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With the end of summer and the beginning of autumn comes a change in scenery, and a change in our food palettes to accommodate the soon-to-be festive season.

Despite the cold weather, one of the best things about the winter has to be the food. Gourmet meals, culinary masterclasses and a cosy setting are all on the menu of Taste of Dublin's new event.

The festive edition is set to run from November 28 to December 1 in the RDS, and is modelled on a similar winter food festival in London. 


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The winter version of Taste of Dublin will have fewer sessions (six over four days) but will feature huge indoor square footage and a comfortable experience.

While 32,000 flocked to the Iveagh Gardens in June, 18,000 attendees are expected over the festive four days. What does this mean? More room to manoeuvre around and get the best views of masterclasses.

Entertainment, food and more will be housed inside the RDS, Merrion Road, for the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

From November 28 until December 1, 2019, get inspired in time for Christmas.

Fifteen of Ireland’s top restaurants and food experiences will be present in this winter wonderland, ready to serve up a selection of over 50 dishes for audience members.

A packed line up of cooking demos, drinks masterclasses and live entertainment are all in the works, with 30 top chefs warming up the kitchen.

Taste of Dublin's summer festival has taken place in the capital for the last 14 years, and is now building on the hype and success just in time for the cold weather. Food is the perfect warm-up, we say.

Inspired by Tesco Finest, we can't wait to sit in on the beautiful baking shows, food and drink sampling with Ireland's top brands and enjoy the live musical entertainment.

Indulge yourself in all things food and book your tickets for Taste of Dublin: Festive Edition online here before they sell out. 

Dont worry: We won't be judgemental like Ginny Weasley if you eat your way through the RDS:

harry potter eating GIF


WW, formerly known as WeightWatchers, launched a diet and nutrition app marketed at children and adolescents this week and have faced immense backlash since.

Kurbo by WW is a free programme that claims to help eight-year-olds to 17-year-olds "build healthy habits", and lose weight through personalised coaching and food tracking.

The app's "traffic light" diet approach categorises foods as red, yellow and green (red being the most process, sugar-filled, yellow being lean protein and pasta and green being fruit and veg).

Kurbo by WW was developed at Stanford University, and WW have defended their programme by stating the app is backed by safe scientific studies. 

CEO of WW, Mindy Grossman, said; "To change the health trajectory of the world, we have a tremendous opportunity, but also a responsibility, to help kids, teens and families adopt healthy habits."

Many critics of the app insist that encouraging kids and teenagers to diet can perpetuate an unhealthy and dangerous mindset.

Fatphobic cultural messaging around dieting has led to a massive issue surrounding eating disorders and mental health among youth.

In an article published in Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics in 2015, researchers found that because adolescence is such an important time for body image development, 12-to-18-year-olds with a negative perception of their body or weight are more likely to develop eating disorders or dysfunctional exercise habits.

Of course, obesity can be linked to numerous health concerns but disordered eating and mental health conditions among adolescent is reportedly more likely to pose a dangerous risk than paediatric obesity.

35-to-37 percent of adolescent girls in the US alone report using unhealthy weight loss measures, according to the National Eating Disorder Association. These methods include fasting, smoking, taking laxatives and 'skinny teas', skipping meals and even vomiting.

One-in-three adolescents in the UK alone reported experiencing mental health issues, according to a troubling survey by the charity Action for Children. 

More than 12 percent of adolescents in the US are affected by depression every year. 

Many people on social media were furious about the Kurbo by WW app. Jameela Jamil, an activist and actress who runs the iWeigh campaign for body positivity, tweeted her disgust at the news.

“Are we kidding? Breeding obsession with weight and calories and food at the age of…8?" she wrote. "I was 11 when my obsession started, due to being put on a diet for being the heaviest girl in the class. I became afraid of food. It ruined my teens and twenties.”

Petitions have already been created against the app, with the hashtag #LoveNotDiets trending to urge parents to use love rather than diets to help their nutritional habits.

Childhood obesity is still an incredibly serious public health challenge of the 21st century, and the app attempts to reduce a child's sugar intake. There is nothing wrong with promoting healthy foods and exercising for physical and mental health benefits. 

However, many parents feel that instilling a diet-centered mindset among young people who are already vulnerable could be a dangerous mistake. Targeting the mental health crisis could be a more productive way forward.

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We've no doubt there's a Mary Berry cookbook lying around somewhere in everyone's house… The woman can do no wrong when it comes to baking.

But one Twitter account is not praising her cakes, it's praising the way she eats them.

Basically, the no-context account is full of pictures from the latest series of GBBO and it's legit just snaps of Mary munching away.

This shouldn't be gas… but it so is. Here's Mary Berry Bites:

SO random, but so good.


Unless you've been incredibly disciplined with that Lenten "no chocolate" promise, you've no doubt already tucked into your first Easter egg of the year.

But did you know just how many eggs us Irish folk will consume in total this Easter? We'll give you a hint: it's a lot.

Repak Recycling have tallied up some interesting figures based on Ireland's chocolate-eating habits, and the results will give you a bit of a shock.

But if you can't binge-eat chocolate on Easter Sunday, when can you really? Behold, Ireland's Easter weekend in numbers…

17,700,000 – The number of Easter eggs we'll munch our way though in Ireland this year

2,136 – The amount of chocolate, in tonnes, we'll end up eating

4,200,000 – The number of marathons ONE runner could run on the calories contained in those eggs

€38,500,000 – The amount we'll spend on Easter eggs this year

shut up and take my money glee fangirl

8 – The amount of eggs eaten on average in each Irish household 

19,650 – The level of packaging, in tonnes, we'll generate this Easter

161 – The number of Boeing 747-800 aircrafts we could fill with all that cardboard, plastic and foil

Repak Recycling are encouraging chocolate lovers to #BeAGoodEgg this Easter and recycle their packaging. You can locate your nearest recycling facility at Repak.ie – especially useful if you'll be travelling over the weekend.  


We've all been told since we were young to eat in moderation – but for so many women, eating in moderation is something completely different. 

For one woman, moderation might mean having just one can of Coke per week. For another it could mean ordering a medium pizza instead of a large; and for another it could mean putting down the fork when full. 

And according to Women's Health, technically they're all right. 

While telling someone to eat in moderation may be non-specific, it could actually enable you to watch what you eat without a food diary or nutrition tracker. 

No two women have the exact same calorie count or nutritional needs, nutritionist Jamie Mass tells Women's Health

"We all come to understand what moderate eating is from a different starting point. How you grew up, your family and friends, and even the messages you get from advertisements impact what overeating and moderate eating mean to you."

And Jamie believes that eating in moderation trumps any other dieting habit. 

"When women focus on eating the correct portion size – whether it's indicated by a nutritional label or a diet plan – they ignore their body's personal needs."

"That been said, moderation should be the result, not the focus, of every meal. Otherwise moderation can become restriction."

And we all know that restricting ourselves from eating our favourite foods NEVER last in the long run. 

"Deprivation isn't good for our mental health and can lead to not-so-moderate food choices later on," says Jamie. 

She suggests that we take time with our meals and ask ourselves, 'Am I really hungry? Or just bored, tired or stressed?' 

Then check back in half-way through our meals and think, 'Do I need anymore? Do I feel satisfied?'

These questions will automatically help you to eat in moderation – and reach your ideal weight.


Most of us know by now that not all foods were created equally.

Yup, some are adept at getting our metabolism REALLY fired up – while others do little except slow everything down.

Still, with (whisper it!) Monday morning now looming once again, we're frankly eager to kick-start the week in the best possible way: and that means getting our diets in order.

But did you know that there are a load of metabolic rate rumours that continue to fly despite having somewhat questionable origins?

Here, SHEmazing! examines the cold-hard evidence so you can separate foodie fact from foodie fiction… shedding excess bloat without going hungry. Hurrah!


1) Sleep keeps you slim: FACT

Just one night of bad sleep can slow down your metabolism the next morning, reducing the energy you expend for tasks such as breathing or digestion by up to 20 percent, according to one US study.

On top of that, disturbed shuteye can throw off hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin, which means you'll be hankering for junk food by lunchtime. 


2) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: FICTION

This is definitely a healthy habit – but those who eat breakfast are not necessarily thinner than those who skip it.

Actually, research has shown that there’s no difference in the metabolic rates between those who eat breakfast every day and those who fast until noon. 


3) Chillis burn calories: FACT (sorta)

Adding in lots of spice to your food is seen by many as a great way to burn calories and fat. And it's true – the spice does help… though not by very much.

Indeed, studies in the area show that even a lot of chilli only eliminates about 50 extra calories a day.


4) Weight-training trumps cardio: FACT

Since pumping iron increases your calorie burn long after you stop working out, it's by far the best thing you can do for your metabolism.

In fact, one study showed you can actually burn up to an incredible 450 additional calories in just 24 hours after lifting weights. 


5) Eat little meals throughout the day: FICTION

This trend has really taken off in recent years, but there is no evidence to suggest that eating your calories throughout the day is necessarily better than sticking to three meals.

In fact, some dieticians say the former is only a sure-fire way to over-eat and pack on the pounds. 


6) Green tea helps you stay slim: FACT

Ever since Victoria Beckham was cited as a fan more than a decade ago, dieters have eagerly been tucking into green tea.

And with good reason: although it only burns around 50 calories a day, there is research that proves it also keeps it fuller for longer – which is great for cutting out snacking. 


7) B12 supplements are requisite: FICTION

Lately a load of celeb-types (Rita Ora being just one) have been singing the virtues of B12 pills – or even injections.

But there’s no evidence that B12 actually has the power to rev up your metabolism. In fact, unless you have a deficiency as identified by a blood-test, you're wasting your money.


8) Black coffee ftw: FACT

Caffeine raises your heart rate so your metabolism actually starts burning calories immediately.

Better still, sipping on any source of caffeine an hour before your workout has been shown to help you burn around 15 percent more calories once you finish up in the gym.


9) Protein-loading is better than calorie-counting: FACT

The likes of chicken breast or fish is tough to beat, primarily because they take far more energy to digest than carbs or fat.

And that means you end up burning more energy while digesting. Plus high-protein foods contain amino acids that lean muscle needs to grow.


10) Eating late at night makes you fat: FICTION

Sure – if you're munching on fatty snacks late into the evening in addition to your usual meals, you're not going to be slim. But if you're just the type who prefers to dine at 9pm rather than 6pm?

Our slimmer Mediterranean neighbours confirm that alone will not cause excess weight gain.


So your diet is reasonably good: you eat your five-a-day (usually), and can make a mean tofu stir-fry from scratch. You even make time for exercise.

But guess what? You’re still carrying those stubborn extra pounds and, being honest, you know you’re not quite at your best.

For many otherwise healthy folk, the issue is often over-eating: you’re the first to polish off the food on your plate and the first to dart back to the kitchen for seconds.

You’re a snacker; you love great big bowls of cereal in the evening before bed and tea and toast in between meals. You pick at nuts, fruit and yogurts when you know you shouldn’t.

Granted, it’s a tough habit to crack… but to help you along your way, SHEmazing! has identified the most common reasons for eating more than you should…


1) You say… I deserve a treat:

Not least in this country, we love to celebrate with food and drink. Milestone events, birthdays, anniversaries and promotions at work: many of us are liable to mark the occasion with a blow-out meal.

Then there are the smaller, little treats that quickly become a habit – the ‘I totally deserve that family-sized bag of Maltesers,’ mentality.

It works both ways too – because a fight with your best friend or boyfriend, a set-back at college or just a bit of a crap day is often reason enough to ‘treat yourself’ to a load of chocolate, wine or crisps.

What should you do about it? Start noting all the times and ways you reward yourself with food: ideally, it should be no more than once or twice a week. More than that? Cut back.


2) You say… Feck it!

Some people are brilliant at self-control. They open a bar of Galaxy, take out a single square, and put the rest back for another time.

Some people are less restrained. And for them, one slice of pizza usually means four; one biscuit usually means half the pack (and a bag of Chipsticks chaser).

But a little indulgence doesn’t mean the whole diet has to go out the window – and yes, a little high-calorie food is hardly the end of the world.

The difference is in the quantity: inhaling eight biscuits versus having just two could be as much as 1,000 calories – or, ya know, two hours of advanced spin at the gym.

Remind yourself that while you certainly don’t have to commit to never looking at a slice of cake again, eating the whole cake at once is always a bad idea – not least for your waistline.


3) You say… I shouldn’t have done that

Guilt, shame, regret: you beat yourself up bad when you hit the chipper, or have a giant pizza with garlic bread.

It’s the ultimate morning-after-the-night-before humiliation: you feel crap about yourself, and are pretty sure you’ve managed to gain 2-3kg overnight.

Relax! In fact, research shows that giving yourself a hard time over food only leads you back to the fridge for more. One study at the University Of Toronto, for example, rigged scales to make dieters think they had gained 5lbs even though the participants had actually lost weight.

Those who felt greater shame about their weight gain subsequently ate more ice cream than those who weren’t as bothered by their results.

So instead of regret, vow to do better the next time and simply move on.


4) You say… I’ll just check my email

This is a major issue: you’re not actually able to enjoy a meal – alone or otherwise – without being glued to your phone or laptop.

In fact, between grabbing breakfast on the way into college or work, eating lunch at your desk or in the library, and then having dinner with the TV on and your phone buzzing away beside you, focusing on the task in hand – eating and enjoying a nutritious meal – is a pickle.

Yet we know that multitasking lessens your body’s ability to sense the amount of food you are actually muching on. In fact, research proves that eating while you watch a screen of any kind only leads to consuming more food.

And one British study found that those who could recall exactly what they ate for lunch chomped through 30 percent less than those who couldn’t.

The lesson? Get out of the habit of having your electronic devices glued to your person at all times. Just being mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth and when can go a long way to reducing your waistline.


5) You say… I’m wrecked

A basic lack of sleep has major implications on your ability to control overeating. Furthermore, being tired saps your willpower: you’re a lot less likely to begin preparing a healthy meal from scratch in the evening if you can barely keep your eyes open.

A 2013 study found that not getting enough sleep can cause people to eat up to 5 percent more calories per day – something which will really add up by the end of the week.

So focus on getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night to help strengthen your dietary resolve and curb overeating.

And for best results, try to keep a consistent sleep schedule too: burning the candle at both ends all week only to binge-sleep at the weekends just isn’t as effective.




Don’t worry girls, we all tell these lies to ourselves on a daily basis. You are not alone.

1. I’ll go to bed early tonight

I take nap right here

No, you won’t. And you knew that almost immediately after you made this decision, it was not going to happen. Go on, stick on another episode of Gossip Girl. One more won’t hurt.

2. I’ll start going to the gym every day

You know exercise will make you feel better but this couch is soooo comfy…

3. I’m not gonna get drunk tonight

Well that bottle of gin you bought tells us otherwise…

4. I’m not getting with HIM again

Don't drink the gin then…

5. I’m giving up junk food


Chocolate doesn't count though, right?

6. I’m staying in this weekend

WHO is going out?! I'm there. 

7. Sure I don’t even like him, it’s only a bit of fun.

You think I’m gorgeous, you want to kiss me…

This one is okay for the first few weeks/months, but eventually it’s yourself you’re going to be convincing, not your mates.

8. I’m gonna start studying, like, really soon.

One for the college students out there…we believe you. 

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Some people aren’t born with the most varied palette and no matter what they end up trying to eat they will always resort back to the same old same old. You might have had sushi before, but forwhat ever reason you just stick to what you know. Here are things only people with fussy eating habits will understand:

1. Eating salad still just tastes like eating leaves
You have tried to eat healthier and made yourself some salads, no matter what, it still ends up tasting like you’re eating leaves. You put some sauce on it and mix it in with some ham and tomato, but to no avail. You feel like a koala bear trying to eat salad and it just feels unnatural to you.

2. Your eating habits haven’t changed since you were a kid
If anything your eating habits have gotten even worse as you’ve gotten older. You really try to stay healthy and eat your fruit and veg, but you still have the same reaction to eating broccoli as you did when you were a kid.

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

3. You look up the menu of the place you’re going to eat and realise there is nothing you like
When you’re going to a restaurant you will always have to check the menu to make sure there is something on it you can eat. You don’t do fancy, so you’re screwed if it’s some trendy Moroccan restaurant that only does couscous.

transparent animated GIF

4. You don’t react well when someone tells you to try their food
There is a reason you got a burger and chips, it’s because that’s what you wanted . If you wanted the marinated duck you would have ordered it so stop trying to get me to try your food. You think that putting it in front of my mouth will change my mind, well it won’t so stop it.

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

5. It’s incredibly hard to order food when you’re sharing with someone
So you and your friend are a bit strapped for cash (what’s new) so you decide to order something then split it. You decide to go for Chinese but all you want is chicken fried rice while they want the Peking duck. You’re not having any of that so you just decide to get a pizza half and half.

6. People think that you don’t like food, but you actually love it
If anything you love it even more because you know what you like and you get such great satisfaction from eating the same thing. Being a fussy eater just means you don’t like certain types of food, and to you, nothing can compare to a good Chinese.

7. When you try something new and you don’t like it, you can’t hide your reaction

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

8. You would describe your favourite kind of food as American
Yeah, as sad as it may be your favourite type of food is American food, whether it’s burgers, pizza or fries it just suits you. You went on holiday there once and you couldn’t get enough of it. If youcould, you would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

9. You always keep it simple when you’re buying a sandwich
You usually end up just choosing ham and cheese because it’s a lot easier than telling them to  take off everything from a chicken club. People will always give you a strange look when they hear you say no onions, mayonnaise or lettuce, so you just don’t bother.

10. You’re worried that there will be nothing that you will like when you go on holiday
It’s always a big step going abroad because you don’t know how to deal with the local cuisine. You might try one or two things, but anything that doesn’t resemble food you stay away from. You are just happy when you got to a restaurant that has some old fashioned grub.

11. The only dish you know how to make is an omelette
You learned how to make it a while ago and you were really proud of yourself at the time. You haven’t expanded it on it since and you love it because it’s so quick and easy to make. 

12. You always give up too easily and end up ordering a takeaway
So you come home and you feel a bit tired and so instead of putting the effort in, you just decide to go with a takeaway instead. You have stacks of takeaway menus around the place and always know how to mix things up.

13. The last time you tried to make a proper meal you nearly burnt the house down
So you watched one cooking show and now you think you can make a roast duck. You did exactly the same as they did, but instead you completely burnt the duck and almost set the house on fire. You’ve learnt your lesson and from now on you just stick to what you know.

14. You force yourself to try something new and it doesn’t work out too well

19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater

15. Your parents always give out about what you eat
They were always telling you to eat your vegetables when you were young and now that you’re older they always ask you to try something new. No matter what they say they will never get you to eat something because it always sounds like a chore.

16. When you actually do like something new it’s usually your friend who convinces you
Every now and again you come across something that you like that is a little different. It is nothing too out of the ordinary, you’re still a fussy eater, it’s just you don’t mind having a tikka masala every now and again for a change.

17. You always get really annoyed when you get the wrong toppings on your pizza
A normal person wouldn’t mind it that much and would still eat it anyway, you have to pick off all of the toppings you don’t like so it’s just a normal pizza. It’s even worse when you take a bite without realising that there is mushrooms in it, because you hate mushrooms, all fussy eaters hate mushrooms, that’s an actual rule.

18. You look disgusted at your friend when they eat a three bean salad
You don’t understand how something that looks like that could be in any way appetizing.  They seem to eat it all the time, which makes you even more bewildered.

disgusted animated GIF

19. You don’t understand why anyone would eat something that doesn’t taste good
When you see someone eating tofu or quinoa you don’t really understand. Why would they eat something that doesn’t really have much of a taste. Their argument is always that it’s healthy, but you still can’t quite wrap your head around it.

20. When you have dinner at a friend’s house you just pretend to like the food
So your friend’s parents make dinner for youit’s quiche and you hate it so you just pretend that you like it. If you could, you would give it to the dog, but you know that you will get spotted. You just hope that next time it’s actually something that you like.

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Being on a diet is a testing time for most women, however some of us take it harder then most. If the Kardashians can do it, why can’t we?!

1. Grocery Shop
It's only going to be healthy and organic food from now on. It looks like a cucumber, but it doesn’t taste like one. What's a "coorget?"

2. Gym Gear
Well we can hardly go to the gym dressed in sweatpants. The gym is no longer just a place to work out, it’s now a social scene and everyday is a catwalk!

3. Hairstyles
A fringe may have been the worst idea ever. 

4. Where To Start?
OK, you’ve made it this far, you have to now look like you know what you’re doing. We'll just swan over here. Looks easy…

5. Already feeling skinny
It may have only been one day, but we feel like we've lost weight already! Pass the doughnuts. 

6. The Pain!
Did someone say endorphins? Where?!

7. Why Is She Here?
Why is she at the gym, she’s already thin?

8. Why is No one Else Sweating as Much?
Not sure whether to cry, puke, faint or poop. Surely we're not the only ones.

9. You Did This to Me!
One month in a relationship and you've come to this. He will suffer. 

10. Rice Cakes
Do they count if you cover them in chocolate spread? 

11. The Gym Clique
They prance around in their little sports bras looking fantastic…one day you'll be their friend. One day. 

12. There are No Substitutes for Crisps/ Chips
Feck off with your sweet potatoes, they are not the same. Are carrot sticks, salty fried potatoes? Then no, no I do not want some carrot sticks.

13. Hot Boys at the Gym
Why, why do you have to be here? Surely there’s a beautiful men’s club meeting you should be attending.You can't see us like this. 

14. Hating Your Already Fit Friend
The one who’s trying to support you by keeping you motivated. The one who uses herself as an example of greatness and states that she feels rotten without a workout every day…Clearly she hasn’t heard of the feel good, chicken fillet roll, with extra mayonnaise. Use all your energy to avoid her instead of meeting her for one hour, three times a week.

15. We'll Just Do a Workout From Home
Who are you kidding?

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This is a slow motion video of two men enjoying some poutine (chips covered in cheese and gravy) after a wedding.

It’s kind of gross seeing the food swish around their mouth like that, but it is the perfect example of how we feel when we’re tucking into some taco chips after a night on the tiles.

Mmmm…taco chips…. 


Ever wondered why you get hungry at odd times – like after you dinner or in the middle of the day?

Here are four reasons why you get hunger pangs:

You ate your food too quickly
Feeling hungry even though you just ate five minutes ago? You probably ate too fast so allow your food to settle for about 20 minutes before assessing if you are actually still hungry.

Lack of sleep
A lack of sleep triggers your appetite. So when you feel you are hungry at odd times it could be due to feeling tired.

After a workout
Not surprisingly, after a workout you will feel hungry. Make sure you have some kind of recovery snack after exercising like a boiled egg or a piece of chicken

You are thirsty
Dehydration can cause you to feel like you need to eat something. When you feel hungry when you don’t think you should be have a glass of water and see if that helps.