14 times in life awkward people can’t deal

If you’re an awkward individual you’re definitely not the most graceful person out there, that’s for sure. You try and act cool and calm, but then you over think things and end up looking like a foolYou just weren’t born with the cool gene and its seems like everything you do has a hint of awkwardness to it. Here are the things that awkward people find it hard to do:

1. Greeting someone
Yeah, you find even the basics painfully hard to do, it’s even worse when you’re not sure to hug them or just give them a handshake and a pat on the back. This dilemma always seems to plague you because you can never quite get it right.

2. Closing statements when you’re on the phone
You seem to be fine when you’re  actually on the phone, but there is something about saying goodbye that you just don’t get. You’re never quite sure when to end the conversation, so when they say goodbye you have no clue what to say and end up saying something ridiculous

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3. Trying to get by someone
There is nothing that strikes fear into your heart more than when you are walking down the street and you both walk into each other. You fail to anticipate their movements and keep going the same way they do. Take some lessons from these two on how to deal with this awkward situation.

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4. Laughing
You can’t  seem to control yourself when you see something funny. It’s not exactly how you laugh it’s the fact that everyone can hear you when you bust out laughing.

5. Smalltalk
It’s definitely not your strong suit that’s for sure, you don’t really get it and you literally can’t carry a conversation. You definitely aren’t the one who initiates the conversation.

6. Comforting someone
If small talk isn’t your forte then comforting someone is your  worst nightmare. You just don’t know how to react to someone who is in need and you do the least amount possible to comfort them.

7. Joining in on a conversation
So you’re kind of on the fringes of a conversation and are trying yo get involved. You say the most random thing ever that you think is related to the conversation…awkward.

8. Giving compliments
You don’t do it that often, but when you do you really have no clue how to do it. If you say it to someone you like, they will see you in a completely different light and not in a good way.

9. Pretending you weren’t looking
You tend to make it really obvious when you were looking at someone and you try to pretend that you weren’t. You look quickly and have no clue what to do. The person obviously knows you were and if you actually gave them a smile or a wave it would be less awkward.

10. Meeting a friend of a friend
You have no problem meeting up with your friend, but when they say that some of their friends that you’ve never met are going to be there you just can’t handle it. You don’t know what to say and you always give a terrible first impression.

11. Flirting
The less said about your flirting the better, it’s basically non existent and you shouldn’t try so hard.You’re not really the flirting type so it’s best that you just keep things simple and don’t try anything eleaborate.

12. Awkward Silences
You think of something to say, but then think it’s stupid, so you just sit there in silence. It doesn’t really bother the person you’re talking to, but for you there is nothing you hate more than awkward silences.


13. Lying
You’re just a terrible liar, end of, everyone sees right through you when you’re lying. You might as well not even try because at this stage, it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s that fact that you’re looking down when you say it and how your voice gets quieter the longer you speak.


14. Falling over in public
It’s any awkward person’s worst nightmare, and you couldn’t possibly think of anything worse to happen to you. It’s not so much the falling over, it’s the fact that someone could have actually seen you doing it. Someone people get up like nothing happened, but you get extremely paranoid about it.

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