


In what seems to be the strangest news we've heard today, one of the leading music festivals in Europe have said they recycle festival goers urine to make beer (eh, what?).

Roskilde is Denmark's largest music festival and it turns out they have harvested the waste of over 100,000 people who have attended the weekend event.

The festival took place last week, and while we know the pints at these things are usually not great anyway, especially not the cheap ones, this just took it to a whole different level. 

The Roskilde festival debuted a new programme which involves recycling urine to turn it back into beer, which has been supported by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. (Bord Bia better not pull a stunt like this)

This process involves collecting the urine of people as special 'piss stops' and then sending it on to be used as fertiliser on barely farms nearby. 

It is said that this urine will help boost the barley's growth and that this barley will be used to make beer for the next Roskilde festival. 

“Beercycling is about changing our approach to waste, from being a burden to being a valuable resource,” said the DAFC’s Leif Nielsen in a statement.

“Today, the huge amount of urine produced at the festival is having a negative impact on the environment and the sewage system and treatment plant in Roskilde. Beercycling will turn those many litres of urine into a resource.”



While most people dream of heading to sunny Spain and Portugal for their summer holidays, they can sometimes overlook the great Scandinavian countries, especially Denmark. Fear not, as we’ve listed six reasons why you should visit the great European destination that is Denmark.

No language barriers
More than 80% of Danish people speak English, so you don’t have to worry too much about language barriers. However, it’s still nice to learn some of the local lingo at the same time.

Food and wine
Denmark has some unusual but amazing cuisine. They also have a great variety when it comes to their restaurant and café selection as well.

It was voted the happiest nation in 2008. So, it’s no surprise that the locals are not only stunning but friendly too.

You don’t have to go to Copenhagen to see some amazing Danish architecture, as Denmark has some amazing building designs all across it's vast country.

Public transportation
Copenhagen is one of the most cycle friendly cities in Europe, but if that wasn’t enough, they also have a great Metro and public bus system in place too.

From LegoLand to the Hans Christian Anderson statue of The Little Mermaid – there's definitely plenty to see in this Scandinavian country.




There are some pretty awesome theme parks around the world that don’t involve a Mickey Mouse or a fairy princess.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi 

Ferrari World sounds just as cool as it is. Not only is it the largest indoor theme park with over 20 Ferrari-themed rides and attractions, it is also home to the world’s fastest roller coaster which can hit speeds of 240km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Eek!

Legoland, Denmark

Did you know there are six Legoland theme parks around the world? There are two in the US, one in the UK, one in Malaysia, one in Germany and of course one in Denmark . However, the one in Billund is a little bit special as it is located in the very same town where Lego started. You don’t even need to bring a child to witness the wonder of famous buildings recreated in the miniature bricks.

Window of the World, China

If you fancy seeing the Eiffel Tower one-third of its size then Window of the World theme park in China is just for you. The park replicates iconic sights such as Niagara Falls and the Pyramids of Giza  in 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15 scale.

Now the hardest decision will be deciding where to go.