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Liam Gallagher isn't one to be pinned down by any work opportunity, that's for sure. He makes his own rules, including when it comes to requesting a part in his favourite TV show…

He's renowned as one of the most famous frontmen in the world, for one of the best bands in the world, but he's also started his own fashion label. A man of many talents, indeed.

Now the Manchester rocker has said that he may be trying out a new venture; swapping music for cameo acting in BBC One's 1920s gangland show, Peaky Blinders.

Now, take this with a pinch of salt because the musician loves a good joke on social media. He took to Twitter shortly to originally say; "Ohhh what a beautiful morning ohhhhh what a beautiful day."

However, when a user by the name of @issytate asked if he had any plans, he replied:

"Thought you'd never ask, yeah I'm off to meet a man about a part in Peaky Blinders. Why me, why not. See ya." he said.

The latest series of Peaky Blinders has confirmed that Cillian Murphy's turn as Tommy Shelby is as popular as ever, opening to its highest viewing figures yet for season five.


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The series launched to an audience of 6.2 million, according to BBC Press Office. A Peaky Blinders music festival is even taking place in Birmingham later in the year.

As well as featuring stars of the show, there's also a full music line up that includes Primal Scream, Frank Carter, The Streets, a mystery superstar and more.

Kate Phillips (Linda Shelby), Finn Cole (Michael Gray), Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby) and Paddy Considine (Father John Hughes) will meet fans across the weekend.


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Tommy Shelby (AKA Cillian Murphy, Prince of Ireland) has recorded the poems 'Futility' by Wilfred Owen and 'The Ballad of Tommy Shelby' to be exclusively broadcast across the festival.

Tickets to The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival are on sale now and are available here.

Can you see Liam in a Paddy cap sporting a Brummy accent? We can't imagine him without his Manchester voice though, or squaring up to Tommy Shelby and coming away without a scratch.

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Westlife have officially made their long-awaited return to our lives, thank the gods, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows back in the day for the boyband.

The band stopped by The Graham Norton Show last week to perform their brand new single, Hello My Love, but Nicky Byrne revealed some spicy drama.

According to the radio DJ and member of the group, Liam Gallagher told the band to "f*ck off" the first time they met. Ouch, someone take the lads to the burns unit STAT.

The 40-year-old singer claimed the band flew to London in 1998 after signing a record deal, with Louis Walsh as their manager.

Byrne told Graham Norton; “So they were having a drink in a circle of people so me and one of the boys walked over and tipped them on the shoulder."

“Liam turned around and we said, 'Liam we're Louis Walsh's new band and he just went "f*** off”. So we just f****d off." The salt, it's just too real.


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The group's new single is their first release in almost a decade, and it was penned by pop legend Ed Sheeran. 

Hello My Love went straight to number one on the iTunes on Thursday evening, and Westlife even got a congratulatory message from ex-band member Brian McFadden, despite rumours of bad blood.

Hello My Love has been popular with fans, but frequently compared to Sheeran’s hit Castle On A Hill as opposed to “your typical Westlife song”.

Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan will embark on their Twenty Tour this summer, playing two huge gigs in Croke Park in July.

Kian reiterated his opinion that their fans would be “taken aback” by their new sound, according to Metro UK“Good songs are good songs, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Westlife song or not.”

The Twenty Tour is their fastest-selling ever, selling a whopper 400,000 tickets within 48 hours of release. 


Last night, over 14,000 people descended on Manchester Arena as the venue reopened for the first time since a bomb attack claimed the lives of 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert earlier this year.

Singers, comedians and poets from around the world took to the stage for the We Are Manchester benefit concert, which was held to raise money for those affected by the attack.

The crowd were entertained by a star-studded line-up including Pixie Lott, Rick Astley, Louisa Johnson and The Courteeners, before Manchester native, Noel Gallagher closed the show with a heart-wrenching performance.

“Every time you sing, we win. So sing like you've never sang before,” he said before leading in an emotional rendition of the Oasis classic, Don't Look Back in Anger.

“So for any of you that doubt it-and some people doubt that Manchester is the greatest city in England…”

“I was sat watching Sky News and watching the minute’s silence. And one girl that was there and sang this song. And I don’t know if you’re here tonight, but I love you.”

The 50-year-old was visibly upset as he belted out the “anthem of defiance” to a crowd that were only too willing to sing along.

Speculation before the gig had led some Oasis fans to believe that Liam Gallagher would join his brother on stage, however, the Wall of Glass singer is currently in Spain for his solo tour.

However, Oasis fans were treated to renditions of Champagne Supernova and Little By Little, as well as Noel's solo material AKA – What a Life and Everybody’s on the Run.


Please say it's true! 

The rumour mill is in overdrive today after Taboo, a member of the Black Eyed Peas, listed Oasis in the line-up for Sunday night's Manchester attack benefit concert.

Of course, fans went wild at the thoughts of a reunion with one even exclaiming: ''If oasis are playing at one love Manchester im selling my family to go.'' 

While another wrote, ''Have -£0 to my name but watch me go to Manchester for Oasis.''


Rumours of a possibly Gallagher brother reunion have been doing the rounds for the last few weeks, with may fans believing their relationship may be on the mend after Liam sent out a tweet wishing Noel a happy birthday.

If the rumours are true, it will be the first time the feuding brothers have performed together since the band's split on 2009 – and what better time to do it?

However, the speculation looks set to continue as Taboo later deleted the tweet and apologised for any confusion.  

The three-hour long concert will be held at Manchester's Old Trafford cricket ground almost two weeks after the attack at the Manchester Arena took place.

Coldplay, Take That, Niall Horan, Usher, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Pharell William will all join Ariana on stage in an effort to to raise much needed proceeds and pay tribute to victims and their families.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday June 1 at 10am, with proceeds from the event going towards the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

For those of us not lucky enough to be there, the three-hour long show will air on BBC on Sunday night from 7:15pm, and donations can be mage through the We Love Manchester JustGiving page.  



Much and all as we'd love the Gallagher brothers to draw a line under their tumultuous past and decide to play a stormer of a gig at Croker (too far?), deep down we know that that pair are unlikely to ever really bury the hatchet.

The siblings, who fronted one of the biggest bands of our generation, have made no secret of their inability to get along, and despite going their separate ways back in 2009, it looks like they're still incapable of being civil towards one another.

Proving as much during an interview with the Toronto Sun, Liam revealed that after happening upon his brother at a Manchester City game, he decided to forego the hearty handshake in favour of a nipple twist.

As you do.

"I think it was a football match in 2013 or ‘14. A Manchester City match and he was in one box and I was in another box. And I was in one floor and he was in the floor below me.” Liam explained.

"I went into see him and I pinched his nipple and kissed him on the ear. I don’t think we spoke," he added.

Offering an insight into Noel's reaction to the bizarre exchange, Liam recalled: "I think he pulled one of his faces like he’s sucking a f*cking lemon.”

Sounds about right.



At the height of their fame in the mid 1990s, Oasis were asked to contribute a track to an upcoming British movie, and due to a little miscommunication Noel Gallagher ultimately declined.

So basically, as the Britpop era gained momentum and Oasis were widely considered one of the best bands in the world, Danny Boyle approached the lads from Manchester and suggested they write a song for Trainspotting, but unfortunately for Danny, Noel wasn't having it.

And that, ladies, is because Noel failed to ask what the film was about, and assumed from the title it was about actual train spotters – a relatively twee pastime which he clearly felt wouldn't properly represent the Oasis brand.

"Danny is from near Manchester and he was very keen to have Noel Gallagher do something but there was a reason why he didn't do it," producer Andrew Macdonald recently recalled. 

"He came to the launch party in Cannes, but I don't know why he didn't do a piece of music," he added, according to the Independent.

Filling in the blanks for the film's producer, costume designer, Rachel Fleming, explained that Noel had recently admitted his mistake.

"I met Noel at a thing the other week and he said to me: 'I would have done something, but honestly I thought it was about train spotters. I didn't know.' That's what he actually said."

Ah, Noel. Imagine Blur, Pulp and Iggy Pop made the same mistake?!



In 1996, Noel Gallagher and Owen Morris from Oasis recorded music on a Caribbean island, only for the tracks to be lost after the completion of the album.

Their fans subsequently gave the tracks a mythical status as they remained lost for years.

Well now, the Mustique Demos have been unearthed in the depths of Big Brother Record's archive, and all 14 Mustique Demos will be available in special editions of the new Chasing The Sun edition of Be Here Now.

This is the first time these demos have ever been released to the public, and Don't Go Away is now available to stream and download here.

How exciting!



Noel Gallagher has admitted that he will reunite Oasis with his brother Liam – but it's not without a cost, and a hefty cost at that.

The musician told the Daily Star: "I’d do it for £20 million for one gig – that is good money isn’t it? But I have never had that offer from anyone yet.”

The group broke up in 2009 after Liam and Noel had a massive argument in Paris, just before they were meant to go on stage, which ended up with Liam swinging a guitar for his brother's head.

However, despite fans begging for a comeback, Noel has pretty much dashed all hopes of a reformation, saying in previous interviews that there's a "one percent chance" of a reunion.

“There would have to be extraordinary circumstances, cause I wouldn’t do it artistically, I don’t need the money, I don’t need the record sales. I can’t think of a reason that I would look to do that. What would be the point? I don’t know. I don’t see what the point would be.”

The Wonderwall writer, who is currently recording his third solo album also told the Daily Star: “Liam is a very angry man still. So he is not cool. He tends to make the easiest things really difficult."

Well, that's our hopes gone down the drain.



Maroon 5 have some explaining to do after their recent Twitter mishap.

The group were due to play two dates in China this September, and over the weekend it was announced the gigs would no longer be going ahead. The rumoured reason? A tweet posted by Maroon 5 keyboardist Jesse Carmichael about partying with the Dalai Lama.

The musician tweeted on July 6 to say he had "sang happy birthday to his holiness," something which didn't go down to well with the band's Chinese fans, due to the country's tumultuous relationship with the Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan Buddhist monk was born in China but has lived in exile in India for the last 56 years.

No official explanation has been given for the cancellation of the two concerts in Beijing and Shanghai, but  the BBC reports that the (now-deleted) tweet not only angered fans but the authorities too. The reaction to the concert's cancellation has been mixed on the Chinese social network Weibo, a Twitter/Facebook style site that is huge among Chinese young adults and teens.

"Musicians should stick to music and do their thing. Why bother with politics?" one commenter wrote, according to reports from China. "Does attending a friend's birthday party equal agreeing with his political views?" wrote another.

Maroon 5 are not the only musicians to have been the subject of strife when it came to performing in China. Oasis were apparently forced to cancel dates in China after Noel Gallagher gave his support to a Free Tibet concert in New York, while Linkin Park were also banned from the country after being photographed with the Dalai Lama in Los Angeles.

Let's hope no other concerts on the lads' tour are affected.



Famed for teenpop classics such as Live While We’re Young, and What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction’s Liam Payne has made a surprising revelation about the band’s forthcoming album.

“The album is coming together really well actually,” he told Capital FM earlier this week. “It’s a bit Oasis almost – which is ace. Love that.”

Liam Payne says the new album will nod to Oasis


And as well as drawing on the musical talents of Liam and Noel Gallagher, Mr Payne added that they’re also finding inspiration in Ed Sheeran: “The songs have come out a bit more chilled because we want this to be a long-lasting album that you just can listen to anytime,” he explained.

“You know with Ed’s album you can listen to it anytime – anytime you throw on an Ed song it always makes sense. So we’re trying to do that.”

The former X Factor contestants are currently working with writer and producer Jamie Scott – the man behind the likes of Story Of My Life – and have been working hard in the studio to get their fifth album together; their first offering since Zayn Malik departed last month.

Noel Gallagher wrote many of Oasis's hits


Indeed, in the midst of a hectic touring schedule, One Direction’s management are pushing to get the finished produce out there before the end of the year. Although a release date has yet to announced, it is rumoured that late November has already been earmarked. 



Oasis’s spring/summer 2015 collection is here and we are officially mesmerised.

The collection has a distinctive country garden feel – think afternoon tea in the maze and you’re there.

Featuring something for everybody, from striped to florals and the new colour on the trend scene – khaki!

Two pieces are still very much a staple of this summer’s wardrobe, as are pretty tea dresses in cute and feminine prints.

There is however, a new look you’ll need to nail to stay on trend this season – the culotte! Coming in stripe, block and denim looks, Oasis definitely have you covered for this particular season staple.

 Irish models, Krystal Mahon and Abby Harris showed off the stunning collection recently, styled by Laura O’Brien and photographed by Alex Sheridan. We can’t wait to get our hands on this season’s collection at Oasis! 


What will be on your style wishlist this season? 

Our S! TV reporter Emma Power caught up with Oasis' head personal stylist Judy Gilmore to find out what's in this season – from festival style, to kimonos, to chunky midi heels and more!

We want it all!