14 things not to do after a bad break-up

If you’re just getting over a break-up there are some things that are just going to make things worse. If you can, it’s better to avoid them, even if you’re an emotional train wreck. What you might think will make you feel better , will actually only make you feel ten times worse. Here are the worst things you can do after a break-up.

1. Post break-up sex
It’s a sure fire way to make you feel worse, it might sound like a good idea, even though you might get some initial enjoyment out of it. It’s still too soon and give it a while before you get back on the saddle. You may think that you will be able to bury your feelings and just forget about it, but if it was a long term relationship you can’t just shrug it off.

2. Staying  in
We all need time to get over things and it’s important to wallow and get your emotions together. Don’t stay inside all the time though, go for a run and to get your mind off things, as long as you’re not stuck in the house. The temptation is to put on whatever clothes you have and watch daytime TV. It may be therapeutic for the first couple of days, but after a while you fall into the same routine.

3. Stalking your ex on Facebook
It’s better to stay off Facebook for a while, because sooner or later you are going to see a photo of your ex and it will bring everything rushing back. It’s going to do you no good checking in on them, you might see them with someone and it will make you feel horrible.

4. Bringing them up in conversation
Of course you should let your friends know what happened, but after that you should try and do everything you can to get them out your mind. It’s better not to talk about them, because every time you bring them up in a conversation, it will make you remember all the shit you went through.

5. Going to the same places you used to go
If there was always this restaurant you used to go to or some trendy bar, it’s best stay clear of it. You could end up bumping into your ex and have a really awkward encounter with them. It’s better to just find new places to go where you know you definitely won’t see them.

6. Watching romantic comedies
It’s a pretty awful idea and a sure fire way to set off the waterworks. They’re not made for people who just got out of a relationship and it will just make you more desperate. If there is one film that you definitely shouldn’t watch, it’s 500 Days of Summer! You’re obviously still tender so this one can be hard to swallow.

7. Listen to that Spotify playlist
Odds are that one of your playlists was all those songs about love, relationships and how great they are. That is the last thing you will want to listen to, make a new playlist with songs that will help you get through it. It can be a tough time so don’t make it worse by having those old memories hanging over you.

8. Drown your sorrows
It will bring all those bad feelings rushing back and you will be a nightmare to handle. Make it easy on your friends and family and lay off the drinking and wallowing combination. It’s good to go out and get your mind off things but getting drunk in your own company is the last things that will make you feel better.

9. Binging on junk food
Some people will gorge on food when they go through a bad break up, but it’s best to try and eat healthy and stay away from junk food. Ice-cream is usually the go to, even though you might feel better at first you will feel way worse in the long run. A whole tub of Haagen Daz will do that to you!

10. Jumping straight back into the dating game
You need time to heal, so it’s best not to get back into the dating game until you feel ready. If you’re emotionally vulnerable you will just want someone to take care of you while you get over your break up. No good will come out of it and it isn’t fair to either of you.

11. Analysing your old texts
Don’t dwell so much on what you said to them, we have a tendency to over analyse every little thing we do and find fault with it. It’s best just to let it go, don’t focus on the small details of what happened. Delete all those old texts and whatever you do don’t drunk text them… In fact, you should probably delete their number altogether.

12. Sleep with their best friend
Revenge sex might sound like a good idea, but you will only be ruining  another relationship. You might want to get back at them, but this is certainly not the way to go about it. If you really want to make them jealous show them how you can still be happy without them in your life.

13. Pretend like nothing happened
You need time alone after a break up and after a while you will be able to move on, but take the time to dwell on things before you’re ready to get out there. If you’re trying to keep things bottled up, things will eventually come pouring out at the worst time possible.

14. Getting closure
Sometimes relationships can end badly and that’s just the way it is. Don’t try and get closure, when you just outgrew each other and it was nothing more. You might meet them down the line and you will actually see things much clearer. You might even be able to laugh about it.

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