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The internet is still only in it’s infancy as a medium of communication, and it’s when you actually look back at these trends that you realise how strange a place it really is! Strange, but seriously funny! Here is the 10 funniest trends that the internet has ever helped create! How many of these do you remember?

1. Crasher Squirrel
Maybe the origin of the photobomb? It’s by far the best and most original photobomb I’ve seen in a long time anyway! “Crasher Squirrel” came from a photo taken by a married couple. They set up their camera to take a picturesque photo of them with the lake in the background, when a curious little ground squirrel popped up into the frame. That was in 2009, and “crasher squirrel” went viral! I wonder if he knows that he’s internet famous?

Crasher Squirrel

2. Chocolate Rain
Everybody remembers Chocolate Rain! It was just phenomenal. Everything from this guy’s voice, to his appearance and his child-like wonder. Forget about the lyrics of the song, or the unintentionally funny recording, you just could not take your eyes off of him. Chocolate Rain provided me with hours of laughing, and we still watch it every now and again for a quick pick-me-up!

3. Overly-Attached Girlfriend
Laina Morris originally posted a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” song where she twisted the lyrics to fit an overly-attached or creepy girlfriend. The song went viral, people loved it, memes of Laina’s face were skyrocketing and now she is one of the most recognisable faces on the web. 

4. Trololo
Commonly referred to as the Russian rickroll, “Trololo” was used to troll people on the internet in the same way as Rick Astley’s beloved 80s hit single! Only, Trololo was much more outlandish and strange!

5. Rickrolling
Rickrolling is the internet phenomenon which involves tricking viewers into thinking they're watching something amazing, then doing a complete 180 and punking them with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

6. Dog Shaming
Dog shaming originated on Tumblr and ignited a new internet phenomenon where sad and confused-looking dogs are photographed with signs explaining what antics they recently got up to. You can’t help but laugh, and feel a little heartbreak for these adorable pups!

7. 2 Girls 1 Cup
2 Girls 1 Cup almost instantly became an overnight phenomenon. Everybody knows what it is at this stage but the viral trend wasn’t due to the video itself, it was more to do with recording peoples’ reactions when they saw it for the first time. That’s where the real punchline came! This poor grandmother’s reaction says it all!

8. Auto-tune the News by Songify This – “Bed Intruder Song.”
So simple yet so catchy! Autotuning ignited in the early 2000s and has since been used to parody almost every viral internet video! Songify This did it with such class and comedic effect with their Bed Intruder Song!

9. LolCats
For cat and animal lovers everywhere, LOLCats combined felines with misspelled phrases such as “I Can Has Cheezburger?”

10. Chat Roulette
Chat Roulette is just one of those crazy inventions, made possible by the internet. Just click chat and you can connect with anyone around the world who is online in a kind of internet-lottery. Chat Roulette parodies and pranks became huge for viral content, with a version of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” being the latest to grab the world by storm!

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Some people aren’t born with the most varied palette and no matter what they end up trying to eat they will always resort back to the same old same old. You might have had sushi before, but forwhat ever reason you just stick to what you know. Here are things only people with fussy eating habits will understand:

1. Eating salad still just tastes like eating leaves
You have tried to eat healthier and made yourself some salads, no matter what, it still ends up tasting like you’re eating leaves. You put some sauce on it and mix it in with some ham and tomato, but to no avail. You feel like a koala bear trying to eat salad and it just feels unnatural to you.

2. Your eating habits haven’t changed since you were a kid
If anything your eating habits have gotten even worse as you’ve gotten older. You really try to stay healthy and eat your fruit and veg, but you still have the same reaction to eating broccoli as you did when you were a kid.

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

3. You look up the menu of the place you’re going to eat and realise there is nothing you like
When you’re going to a restaurant you will always have to check the menu to make sure there is something on it you can eat. You don’t do fancy, so you’re screwed if it’s some trendy Moroccan restaurant that only does couscous.

transparent animated GIF

4. You don’t react well when someone tells you to try their food
There is a reason you got a burger and chips, it’s because that’s what you wanted . If you wanted the marinated duck you would have ordered it so stop trying to get me to try your food. You think that putting it in front of my mouth will change my mind, well it won’t so stop it.

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

5. It’s incredibly hard to order food when you’re sharing with someone
So you and your friend are a bit strapped for cash (what’s new) so you decide to order something then split it. You decide to go for Chinese but all you want is chicken fried rice while they want the Peking duck. You’re not having any of that so you just decide to get a pizza half and half.

6. People think that you don’t like food, but you actually love it
If anything you love it even more because you know what you like and you get such great satisfaction from eating the same thing. Being a fussy eater just means you don’t like certain types of food, and to you, nothing can compare to a good Chinese.

7. When you try something new and you don’t like it, you can’t hide your reaction

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

8. You would describe your favourite kind of food as American
Yeah, as sad as it may be your favourite type of food is American food, whether it’s burgers, pizza or fries it just suits you. You went on holiday there once and you couldn’t get enough of it. If youcould, you would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

9. You always keep it simple when you’re buying a sandwich
You usually end up just choosing ham and cheese because it’s a lot easier than telling them to  take off everything from a chicken club. People will always give you a strange look when they hear you say no onions, mayonnaise or lettuce, so you just don’t bother.

10. You’re worried that there will be nothing that you will like when you go on holiday
It’s always a big step going abroad because you don’t know how to deal with the local cuisine. You might try one or two things, but anything that doesn’t resemble food you stay away from. You are just happy when you got to a restaurant that has some old fashioned grub.

11. The only dish you know how to make is an omelette
You learned how to make it a while ago and you were really proud of yourself at the time. You haven’t expanded it on it since and you love it because it’s so quick and easy to make. 

12. You always give up too easily and end up ordering a takeaway
So you come home and you feel a bit tired and so instead of putting the effort in, you just decide to go with a takeaway instead. You have stacks of takeaway menus around the place and always know how to mix things up.

13. The last time you tried to make a proper meal you nearly burnt the house down
So you watched one cooking show and now you think you can make a roast duck. You did exactly the same as they did, but instead you completely burnt the duck and almost set the house on fire. You’ve learnt your lesson and from now on you just stick to what you know.

14. You force yourself to try something new and it doesn’t work out too well

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

15. Your parents always give out about what you eat
They were always telling you to eat your vegetables when you were young and now that you’re older they always ask you to try something new. No matter what they say they will never get you to eat something because it always sounds like a chore.

16. When you actually do like something new it’s usually your friend who convinces you
Every now and again you come across something that you like that is a little different. It is nothing too out of the ordinary, you’re still a fussy eater, it’s just you don’t mind having a tikka masala every now and again for a change.

17. You always get really annoyed when you get the wrong toppings on your pizza
A normal person wouldn’t mind it that much and would still eat it anyway, you have to pick off all of the toppings you don’t like so it’s just a normal pizza. It’s even worse when you take a bite without realising that there is mushrooms in it, because you hate mushrooms, all fussy eaters hate mushrooms, that’s an actual rule.

18. You look disgusted at your friend when they eat a three bean salad
You don’t understand how something that looks like that could be in any way appetizing.  They seem to eat it all the time, which makes you even more bewildered.

disgusted animated GIF

19. You don’t understand why anyone would eat something that doesn’t taste good
When you see someone eating tofu or quinoa you don’t really understand. Why would they eat something that doesn’t really have much of a taste. Their argument is always that it’s healthy, but you still can’t quite wrap your head around it.

20. When you have dinner at a friend’s house you just pretend to like the food
So your friend’s parents make dinner for youit’s quiche and you hate it so you just pretend that you like it. If you could, you would give it to the dog, but you know that you will get spotted. You just hope that next time it’s actually something that you like.

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We know they are bad for us and it will lead nowhere good and they won't ever change and blah blah blah… but there are so many reasons women love a bad boy. Like these:

1. They are confident 

Bad boys wouldn’t be able to pull off half their antics if they weren’t brimming with confidence. 

2. They are indifferent 

They just don’t give a damn. Rule books are not applicable to them and when it comes to getting things done, it’s either their way of the highway. You can’t expect to change him, or set him straight as he makes his rules and believes that life is to be lived on the edge. Take it or leave it, that’s the attitude they flaunt and it’s massively sexy. For a while anyway. 

3. They are exciting and adventurous 

Among the most prominent characteristics you’d find abundantly in bad boys is their love for excitement and adventure. Bad boys are always testing the boundaries and pushing the envelope when it comes to their life and women just can’t get enough of this attitude. They find it intriguing and extremely exciting.

4. They are challenging and mysterious 

Remember, if your behavior becomes routine, women are bound to find you boring. Women want men who are a challenge. As for the mysterious streak, contrary to popular belief that women want dates booked in, a little bit of the the guessing game actually gives us a high like no other.

5. They are very masculine 

This often goes hand-in-hand with being confident, indifferent, exciting, adventurous etc. Bad boys are often rugged and in-control. That doesn’t mean that they are controlling, they just know how to get what they want without breaking into a sweat. They speak clearly and confidently, they look you in the eye, they are passionate about what they believe in. Most importantly, they still know how to treat a lady and make her feel good. To them the latter is a mastered skill.

6. They make you feel like the only girl in the world

Just don't be fooled into thinking you are…this is a bad boy we are talking about, remember?

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Going on holidays with your mates is an exciting and formative part of every young adults summer time. From Majorca to Mayo, summer is the time when countless students book a week off their awful part time jobs to blow what little cash they’ve saved on cocktails and surfing lessons.

No matter how diverse your friend group is, no matter whether you’re chilling on a city break or skulling cans at a festival; these eleven stereotypes always rear their tanned head.

1. The Organizer
This person seems to have recently graduated from the school of planning, with timing everything from breakfast to pre-drinks down to the minute with military precision. Has probably been the main controller from the very start. 

Sherlock Frustrated

2. The Laid Back One
Complete and utter opposite to “The Organizer”. Is perfectly happy to go wherever the day takes them. These people are so laid back you constantly wonder how they aren’t completely horizontal. Usually found still in their hotel rooms at 4pm  still mustering up the energy to go do something.

garfield animated GIF

3. The Mammy
Comes complete with mini-pharmacy, Lyons tea bags and  an insane ability to mind everyone around them despite how drunk/sun burnt they are themselves. 

Happy Mother's Day

4. The Big Child
An out and out Mammy’s boy or Daddy’s little princess who’s never learned to look after themselves. Arrives at the airport or bus terminus with a bag full of labeled underwear and a sandwich Mammy packed for them for the journey. Has to be reminded to go to the toilet before long journeys despite the fact that they’re in their twenties. Usually attaches themselves to the groups Mammy as a temporary substitute for their own.


5. The Alcoholic
The kind of person that starts drinking in the airport  and survives on a steady flow of cheap shots and strange beer. Never gets hangovers. How? Keep drinking!

6. The Sex Maniac
Has one objective and one objective only for the entire holiday: get laid. 


7. The Nationalist
They couldn't care less about Irish culture at home but the minute they step on a plane they’re suddenly the reincarnation of Michael Collins. 

food animated GIF

8.  The Wanderer
Could rival Houdini with their magical disappearing skills. Are strolling alongside you one minute just to vanish into thin air. 


9. The Photo Queen
That on person who always seems to have their camera out just in time to catch your best pool belly flop or that “interesting” festival outfit. A danger to be around for the drunken selfies and you will fear those photos ever seeing the light of day.

emma stone animated GIF

10. The Peacemaker
No matter what drama occurs there’ll always be the one peacemaker who sits everyone down over the cups of tea that the Mammy snuck through customs to smooth things over and blame it all on too much sun.

fight animated GIF

11. The Broke One
No matter how much they’ve worked over the summer or how much their parents/mates lend them this person constantly seems short on cash. Seems to think it’s perfectly acceptable to survive a whole holiday on a tenner and a handful of loose change. 

money animated GIF

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Ah, roommates. Can't live with them, can't afford not to. Here are the most common arguments you'll have with your roommates. 

1. June 27th was two months ago, throw out your milk…


2. Who left the heating on?


3. Who turned the heating off?


4. Who took my food from the fridge? 


5. Is anyone going to clean those pots, they’ve been there for a week! 


6. Who got sick in the kitchen sink?


7. How many people were here last night?!


8. Hurry up in the bathroom


9. Who are all of these strangers sleeping on the floor?


10. I’m not taking the bins out again, I did it last week…


11. Why are you having a party, it’s Tuesday and I’m trying to sleep!


12. How did my Friends DVD end up getting scratched?


13. Your turn to deal with the creepy landlord this time!

Gif 460x349 15ac49

14. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend going to leave anytime soon?


15. Who used all the hot water?


16. Ehmm, can you stop having such loud sex…

Gif 460x210 991eb6

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Sunday mornings were tough when the duvet was ripped from your bed at some ungodly hour and you were marched out the door to mass which, although only 40mins, felt like an eternity. 

1. Chaos in the house trying to get there on time. Your Mum and Dad killing each other..

 2. Not being able to find your ‘good’ shoes

 3. Your Mum telling you to sit up straight

Hearing the two most dreaded words on Christmas Eve: MIDNIGHT MASS.

4. Feeling morally wrong if you were the only one sitting down


5. Daydreaming while looking at coloured church windows

Daydreaming while looking at colored church windows.

6. Fidgeting with anything you could find

 7. Wanting to rob the collection basket

 8. Speaking gibberish when you didn’t know the words to any of the prayers

10. The fear that the priest could read your mind

10. The indecisiveness of grabbing the wafer or sticking your tongue out


11. Thinking you wanted to be an alter girl

12. Always forgetting what you are supposed to say in the confession booth

23 Things People Who Grew Up Going To Catholic Church Will Understand

 13. The comfort of kneeling like this

The comfort of kneeling like this.

14. Shaking hands with strangers during the Sign of Peace was always a little awkward

 15. Breathing in the incense

 16. When the priest blessed the congregation with holy water, you felt extra special when the water actually touched you

 17. Falling asleep during the sermon

 18. Those glorious words: “May God bless you. The mass has ended. Go in peace.”



And, finally:

19. Getting your pocket money and spending it all on sweets!

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So, when you first get into a new relationship, or start seeing someone, it’s exciting. Exciting, and nerve wrecking. Here are a few signs that you are well and truly over that stage.

1. Bodily Functions

You both break wind in front of each other and act like nothing happened – this includes farting.

2. Eating

You will eat anything, and everything, and not care how unattractive you look. The more food you can fit in your mouth at once, the better.

3. Time Passes

You can go a day or two without speaking, and it doesn’t bother either of ye.

4. Hand Holding

The need to hold hands/have a hand draped around shoulders as you walk down the street is gone. You may notice that this makes life easier for anyone else wanting to use the footpath.

5. PDA

FINALLY you've grown out of the ‘must-shift-the-face-off-each-other-in-public’ phase. This makes every single pringle on the planet happy, keep up the good work!

6. Sex

kellitoris:</p><br /><p>Mila Kunis, mm.<br /><br />

It changes. Not to say it becomes bad or boring, it just lacks spontaneity, and sometimes can be a little too like an army drill. No charm necessary, take your clothes off and await the intercourse.

7. Borrowing clothes


You don’t wear his shirt to be sexy, you wear it because its the first thing you came to when you rolled out of bed.

8. Friends & Family

You can only pretend to like your other half's friends for so long. After a while of dating you’ll begin to let your true feelings show. He probably knows his mate Dave is an asshole already, you’re just reminding him…

9. Your friends start to like you again

Now that you don’t talk about him/herself all of the time, your friends will be much more readily available to spend some time with you. Welcome back!

10. You don’t care


You’re perfectly comfortable with your other half seeing you without make-up and sometimes even with sudocreme slathered all over your face. 

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If you’re an awkward individual you’re definitely not the most graceful person out there, that’s for sure. You try and act cool and calm, but then you over think things and end up looking like a foolYou just weren’t born with the cool gene and its seems like everything you do has a hint of awkwardness to it. Here are the things that awkward people find it hard to do:

1. Greeting someone
Yeah, you find even the basics painfully hard to do, it’s even worse when you’re not sure to hug them or just give them a handshake and a pat on the back. This dilemma always seems to plague you because you can never quite get it right.

2. Closing statements when you’re on the phone
You seem to be fine when you’re  actually on the phone, but there is something about saying goodbye that you just don’t get. You’re never quite sure when to end the conversation, so when they say goodbye you have no clue what to say and end up saying something ridiculous

paul rudd animated GIF

3. Trying to get by someone
There is nothing that strikes fear into your heart more than when you are walking down the street and you both walk into each other. You fail to anticipate their movements and keep going the same way they do. Take some lessons from these two on how to deal with this awkward situation.

31 Painfully Awkward Moments That Make You Want To Crawl Into A Hole

4. Laughing
You can’t  seem to control yourself when you see something funny. It’s not exactly how you laugh it’s the fact that everyone can hear you when you bust out laughing.

5. Smalltalk
It’s definitely not your strong suit that’s for sure, you don’t really get it and you literally can’t carry a conversation. You definitely aren’t the one who initiates the conversation.

6. Comforting someone
If small talk isn’t your forte then comforting someone is your  worst nightmare. You just don’t know how to react to someone who is in need and you do the least amount possible to comfort them.

7. Joining in on a conversation
So you’re kind of on the fringes of a conversation and are trying yo get involved. You say the most random thing ever that you think is related to the conversation…awkward.

8. Giving compliments
You don’t do it that often, but when you do you really have no clue how to do it. If you say it to someone you like, they will see you in a completely different light and not in a good way.

9. Pretending you weren’t looking
You tend to make it really obvious when you were looking at someone and you try to pretend that you weren’t. You look quickly and have no clue what to do. The person obviously knows you were and if you actually gave them a smile or a wave it would be less awkward.

10. Meeting a friend of a friend
You have no problem meeting up with your friend, but when they say that some of their friends that you’ve never met are going to be there you just can’t handle it. You don’t know what to say and you always give a terrible first impression.

11. Flirting
The less said about your flirting the better, it’s basically non existent and you shouldn’t try so hard.You’re not really the flirting type so it’s best that you just keep things simple and don’t try anything eleaborate.

12. Awkward Silences
You think of something to say, but then think it’s stupid, so you just sit there in silence. It doesn’t really bother the person you’re talking to, but for you there is nothing you hate more than awkward silences.


13. Lying
You’re just a terrible liar, end of, everyone sees right through you when you’re lying. You might as well not even try because at this stage, it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s that fact that you’re looking down when you say it and how your voice gets quieter the longer you speak.


14. Falling over in public
It’s any awkward person’s worst nightmare, and you couldn’t possibly think of anything worse to happen to you. It’s not so much the falling over, it’s the fact that someone could have actually seen you doing it. Someone people get up like nothing happened, but you get extremely paranoid about it.

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Dating in the modern age has changed with the introduction of Tinder and numerous dating websites. When it comes to meeting them in person there are still a few things that haven’t changed. It could be that we expect too much and then when our hopes are dashed we wonder why. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and if things go well then good, but if they don’t, you just move on to the next one. Here are the dating mistakes that people are still making.

1. Being too quick to judge
So you finally meet them and they’re not Prince Charming, they may not look the same as their Tinder picture either. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and actually give them a chance. If you’re already closed minded before you even talk to them, you will be in a negative state of mind. Get to know them a little bit before you make sweeping assumptions about who they are.

2. Forcing the conversation
Of course you want to get to know each other, but don’t make it awkward by forcing the conversation. Awkward silences are natural when you don’t know someone that well, it even happens when you do. Let the conversation go where it’s meant to go and don’t try so hard to fill the gaps.

3. Getting over attached
On the opposite end of the spectrum of being too quick to judge is getting over attached.  You might be attracted to them or like their personality, but get to know a bit more before falling head over heels. See where they are at and what they think of you before committing to them.

4. Only focusing on yourself
Even though they might ask you about yourself, the conversation shouldn’t always revolve around you. Ask them about themselves and what their interests are and you never know you might have some things in common.


5. Building a wall
I’m not saying you should reveal every little detail about your life to them, but if you're closed off and guarded people will be less receptive. Tell them what you do and don’t like and you never know they could be similar to you. If you’re always afraid of letting your guard down it will be hard for both of you to get to know each other.

6. Having high expectations
This is one of the more common complaints about modern dating, everyone has such high expectations. It’s important to understand exactly what is meant by this and that it doesn’t mean lower your standards. It’s all to do with you and how you perceive others. Stop looking for the perfect match, and rather look for an acquaintance and go from there.

7. Comparing them to your ex
No one and I mean no one wants to hear about your ex when you’re dating someone. It’s in the past, you have moved on and it’s time to meet someone new. They will think that you still have feelings for them, it can make things really awkward for the other person. Steer clear of the topic and things should be plain sailing.

8. Coming off as desperate
Ok, so maybe you haven’t been on a date in a while, you might have fallen out with the idea. If you get back on the horse again try not to come off as desperate. People can smell desperation and it will be quite obvious if you really want to be in a relationship.

9. Leaving nothing to the imagination
We have Facebook nowadays, so we can check on people to see what they're like. It’s ok to check in and see what kind of person they are, but leave something for the imagination. Don’t obsess over every status and tweet as if it’s showing what kind of person they are. Once you have done your snooping leave the rest for you to find out for yourself.

10. Hearing only what you want to hear
You might not always be interested in what they are talking about, but take the time and listen, you never know, you might learn something. People are under the illusion that if you don’t exactly like the same things then you’re not right for each other. They can teach you new things and you might learn to like something you never thought you would.

11. Assuming that they don’t want a relationship
This is more for girls and how they think that every guy just wants to get into bed with you. Granted, there are some guys that do, but there are some guys that like you and want to get to know someone and possibly strike up a relationship with them. There is a difference between meeting someone on a night out and going on a date with them.

12. Over analysing calls and texts
So things went well and you exchanged numbers with each other, this is either when things start to get serious or they fizzle out. Don’t over analyse every little thing they do to you, odds are they actually mean it and there is no secret code that you have to try and decipher.

13. Leaving your friends by the way side
No matter how long you have been in a relationship, it is important to have time to hang out with your friends. Don’t spend every waking moment with your love interest and then you end up breaking up a month later. Try and find a balance between the two and you won’t feel like anything is missing from your life.

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There are some people that just shouldn't be out in public. Here are the types of people it is perfectly acceptable to be annoyed with (in your head, not out loud because that's just rude).

1. Slow Walkers
The worst of the worst. They don’t seem to have a care in the world, as you walk directly behind them huffing because you can't get past. This does not apply to old people. It does, however, apply to groups of friends who walk five abreast across the pavement. MOVE IN. 

2. Inconsiderate Smokers
If you are a smoker, please be aware of where you are blowing the smoke. Into our faces is so not cool. 

3. Smelly People
Whether it be B.O. or just a fart, our nostrils shouldn’t have to deal with either.

4. Large Groups Of Young People
This may make us sound ancient but there’s no way the rest of you aren’t annoyed if a big group is stopped in the middle of the street, seemingly unaware of the busy people trying to get by them.

5. Loud Phone Conversations
If we wanted to eavesdrop on your conversation we'd be standing much closer to you. Lower your voice.

6. Bad Parking
TWO spaces?! Are you serious? Parking jerk. 

7.  Not Washing Their Hands After Using The Toilet
Oh, yes. We saw you. 

8. Rude People
You think we held that door open or let you past me for no reason? A little “thank you” goes a long way.

9. PDA
What happens in the gif below should happen to any couple who ever goes over the top in any show of affection. There should be PDA Wardens patrolling the street with 7 or 8 rolls of sellotape on their belt.

10. Staring
Please stop. What's on me?!

11. Loud Music
Who listens to Prodigy at 6am? No one, that's who. 

12. Cyclists Who Don’t Know How/Where To Cycle
The roads are for cycling, and the paths are for walking. And when it’s a red light for the cars, it’s a red light for the bicycles as well. It’s not that hard. 

13. Queue Skipping

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Sometimes it is necessary to be a little bit, well, rude and sarcastic. There are some of life's moment that just require it. End of. 

1. Any Time You Happen To Be Around Your Siblings

Siblings provided the perfect platform for you to practice your sarcasm on as you were growing up. You see, your siblings are one of a very select few people that no matter how many times you insult them, will always forgive and forget, making them ideal testing candidates.

2. When Receiving Exam Results

“Oh did you do well?” everyone will inquire, to which you should answer, “oh yeah, amazingly.” Either they’ll believe you and you’ll now be a semi genius in their eyes, or they’ll understand that you’re being totally sarcastic and will back off. You’ll win either way.

3. When Your Parents Are Asking Where Your Life Is Going

The wilder and more vivid your answer the better. Really go to town on it and shock them. Something along the lines of quitting college, joining a circus and moving to Argentina should do it.

4. When People Appear To Have Lost Their Manners

Nothing infuriates us more than holding a door open for someone who breezes on through as though you’re there firstly to serve them. The same goes for rude customers. You’re actually SO WELCOME.

5. To Undercut Your Sworn Enemy

It can be hard to think of good comeback on the spot, so if one comes to you at the time, by all means indulge. 

6. When Someone Asks You An Awkward Personal Question

Generally relating to the state of your love life and nine times out of ten, asked by an older family member. There’s no way out of this trap other than to blast them with sarcasm from every which angle and then charge. Because they’re old (no offence) they won’t really understand.  Whatever keeps them happy.

7. At Any Period Before 9am

Oh good morning. Great morning, in fact. Could all of the shiny, happy morning people out there just take a running jump and then feck off because mornings are not good for anyone and if you try and talk to me we will have no choice but to be very sarcastic to you. Apologies in advance.

8. At Airport Security

It's the actual worst. 

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There are certain things about men that can only figured out after being with one for a considerable amount of time. To say that they’re an odd species would be a serious understatement. The phrase men are from Mars and women from Venus, only really sank in after about a year of being closely in contact with one on a regular basis. We deserve a medal, no joke. 

1. Men Have Man Periods

FACT. Women get all the bad reputation for being moody and those moaning Michael’s get away scott free. It’s just not on really. Maybe it's sympathy cramps. How very kind of them.

2. Towels Apparently Dry Really Well On The Floor

Who needs a drying rack/clothes line when you have a floor, said every man ever. 

3. Perfect Tea Makes The Perfect Man

If he can make you a great cup of tea then the rest can be taught along the way. If, however, he’s one of those sickos who puts the milk into the cup first then do yourself a favour and cut him loose now. Tea is no laughing matter, after all.

4. His Friends Bring Out His Idiot Side On A Whole New Level

One minute he’s all loving and sensitive and shit, the next he’s harping on about boobs with the lads and you don’t really know where to look. Simply whip out the last soppy message he sent you and the lads can join you in berating him for being a sellout. Winning.

5. Dominos Plus A Film Equals The Best Date Ever

At the start he tried to impress you by pulling out all the stops. Dinner in somewhere with actual place-mats, a great film, some inventive and interesting activities. Then he got you officially and considered pizza and tracksuit bottoms to be a big deal. Admit it though, you kind of like it.

6. Men Who Can Cook Are A Rare And Exotic Breed

If you have managed to land one of these, then hold on tight. Also, men who can actually cook like to do so all by themselves. Meaning we can sit back and get our latest tv fix. What’s not to like?

7. Conflict Is Sometimes The Only Way To Communicate

Men are sometimes so blind to their surroundings that you’d practically have to wipe your tears on him for him to realise that you’re upset. So failing that, a little shouting/door slamming is bound to get his attention.

8. Men Don’t Feel The Need To Share Plans

This is a very cleverly conducted plan about planning. It’s always because they’re planning something that they know is likely to infuriate you. For example: “I’m going out tonight with some girls from work”, said as he’s going out the door. Remain calm.

9. Football

This needs nothing more then that one word. Football has become the bane of my life. “Want to do something?” “Ok, once the match is over.” Ugh. 

10. Being Farted On

It takes a little while to actually get to this stage but once you do, there’s no going back. Women apparently fart fairy dust and glitter. Men fart 75 times a day. Each with a growing sense of pride and worsening smell.

11. A Snoring Sleeper

You’re just drifting off to the land of slumber. Drifting, drifting, drift…Oh wait, he’s started to snore like a pig in heat and no matter how many times you hit him, he won’t shut up. The same goes for the twitchers, talkers and sleepwalkers.

12. Being Poked Awake

You’ve finally fallen asleep beside sow man himself, when, about one hour later (or so it feels), you’re woken up by what can only be described as a serious poke in the back. The morning glory is up and ready which means that you should be too, apparently. Swat it away.

13. They Never Really Stop Being Mammys Boys

You’ll never, ever be the number one woman in his life, not as long as his mother is around. She’s raised him, cared for him and loved him long before you ever came onto the scene, so the best thing you can do is try and get along with her.

14. Man Flu Is A Real Thing

Every girlfriend dreads hearing the words, “I don’t feel too good.” This generally means one thing, a serious and imminent onset of man flu. There is no known cure for man flu other than growing a pair and manning up. Preach.

15. Cover Control Is An Ongoing Battle

It’s battle of the fiercest out there. In bed. If you frequently wake up at the edge of the bed, cold and shivering beside your warm, starfishing slumber partner, than you my friend, have long since lost this battle.

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