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The hit entertainment series Ireland's Got Talent is gearing up to return to our screens for the second year running.

If you decided to forgo auditioning for the series this time around, you can still be a part of the glitz and glamour of the show by appearing in the live audience.

Watch the talent unfold before your very eyes and see what the judges see; you'll be joining judges Louis Walsh, heading up the panel, Michelle Visage, Denise van Outen and Jason Byrne as they seek to find the brightest and best of talent that Ireland has to offer. It will be a time of great excitement for all the featured acts who will all compete to take home the title – last year’s winners, Cork dance troupe RDC walked away with €50,000 and their very own TV special which will air on the station later this year.

Hosted by Lucy Kennedy, the series promises to feature a variety of acts from the weird, wonderful and strange – and you can be in the middle of all the action!

What you need to know before you apply for tickets: 

There are two shows a day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. When applying audience members must take note of the dates and have a preference for an afternoon or evening show.

These take place on: Tuesday, 20th November, Wednesday 21st November, Thursday 22nd November, Saturday 24th November, Sunday 25th November and Monday 26th November.

Tickets are free but in short supply and high demand. Tickets will be allocated on first come first serve basis. All audience members MUST be 12 years of age or over and under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

To apply for audience tickets, please fill out the Ireland's Got Talent audience application form HERE



By Sarah Murphy

Irelands Got Talent hit Irish TV screens in early February, with guest judges such as Michelle Visage, Jason Byrne, Denise Van Outen and Louis Walsh.

While the judges sparkled in their own right, we had a look at the person behind all the glamorous outfits the judges wore throughout the show. Laura Mullett, a Dublin based stylist, originally from Wexford, had the primary responsibility of styling presenter Lucy Kennedy and two judges, reality show star Louis Walsh and comedian Jason Byrne.

'It was fantastic, I’ve worked in the industry for almost nine years now and I love it. I’ve worked on a lot of different TV shows, like Ireland Am, Xpose, Pat Kenny Tonight, but I found with a show of that magnitude everything is heightened, it’s very exciting to be part of it,” she told SHEmazing. 


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Funny man Jason Byrne was styled in Moss Bros suits in a variety of colours from maroon to more subtle tones such as light blues and greys.

Speaking of Jason’s personal style, Laura said: “I found Jason’s style would be more casual kind of, t-shirts and jeans for gigs and a real kind of cool, chilled style, so he wasn’t used to wearing suits.

'Initially, we set up our consultation and had a coffee and stuff but I suppose from his perspective he was going to be dressed up in a penguin suit but it was so fun.” “I think with Jason especially, he never had that suit experience before, with him his wardrobe would have been more kind of gig clothes and then maybe he was wearing a suit to a wedding.'

'It was amazing to have that trust and make some friends along the way. He looked fantastic.”


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While Jason’s outfits were on point thanks to Laura, the comedian was also adored on the show with his quick wit and humorous comments throughout. “I find with a really good comedian it brings that real Irish element to the show,' said Laura. 

'Even from the side perspective of the stage, you’re soaking it all in, you’re watching the acts, you become so invested in it.

'But his comments had everyone laughing and I think then the chemistry between himself and the likes of Michelle Visage who brings such an experience, like sophisticated glamorous but yet really warm element to it, I think they really bounced off each other.”

Judge Louis Walsh described guest Judge Michelle visage as loud and American, but honest and brilliant.

The reality star, best known for her appearance as a judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race certainly did not disappoint with her vibrant, extravagant accessories and outfits during the show.

“My attitude has always been more is more. I think it’s really fun for people to showcase their personalities and their quirks. I actually spent most of the series ogling all of Michelle Visages glasses because I am a spectacle wearer myself, her glasses are gold.”

“I followed Michelle Visage, I loved her kind of sassy quirkiness. She brings such a cool element into Rupaul’s Dragrace and for her to come over we were all so excited, even to get to meet her and see her style in person because it’s very authentic in herself.

'I think she is ridiculously fabulous, I wouldn’t cringe at all [at Michelle’s outfits], if anything I would be looking for tips.”

Laura opted for bright colours when styling presenter Lucy Kennedy. She was dressed in a pink jumpsuit from Umit Kutluk, a navy off shoulder look created by Pheonix V Ireland and she was dressed in Mint Velvet for auditions.

The pair had a great relationship on the show, Lucy along with Jason Byrne took to Instagram to praise Laura’s taste and style. “I would have spent a lot of time with Lucy, I would have been side of stage for her all the time so when she came off I’d always be fussing at her and picking at her, she was like Cinderella.'

'She’s such a lovely person, what I found at the side of stage is when Lucy would come off we would be kind of pottering and chatting, I think it’s just such an exciting experience to work with people in such close contact and you get to see their process and how they do what they do. And that sort of unique Irish sense of humour was so prevalent throughout the whole show.”

And of course, we can’t forget about the main man himself, Louis Walsh. With plenty of experience in the reality TV industry, Louis stayed cool, calmed and collected with a smile on his face at all times.

“Louis Walsh is one of the funniest people I’ve met. Every time I was dressing him, I would be fixing his dickey bow and he’d go- I can’t believe you’re from Wexford, he just couldn’t get over it, it was so funny.'

'I tried explain to him that there wasn't much of a fashion industry in Wexford and that people do have to move from the country side, we had great fun.” “Louis has been working on shows that big for so many years that its second nature, he’s quite chilled and relaxed. He would always come in with a big smile on his face. We had a right laugh, we really did.'


It's time to say goodbye to The Voice of Ireland as RTE has axed the singing contest reality show.

So, now instead of seeing Kian, Rachel, Una and Bressie on our screens every Sunday night, we're going to get a eyeful of… Louis Walsh.

Yep, the music mogul is making waves as he sets to debut Ireland's Got Talent next year, something TV3 previously turned him down for.

According to the Sunday World, Louis will be the main judge (surprise, surprise) and he will also be picking who his fellow mentors will be.

Keith Duffy and Linda Martin are in the running to take the hot seat alongside Louis… But we'll hold out on that one.

What do you think, ladies? Yay or nay with this choice of action? We're going to miss swooning over Bressie every Sunday.


It seems like it's not all rainbows and sunshine for Louis Walsh as he has been rejected by TV3 for his Ireland's Got Talent idea.

The music manager is very eager to set up the show, following the success of Britain's Got Talent in the past few years.

TV3 boss, Lynda McQuaid confirmed to the Irish Independant that she spoke with Louis and heard him out, but ultimately rejected the idea.

“We’ve had a long debate, myself and Louis. But I don’t think Ireland’s Got Talent is very TV3, I don’t think it would work,” she said.

“I don’t think we have a culture of working men’s clubs, which is where it came out of,” she told the paper.

“My feeling is that an Ireland’s Got Talent would start to feel very parochial, very quickly. So it’s been ruled out," she admitted.

“He’s not happy about that, because that’s the one he really wants to do – he thinks that the talent is out there.”

Sorry Louis, its seems like your time may have passed.