The 11 types of friends on your sun holiday

Going on holidays with your mates is an exciting and formative part of every young adults summer time. From Majorca to Mayo, summer is the time when countless students book a week off their awful part time jobs to blow what little cash they’ve saved on cocktails and surfing lessons.

No matter how diverse your friend group is, no matter whether you’re chilling on a city break or skulling cans at a festival; these eleven stereotypes always rear their tanned head.

1. The Organizer
This person seems to have recently graduated from the school of planning, with timing everything from breakfast to pre-drinks down to the minute with military precision. Has probably been the main controller from the very start. 

Sherlock Frustrated

2. The Laid Back One
Complete and utter opposite to “The Organizer”. Is perfectly happy to go wherever the day takes them. These people are so laid back you constantly wonder how they aren’t completely horizontal. Usually found still in their hotel rooms at 4pm  still mustering up the energy to go do something.

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3. The Mammy
Comes complete with mini-pharmacy, Lyons tea bags and  an insane ability to mind everyone around them despite how drunk/sun burnt they are themselves. 

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4. The Big Child
An out and out Mammy’s boy or Daddy’s little princess who’s never learned to look after themselves. Arrives at the airport or bus terminus with a bag full of labeled underwear and a sandwich Mammy packed for them for the journey. Has to be reminded to go to the toilet before long journeys despite the fact that they’re in their twenties. Usually attaches themselves to the groups Mammy as a temporary substitute for their own.


5. The Alcoholic
The kind of person that starts drinking in the airport  and survives on a steady flow of cheap shots and strange beer. Never gets hangovers. How? Keep drinking!

6. The Sex Maniac
Has one objective and one objective only for the entire holiday: get laid. 


7. The Nationalist
They couldn't care less about Irish culture at home but the minute they step on a plane they’re suddenly the reincarnation of Michael Collins. 

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8.  The Wanderer
Could rival Houdini with their magical disappearing skills. Are strolling alongside you one minute just to vanish into thin air. 


9. The Photo Queen
That on person who always seems to have their camera out just in time to catch your best pool belly flop or that “interesting” festival outfit. A danger to be around for the drunken selfies and you will fear those photos ever seeing the light of day.

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10. The Peacemaker
No matter what drama occurs there’ll always be the one peacemaker who sits everyone down over the cups of tea that the Mammy snuck through customs to smooth things over and blame it all on too much sun.

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11. The Broke One
No matter how much they’ve worked over the summer or how much their parents/mates lend them this person constantly seems short on cash. Seems to think it’s perfectly acceptable to survive a whole holiday on a tenner and a handful of loose change. 

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