13 people in public it’s perfectly acceptable to hate


There are some people that just shouldn't be out in public. Here are the types of people it is perfectly acceptable to be annoyed with (in your head, not out loud because that's just rude).

1. Slow Walkers
The worst of the worst. They don’t seem to have a care in the world, as you walk directly behind them huffing because you can't get past. This does not apply to old people. It does, however, apply to groups of friends who walk five abreast across the pavement. MOVE IN. 

2. Inconsiderate Smokers
If you are a smoker, please be aware of where you are blowing the smoke. Into our faces is so not cool. 

3. Smelly People
Whether it be B.O. or just a fart, our nostrils shouldn’t have to deal with either.

4. Large Groups Of Young People
This may make us sound ancient but there’s no way the rest of you aren’t annoyed if a big group is stopped in the middle of the street, seemingly unaware of the busy people trying to get by them.

5. Loud Phone Conversations
If we wanted to eavesdrop on your conversation we'd be standing much closer to you. Lower your voice.

6. Bad Parking
TWO spaces?! Are you serious? Parking jerk. 

7.  Not Washing Their Hands After Using The Toilet
Oh, yes. We saw you. 

8. Rude People
You think we held that door open or let you past me for no reason? A little “thank you” goes a long way.

9. PDA
What happens in the gif below should happen to any couple who ever goes over the top in any show of affection. There should be PDA Wardens patrolling the street with 7 or 8 rolls of sellotape on their belt.

10. Staring
Please stop. What's on me?!

11. Loud Music
Who listens to Prodigy at 6am? No one, that's who. 

12. Cyclists Who Don’t Know How/Where To Cycle
The roads are for cycling, and the paths are for walking. And when it’s a red light for the cars, it’s a red light for the bicycles as well. It’s not that hard. 

13. Queue Skipping

 via our content partner CT