10 signs you have exited the honeymoon phase

So, when you first get into a new relationship, or start seeing someone, it’s exciting. Exciting, and nerve wrecking. Here are a few signs that you are well and truly over that stage.

1. Bodily Functions

You both break wind in front of each other and act like nothing happened – this includes farting.

2. Eating

You will eat anything, and everything, and not care how unattractive you look. The more food you can fit in your mouth at once, the better.

3. Time Passes

You can go a day or two without speaking, and it doesn’t bother either of ye.

4. Hand Holding

The need to hold hands/have a hand draped around shoulders as you walk down the street is gone. You may notice that this makes life easier for anyone else wanting to use the footpath.

5. PDA

FINALLY you've grown out of the ‘must-shift-the-face-off-each-other-in-public’ phase. This makes every single pringle on the planet happy, keep up the good work!

6. Sex

kellitoris:</p><br /><p>Mila Kunis, mm.<br /><br />

It changes. Not to say it becomes bad or boring, it just lacks spontaneity, and sometimes can be a little too like an army drill. No charm necessary, take your clothes off and await the intercourse.

7. Borrowing clothes


You don’t wear his shirt to be sexy, you wear it because its the first thing you came to when you rolled out of bed.

8. Friends & Family

You can only pretend to like your other half's friends for so long. After a while of dating you’ll begin to let your true feelings show. He probably knows his mate Dave is an asshole already, you’re just reminding him…

9. Your friends start to like you again

Now that you don’t talk about him/herself all of the time, your friends will be much more readily available to spend some time with you. Welcome back!

10. You don’t care


You’re perfectly comfortable with your other half seeing you without make-up and sometimes even with sudocreme slathered all over your face. 

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