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When we saw that #I'mOldEnoughToRememberWhen was trending, we panicked. While we adore being offered reminders of the good old days, nobody enjoys being reminded of the daily passing of time.

Some of the gems we found gave us a good laugh, so we've curated a list of our top 20 favourite nostalgia thirst posts, and if you can't relate to any of them then get OUT of this article immediately.

No young ones allowed. We're off to play Crash Bandicoot on our Playstations and message weird fonts to our friends on MSN. If we get time, we'll send our friends 'luv' on Bebo too.

crash bandicoot loop GIF

1. The infamous Nintendo DS in soft pink

2.  Windows XP was the bomb

3. Videotapes were 'taped over' with new shows or films on TV every other weekend

4. Rewinding your cassette tapes with a pencil was perfectly acceptable

5.  The DVD symbol changing colour and whizzing around your screen was strangely hypnotic

6. We'd have laid down our lives to get Bratz dolls, Tamagotchis, Razor scooters or a Nintendo Wii 

7. This one hurts.

8. We desperately needed every one of those Disney movie plates

9. Cartoon Network was where all the good TV was at, especially Power Puff Girls:

10. The world premiere of High School Musical on Disney Channel changed our lives

11. Polly Pockets were our handbags

12. Apple hadn't achieved world domination yet, and Steve Jobs was alive and well:

13. You couldn't just Google someone's contact number, you had to show dedication:

14. We can still see the ad for Bop It on Nickelodeon, it haunts us to this day:

15. Netflix wasn't instantaneous streaming:

16. Weapons were made in your mouth:

17. Limewire was all the rage, and YouTube converter was used to illegally download tunes and burned it onto a CD:

18. Legends of the Hidden Temple was the highlight of TV, and we wanted to join in SO BADLY:

19. There was no under the table Whatsapp message-sending going on, that's for sure

20. Paint was the pinnacle of entertainment:

Those were the days…No Trump, no Brexit, no problem. Just lusting after Zach Morris without knowing what lust actually was, and dialling up the broadband internet to play PC games for hours at a time.

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Get ready to lose hours of your life reliving OG '90s shows – as Kel would say, ''awww, here it goes!''

The shows will be available to watch via streaming site VRV and tbh, we haven't been this excited about a guilty pleasure in a while.

Classics like Are You Afraid of the Dark?The Amanda ShowClarissa Explains It AllDougKenan & KelRocko’s Modern Life will all be there, among others. 

With the current trend for all things nostalgic in pop culture, this couldn't have come along at a better time, right? 

My whole childhood was made up of watching Kenan & Kel (I definitely knew who loved orange soda) to Sister Sister and of course, things like Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Even early Noughties shows like Drake and Josh were actually funny and so easy to watch.

Ah, simpler times. 

While Nickelodeon isn’t launching its own streaming service like Disney, it will live on the NickSplat channel on VRV, which is an animation-focused streaming service.

If all that isn't enough to sate your appetite for childhood telly, other amazing OG Nickelodeon shows like Hey Arnold! and Rugrats can be watched on Hulu already. 

Frankly, we're just beyond ready to spend the weekends devouring Clarissa Explains It All. 

Now, I wonder will Are You Afraid of the Dark? scare the sh*t out of me even though I'm twenty-four now?



We cannot wait for the Love Island finale! It is only three days away, so in the meantime we have got the scoop on the amazing Dani Dyer.

Dani and her boyfriend Jack Fincham are among the top favourites to win the popular reality show.

Dani originally encountered opposition from her father, East Ender’s actor Danny Dyer, when revealing her role on Love Island.

But her mother claims that the family rapidly changed their mind when watching the actress on the show, according to an interview with Hello!

‘I'm impressed with her advice on the housemates so far. She is a great listener in the house. She isn't very judgemental but knows the difference between right and wrong,’ said Dani’s mum, Jo.

She is proud of her daughter and of her behaviour on the show thus far. ‘Our little girl hasn't put a foot wrong in our eyes,’ she said in her interview.

Dani’s mother also spoke about her daughter’s childhood and released photos to Hello! that are just adorable.

Jo said the actress was ‘born to entertain’, and her first time on camera was on Barney and Friends at just five-years-old. Yes, she was already a diva at five!

Her mother gently lifted her on stage in Florida after Dani’s ceaseless requests to join the sing-a-long.

Dani was her ‘easiest child’, Jo gushed, ‘she just sang and danced. Dani does that now, […] she will break out in a song relevant to what you're talking about."

Fans of the show seem to agree as they rave about Dani on social media. Many of them are rooting for her and Jack to win as well.

But we will just have to wait for the Love Island’s finale to find out.

The final show is this Monday, July 30th at 9pm, but to Dani’s mum, her daughter ‘has already won in our eyes.’

We are rooting for Dani and Jack! Stay tuned for more Love Island updates!



Pixar fans, rejoice! Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, and co. will be returning to screens very soon as Toy Story 4 has been given an official release date.

The highly anticipated film is set to hit theatres on June 21, 2019.

It is understood that the movie will focus on the love story between Woody and Bo Beep- how adorable!


A post shared by Pixar Animation Studios (@pixar) on

The fourth installment of the much-loved franchise will be released nearly a decade after Toy Story 3 where fans waved goodbye to Andy as he embarked on his new life as a college student.

Many fans believed that we wouldn’t see Woody and co. on the big screen again, especially with the way Toy Story 3 ended, but it seems like the creators came up with a story that just had to be told.

Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter told CNBC that they would never release a film unless the storyline was perfect.

He shared, “At Pixar and at Disney, we only make sequels if we come up with a story that's as good or better than the original.”

He added, “That's our rule. We don't do things just to print money.”

We may have to wait until next summer to see Toy Story 4, but fear not,  Incredibles 2 will be released this summer, 14 years after the original movie was released.

We're all just big kids, really.


We have to admit that we still love the films we obsessed over as kids.

There's nothing better than sitting on the couch with a pile of popcorn and reminiscing on childhood memories.

Well, now is your chance to watch those favourites on the big screen, as The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin is hosting a program called Films You’d Love Your Kids To See.

This will be the third year in a row in which the program is being run, which features a collection of films such as E.T., Aladdin and The Goonies.

The childhood movie screenings begins in July and runs until August. Here's the line up:

ET. The Extra-Terrestrial

Image result for ET. The Extra-Terrestrial

July 2 – 3pm, 8.30pm

July 3 – 6pm 

July 6 – 3pm, 8.30pm


The Princess Bride

Image result for The Princess Bride

July 8 – 3pm, 10.30pm 

July 12 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


The Goonies

Image result for The Goonies

July 15 – 10.30pm 

July 16 – 3pm 

July 19 – 3pm, 8.30pm 



Image result for Aladdin

July 22 – 10.30pm 

July 23 – 3pm 

July 26 – 3pm, 8.30pm


My Girl

Image result for My Girl

July 28 – 10.30pm 

July 30 – 3pm 

August 2 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Jurassic Park

Image result for Jurassic Park

July 29 – 3pm, 8.30pm 

August 1 – 3pm, 8.30pm



Image result for Matilda

July 31 – 6.30pm 



Image result for Big the movie

August 4 – 10.30pm

August 5 – 3.00pm

August 10 – 3pm, 10.30pm


The Addams Family/Addams Family Values DOUBLE BILL

Image result for The Addams Family

August 5 – 4pm


The Addams Family 

August 23 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Addams Family Values 

August 24 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Batman Forever

Image result for Batman Forever

August 8 – 3pm, 8.30pm


Back To The Future Trilogy MARATHON

Image result for Back To The Future

August 12 – 3pm 


Back To The Future 

August 15 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Back To The Future II

August 16 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Back To The Future III 

August 17, 3pm, 8.30pm 


The Wizard of Oz

Image result for The Wizard of Oz

August 25 – 10.30pm

August 26 – 3pm, 8.30pm

August 27 – 6pm

August 30 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Mary Poppins

Image result for Mary Poppins

August 28 – 6.30pm 


Discussion surrounding anxiety and the lived experience of those who suffer through it has, thankfully, become part of society's daily discourse.

From well-meaning memes and heartfelt Tumblr posts illustrating the agony of an anxious mind to oratory from high-profile individuals campaigning for further awareness of the issue – all are incredibly worthy contributions to a discussion which desperately needs to maintain – if not gain – momentum.

Encouraging communication with friends appears to be a key theme in removing the stigma, and while undoubtedly sound advice, for a child it's unfortunately not that simple. 

You can't exactly shuffle up to your colour group leader and be all: "Oh hey Ciaran, only me. So basically, I'm worrying myself into an early grave because I think Claire looked at me funny during long division. Any advice?"

Other kids played GAA after school or did Speech and Drama at the weekend. Me, I worried for a hobby. 

I was often riddled with unwarranted guilt and unnecessary anxiety, but as far as I can see, nothing sparked it or indeed accelerated it, and yet it manifested itself in primary school, and is as vivid a childhood association as Fat Frog ice pops, light-up runners and rip-off tracksuit bottoms.

And I didn't help myself – I was super creative when it came to tying myself in knots and ruining all my own after-school down-time. 

         I remember asking myself how Ginger Spice would pose for this shot…nailed it.

Kenan and Kel was spent creating a worry, Sister Sister was spent turning it over in my mind and Sabrina the Teenage Witch signalled the alarm for full-on nausea. I mean, I was exhausting to be, and exhausting to be around.

"But, Mam what if this happens?" "But Mam what if that happens?"

I managed to invent ludicrous worries – incidents which never actually happened and were very, very unlikely to – and then worried myself sick until I got distracted by another conjured concern and focussed all of my attention on that.

I used rifle through my books before lending them to the school library incase there was anything of a questionable nature nestled inside. 

What did I think I might have hidden in there? A spliff? a condom? My dastardly plan for world domination?

I once outted myself and was punished – minus five points for my colour group but whatever – for not having practiced my recorder the night before despite the fact I had been complimented on my performance and no one would have been any the wiser. 

I did it simply because another pupil had been snared for not practicing and the injustice nearly sent me over the edge.

I would regularly decline invitations to slumber parties because I was convinced something would happen to my family If I left for the night. 

As if my chubby presence in teddy bear pyjamas and mismatched socks would protect my home and all who dwelled within against the litany of things I had imagined, but my mind was made up – I'll be staying at home, thanks. The fam need me.

My third class teacher picked up on it – I say, picked up on it but it was as obvious as the glasses perched on my round, worried face – and remarked on it in an end of year report. 

"Niamh tends to be a worrier, and needs a little bit of minding", she wrote.  A little bit of minding? I was in permanent need of a carer. 

I got into the habit of leaving my mother notes outlining that day's biggest concerns.

"I called Sarah's name in the line but she didn't hear me and now what if she remembers and thinks I was talking about her?"

I'd like to say I'm exaggerating but if I'm honest, I'm sugar coating.

I'm hugely grateful that this level of anxiety and the regularity with which it presented itself in my childhood didn't follow me into my adult years, but there's no denying that Niamh from third class still appears every now and again.

And while these new – and often irrational – worries are no longer accompanied by the sound of classroom chitchat or Nickelodeon's canned laughter, they can, at times, feel as all-consuming as they did back then … until I remember I probably just need a little bit of minding.


School was difficult at the best of times, but if you were on the nervous side as a youngster, those six hours in the classroom could feel like a living hell.

From awkward chats at the bosca bruscair to the horror of being asked to do a sum on the blackboard IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY, school was a minefield and everyone had gotten an instruction manual except you, right?

Here are 20 (yes, just 20) things that would bring any nervy kid out in a cold sweat during what are supposed to be the best days of our lives.

1. Being left in charge of a younger class when you can barely look after yourself.
“So much responsibility on my young shoulders.”

2. Not getting a 'cool' reference
“What? Shifting? Yeah, do it all the time. Did it at breakfast.”

3. Not being able to find something for the Nature Table when you're Nature Leader that week.
"That's it. I can't take this pressure ANY MORE."

4. Being put in goals against your will.
“James, you're a reasonable man. Don't do this to me.”

5. Forgetting about the Trocaire Box until the last minute.
"Mam? Dad? Empty your pockets."

6. Cutting a circle that doesn't look like everybody else's circle.
"OH. MY. GOD."

7. When everyone one else's mam opts for clear plastic on their textbooks but your mam bumps for brown paper.
“It's like shes TRYING to give me anxiety.”

8. Being sent on a message halfway across the school.
“I'll never make it back in one piece… and oh my God is that person looking at me?”

9. Being forced to “gratefully accept” the offerings of classmates when you forgot your lunch.
“Oh for the love of… Spam.”

10. Having to move colour groups and make new friends.
 “They don't know how I operate! They don't know my mode!”

11. Thinking you've left embarrassing notes in the library book you've ALREADY RETURNED.
 "I returned my diary too, didn't I?"

12. When a new person joins your class and gets friendly with everyone straight away.
“Who sent you?”

13. Thinking that someone thought you might have cheated.
“I wasn't looking! Oh God, I wasn't looking!”

14. Having to do anything more than a wee in the classroom toilet.
 "Just…..five …more…hours."

15. Not having your journal signed after a serious 'Take a walk to the principal's office'  warning.
 "It's like I ENJOY feeling like this."

16. Not hearing a particular word during Friday's spelling test.
“I know! I'll guess…. hmmm… A.N.X.I.E.T.Y”

17. When your parents helped you with your Maths homework, but THEY DIDN'T DO IT LIKE TEACHER.
 "But that's not how we did it when we were at school, pet."

18. Not being able to find a partner when your teachers says 'Pair-up'
 "I'm going to die alone."

19. Being asked to tell the class 'a little something' about yourself.
 "Oh God, what do you want from me?"

20. Having to play with someone from another class because the teacher made you.
"Maybe let's not talk to each other."




For anyone who grew up reading and watching Winnie the Pooh, it turns out we were lied to the WHOLE time.

Yep, Winnie the Pooh is actually a female bear. Who knew, right?! And to really confuse things, she is from Canada, not England.

In a new picture book called Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear, we find out that Winnie is actually named after a Canadian black bear from London Zoo called Winnie (real name Winnipeg).

The new book was written by ​​Lindsay Mattick​, who is the granddaughter of the soldier who brought Winnie to England.

Lieutenant Harry Colebourn​ bought the bear for just $20 during the First World War.

The soldier and his bear became inseparable, until he was called away to France for army duties and had to leave Winnie at London Zoo.

There's a happy ending though because Winnie made a new friend very quickly; a boy who always visited her at the zoo, Christopher Robin.

It's starting to make sense now, right? Because Christopher was so fond of the bear, he named his own toy bear after Winnie. And who was Christopher's dad? Author ​AA Milne​, who went on to write the classic Winnie books.

Mystery solved, folks!



These days, Halloween is either about heading out on the town or staying in with a pizza and some horror flicks.

But remember when you literally couldn't sleep for WEEKS thinking about your costume, how many sweets you were going to get and how you'd avoid sharing them with your siblings?

Here are just a few of the Halloween memories you no doubt have if you grew up in Ireland…

1. Proudly sporting a bed sheet at LEAST two years running
'I'm a ghost, duh.'


2. Or failing that, a black bag
Such a vague costume… Were you a witch? A Ninja? A vampire? Who knew, really?

3. The sheer torture of having to bob for apples
'Just stick your head in this bucket of ice cold water, it's great craic.'


4. Ditto having to play that 'bite-the-apple-on-a-string' game
Who INVENTS these things?! 


5. Your dad causing you untold embarrassment by answering the door in costume
Though nowadays you'd think it was gas.


6. Vague mutterings that there was going to be a Ouija board at so-and-so's sleepover
'Last time I heard they conjured up the spirit of Lisa's dead cat.'


7. Or failing that, you were DEFINITELY going to make someone levitate this year
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.


8. Always having a load of mouldy oranges left at the end of your trick-or-treat bag
You'd take monkey nuts over those any day.


9. One neighbour always refusing to answer despite their lights being on


10. Knowing this would finally be the year you'd get the ring in the Barm Brack
You'd put in eight years of slog, surely you were going to reap the reward this time.




Remember when Christmas was magical?

I don’t just mean selection boxes and putting up the tree, I mean nervously looking at the sky and SWEARING you just saw Santa’s sleigh. I mean giddily checking if the Man in Red had eaten the biscuits you’d left him and if Rudolph had taken a bite out of the carrot. I mean delightedly showing your parents the presents you’d gotten, because of course how would they know otherwise?

As we grow older, it becomes more of a chore to keep Christmas magical, especially if you don’t have any younger kids in your house. For most of us, December is a hugely stressful time at work or college and it becomes difficult to really get in the spirit of things until we’re finally home by the tree with a glass of mulled wine in hand.

We struggle our way through the crowds in town, getting pelted by wind/snow/lashing rain, as we rush to get last minute pressies for everyone. Will mum really like this assortment of tea towels? Yes, well, she’ll just have to won’t she.

Of course as we have more responsibility in our lives, Christmas is going to be that little bit more tiring and overwhelming. But let’s not forget what the season is all about. Sadly it might be a little too late for us to start believing in Santa again, but we can find magic in so many other ways.

Make an effort to approach things more calmly this year. Make a few arrangements with close friends rather than trying to fit everyone in for drinks and dinner in the space of three days. Get baking and crafting rather than blazing a trail through HMV buying box sets for everyone. Enjoy the Christmas music on the radio and the buzz building around the place.

If you’ve ever been away from home at Christmas you’ll know just how homesick you can get for cold weather, packed pubs and silly Secret Santa gifts. All of the little things that we tend to take for granted at this time of year are the exact things you’d miss in a heartbeat if you weren’t here.

So rather than getting all grumbly and stressed this year, take things in your stride and appreciate every little bit. Whether you’ve been celebrating for the last few weeks with nights out or whether you won’t really feel it’s Christmas until you’re on the way home on December 24th, soak it all in this year.

If you are lucky enough to have young siblings, nieces or nephews or kids of your own, take in the magic through their eyes. Get excited about Santa’s arrival. Put on your cosy PJs and drink hot chocolate with them on Christmas Eve instead of heading to the local to meet school friends you haven’t thought about in 10 years. Watch the corniest Christmas movie in your collection and jump up and down if it snows instead of worrying about how you’re going to drive in that weather.

Christmas is still full of magic, we just need to know where to find it!



From learning dances in the clos to practicing for Beat on The Street – these are the songs that played in the background of our childhood. And we still love them all. 

1. Barbie Girl

2. Hit Me Baby One More Time

3. My Heart Will Go On

4. Every Spice Girls Song Ever

5. Back for Good

6. Swear It Again

7. C’est La Vie

8. Genie In a Bottle

9. Reach For The Stars

10. Love Me For A Reason

11. Gotta Tell You




Niall Horan may be one fifth of the world’s biggest boy band EVER but that doesn’t mean his life is perfect.

For many of us, the idea of that scale of fame may be daunting or exciting, being able to visit so many countries, meet so many people and have millions of adoring fans.

But Niall feels like he has missed out on something most of us had – a childhood.

Becoming famous at 16-years-old means that Niall didn’t get to finish secondary school and do all of the things his former classmates may have done, and it gets to him: “My childhood was cut short by The X Factor, because One Direction took off and I never really got the chance to finish school or do exams or anything like that. After the first audition, I packed everything in my life in a bag. What I didn’t realise at the time was that, when I was stuffing clothes into the little suitcase, that was pretty much me leaving home for good.”

Niall also said that there are days when he wishes his life wasn’t so hectic: “There are days where I wish I could just sit on my own and have a bit of my own time.”

Niall, who is from Mullingar, is very close to his family and often posts photos of his adorable nephew Theo on his Intsagram page. 

Theo was actually hospitalised in Crumlin earlier today so we're sure his uncle is sending him his well-wishes. Feel beter, Theo!