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Ah, Louis, we don't think he'll ever.

The manager has admitted that he was delighted the ratings from last year's X Factor dropped… as you do.

"I was checking the ratings every week and saw it was getting lower,” he told Newsbeat.

“I was delighted. I watched the show last year and I didn’t think it was as good as it used to be.

"I thought there was something missing," he added.

Yes, Louis, that missing part was you.



Louis Walsh is going to anger a LOT of One Direction fans today – he believes that the band is over.

The X Factor judge said that they have had their time and in maybe a decade (yes, a decade) they will get back together.

"It's not going to happen. Nope. No, definitely not. It's over, they had their run, all over," he told The Telegraph.

"It's done, and it was an amazing career." He then added, "Maybe in 10 years."

Ouch. Get ready to face some backlash, Louis.



Die-hard X Factor fans were left stunned when Louis Walsh was dropped from the judging panel, but it seems no one was as put out by the show's new set-up than the Mayo-native himself.

According to Simon Cowell, the Irish music mogul took serious issue with the show during his absence, and didn't hold back when telling Simon exactly what he thought.

Setting the scene for the public, Simon explained that once the clock would strike 2am, he knew he'd be in for a world of earache.

"But honest to god, it was a weekly call," Simon admitted. "It would start about two in the morning and I'd be like, 'Oh God, it's Louis again'. I'd put it on speaker, lie down and listen."

"What was so funny was that he used to phone me every week," Simon recently revealed. 

"I'd get an hour where he would scream down the phone and I'd be like, 'Well, stop watching. I can't help it, it's not my fault if you don't like it anymore."

And unlike most of us who might delete the Mayo man from our palm pilot, Simon got a kick out of Louis' reaction and can't wait to have him back on the show.

"He was passionate, he missed the old show and I liked seeing that side of Louis," Simon explained.

"Sometimes he can get a little bit passive, but this was the Louis I have always known as a manager, he's got a big mouth, he's outspoken and critical, but that's what I love about him," he added.

We wonder how long it will be before he utters the classic "But Westlife, Simon" remark on this year's show.


Ahh the X Factor – the only talent hunt on TV where the judges are guaranteed to be more dramatic than the contestants.

While you might think reintroducing the winning trio of Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne to the judging panel would mean smooth sailing for the series, that doesn't necessarily mean Louis will be holding his tongue when it comes to his fellow judges.

In an interview with The Daily Star, the Mayo man discussed Sharon's recently rumoured cosmetic surgery touch-up and said: "She is looking really well. She has got a new face. It’s her third face and it is the best one yet."

“She has had a bit of work done," he claimed, before saying: "I have great fun with her and she does not mind me saying things like that.”  Sounds like Mrs O must be very understanding!

Being a little kinder towards Nicole Scherzinger, Louis said: “Nicole is the best judge. Getting Sharon back was something different, I think. That was a tough job as her and Simon don’t always see eye to eye.”

It seems Louis is in a confessional mood these days as last month he hit out at former X Factor judge Cheryl when he claimed that Nadine Coyle was the only Girls Aloud member that could actually sing.

We can't wait to hear what he comes out with next.



Well, well, well. Louis Walsh has reignited the long-running feud between himself and Cheryl after saying that the whole band didn't like each other and Nadine was the only one who could sing. Ouch!

While speaking on Kate Thornton's Paper Cuts on BBC Radio 2, the music mogul, who was also their former manager said: "I didn't give them a lot of my time but they didn't give me time and they didn't even like each other!"

"It was problems from day one there. I contacted them as much as I could but they didn't like each other," he said.

"It was never going to work because I said Nadine was the best singer and she was. She was the voice of Girls Aloud."

Louis' latest rant will no doubt trigger Cheryl to fight back, and we're looking forward to see what she has to say about the whole thing.



Music manager by day, animal rights activist by night?

He might be best known for working alongside Simon Cowell on The X Factor, but Louis Walsh is also an animal rights campaigner.

The former Westlife manager has written to the government asking for the use of wild animals in Irish circuses to be banned.

In the letter – which was sent with the help of animal rights groups PETA and ARAN – Louis claims circus animals perform because they are afraid of being beaten.

He wrote: “My career has given me a deep appreciation for the determination and talents of human performers. "

"They do what they do because they love to entertain, and the joy it gives them is apparent the minute they come on stage. That is not true for animals who are used in circuses.”

“They don’t stand on their heads, ride bicycles or perform other demeaning, often painful tricks willingly.  They do so because if they don’t, they will be whipped, beaten with a steel-tipped bullhook or shocked with an electric prod,” he said.

The letter asks Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to ban the use of wild animals in circuses as has been done in a number of other European countries.

Walsh says not banning these performances is “like putting out a welcome mat for animal abusers”.

We wonder what the response will be…



Louis Walsh was interviewed during the week and had a few nasty comments to make about Jedward.

The Mayo man was talking to Woman's Own magazine and was asked what was the most embarrassing moment of his career.

Louis replied: "Working with Jedward and putting them through on The X Factor.

"I'm definitely not in touch with them anymore," he added.

However, John and Edward were at the launch of the Diana Award Anti-Bullying campaign yesterday, and they told Goss.ie that they had "survived" bullying in the past from a certain "ex-manager."

"I think me and John out of anybody, we're like survivors from negative press or bullying or ex-managers," Edward said.

"We are always striving forward, he'll be in the old people's home soon so it's all good."




Ah, Louis Walsh. We sometimes wonder how he became so successful because let's be honest, he probably isn't the most professional.

Last night, Louis appeared on the Late Late Show and he practically gave EVERYTHING away.

While talking to Ryan, he let slip that Sharon Osbourne is getting a contract (which we LOVE) and then either Rita Ora or Nicole Scherzinger will fill in the last spot.

Ah Louis, you never fail to make our day.



As Dermot O Leary has confirmed his comeback to The X Factor, we all have eyes on Louis Walsh.

The music manager admitted to the Herald that if the judging panel is right, he might consider stepping back onto the show.

However, he also revealed that he'd step away if Cheryl VF was asked back to this year's panel.

"She doesn’t give me the fun that Sharon Osbourne gives me or Nicole Scherzinger gives me,” he told the newspaper.

“For me, they’re the two best judges ever and I like Mel B. She was great fun. And Gary Barlow too.”

The 63-year-old recently sent rumours flying as he met with Simon Cowell for a lengthy dinner, so the possibility of Louis making a comeback looks pretty strong.

As the live auditions are taking place in Dublin next month, we're thinking the panel will have to be announced very soon. 



If you're a Louis Walsh fan (and even if you're not), you won't be able to help laughing at the new ad for The Drive.

The Drive is a new game show airing on ITV which sees a bundle of celebrities driving a race car Top Gear-style.

Hosted by Vernon Kay, stars including Professor Green and Johnny Vegas will test their limits on a mud track.

But the funniest thing about the new ad has to be Louis. He clearly hasn't a notion how to actually drive the race car and at the end all you can hear is, "Is Louis going in reverse?!" Brilliant.


It's time to say goodbye to The Voice of Ireland as RTE has axed the singing contest reality show.

So, now instead of seeing Kian, Rachel, Una and Bressie on our screens every Sunday night, we're going to get a eyeful of… Louis Walsh.

Yep, the music mogul is making waves as he sets to debut Ireland's Got Talent next year, something TV3 previously turned him down for.

According to the Sunday World, Louis will be the main judge (surprise, surprise) and he will also be picking who his fellow mentors will be.

Keith Duffy and Linda Martin are in the running to take the hot seat alongside Louis… But we'll hold out on that one.

What do you think, ladies? Yay or nay with this choice of action? We're going to miss swooning over Bressie every Sunday.


This morning, we reported that X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw has been given the boot by Simon Cowell – after just one series of the reality TV show too.

Now fresh information suggests that his replacement has already been lined up.

And it seems none other than 1D's Louis Tomlinson – who joined Simon Cowell at judge's houses last year – is ready to sign the dotted line that will bring him on board for 2016.

A source told The Sun that the new dad is really keen to get on board too.

"Louis Tomlinson is very likely to replace Grimmy," she insider revealed. 

"He agreed in principle to the job while assisting Simon Cowell during the judges’ houses round last year."

There's a twist, mind: while Louis T is more or less a shoo-in, he still faces some niggling competition from none other than his namesake, Louis Walsh – whom Mr Cowell remains close to.

“Simon remains very fond of Louis Walsh and came very close to bringing him back during last year’s live shows," the source went on to say.

"He felt a certain something was missing on the show without him."

Recently, One Direction's Mr Tomlinson revealed that he's a big fan of the talent show and he "would love to be there week in, week out". He added: "I think I’d be a decent judge."

Louis Tomlinson or Louis Walsh – who would you like to see in the X Factor judge's chair this year?