Memories every Irish person has of mass

Sunday mornings were tough when the duvet was ripped from your bed at some ungodly hour and you were marched out the door to mass which, although only 40mins, felt like an eternity. 

1. Chaos in the house trying to get there on time. Your Mum and Dad killing each other..

 2. Not being able to find your ‘good’ shoes

 3. Your Mum telling you to sit up straight

Hearing the two most dreaded words on Christmas Eve: MIDNIGHT MASS.

4. Feeling morally wrong if you were the only one sitting down


5. Daydreaming while looking at coloured church windows

Daydreaming while looking at colored church windows.

6. Fidgeting with anything you could find

 7. Wanting to rob the collection basket

 8. Speaking gibberish when you didn’t know the words to any of the prayers

10. The fear that the priest could read your mind

10. The indecisiveness of grabbing the wafer or sticking your tongue out


11. Thinking you wanted to be an alter girl

12. Always forgetting what you are supposed to say in the confession booth

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 13. The comfort of kneeling like this

The comfort of kneeling like this.

14. Shaking hands with strangers during the Sign of Peace was always a little awkward

 15. Breathing in the incense

 16. When the priest blessed the congregation with holy water, you felt extra special when the water actually touched you

 17. Falling asleep during the sermon

 18. Those glorious words: “May God bless you. The mass has ended. Go in peace.”



And, finally:

19. Getting your pocket money and spending it all on sweets!

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