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Being single can be a lot of fun, once you embrace it and stop being such a miserable fool. You’re young, you’re free, you have nothing stopping you being totally wild. Which type of single person are you?

1. The Single Still Mourning Their Last Relationship
Your last relationship was a doozy: a tale of passion, love, and resentment. You might feel like you need a few years to tend to your depleted emotional wells after that break-up. You’d rather talk about your last relationship to your (very patient) friends. Don’t worry — we’ve all been there.

2. The Single Who Is Painfully Aware of Being Single
You see yourself as being single above everything: in your mind, it’s your defining characteristic. Maybe you start to avoid the topic of dating altogether. You start to feel like the prospect of dating is hopeless — and it will be, unless you turn your attitude around, and start seeing yourself as a person, not just a single person.

3. The Single Who Is Eternally Single (And Content With It)
Work life? Check. Friends? Check. Cool hobbies, interests, clothes, apartment? Check, check, check, check. You seem to have everything in your life, except, for some reason, a relationship. But you don't care – why should you? Your life is amazing!

4. The Newly Single Person Who Doesn’t Really Mind Being Single
Ah, single again. Well, no big deal, you know the routine.  It’s sort of nice to be on your own for a while! To have quiet nights in by yourself, and wild nights out with your friends.  You totally appreciate the positive side to being single, which is good, because you’re usually not single for long.

5. The Single Person Who Loves The Thrill 
Single? Of course you’re single. You wouldn’t dream of  being tied to just one person, not when dating is this exciting! The thrill of the chase, the butterflies, the flirting: you are good at the dating game, and you know it. Maybe someday you’ll settle down, but not while you’re having so much fun.

6. The Single Headhunter
There is an opening in your life, and you’re looking to fill the position of Significant Other ASAP. You take a serious, almost business-like approach to finding a partner. You date consistently, and use any method available to you to find dates, which is usually just Tinder… basically you’re just a Tinder fiend!


7. The Single Who’s Not Really That Single
Yeah, technically you’re not dating someone, and your Facebook status might proudly say “Single.” But secretly, you’re completely wrapped up in someone else, and you’re not really interested in playing the field.

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1. Enda is really upset Joan couldn't make their meeting.

2. The Dáil were really embracing the new style rules

3. Nothing could stop Leo getting to Dundrum Town Centre

4. Sabina wasn't holding back on her true opinion of the Queen…

5. We won't argue with you, Miriam

6. Needless to say, Eileen was devo to learn that Ray is not in fact Danny DeVito

7. The new line-up is complete

8. They're a very helpful bunch around Carrigstown

9. We love you really, Aengus

10. When the matter still wasn't resolved by the time the summer holidays came, Mick just lost it. 



What are the qualities guys look for (but never openly talk about) in a girlfriend? Men are simple creatures but it’s a mystery to most girls because the male population generally don’t like to let out any of their insecure thoughts, feeling or emotions. Here are some qualities many guys will look for in a girlfriend: Checklist!

1. She takes an interest in your hobbies
She knows that you play guitar, listen to a particular type of EDM music, play for a rugby team and asks about your hobbies, even if she is not particularly interested in them.

demi lovato animated GIF

2. She can be more fun than one of your best guy friends
You can have just as much fun, if not more, with her as you can with your closest friends. Now there’s a huge sign that she’s a keeper.

mila kunis animated GIF

3. Her dad really likes you
Her dad thinks that you’re doing something right and feels at ease knowing that you’re with his daughter. You don’t mind watching football with him or hearing his stories of when he was your age. He might have even mentioned to his daughter a couple of times that you guys would make a great couple.

smile animated GIF

4. She imitates you, and she does it well!
She notices subtle yet simple things that you do or say, and does a cute impression of it. People who really like one another become incredibly observative of what the other is doing. She may have noticed things about you that nobody else has ever brought to your attention.

cher lloyd animated GIF

5. She boosts your confidence
She pays you sweet compliments and always makes you feel good about yourself, and not because she feels like she has to. She does it because she wants you to know how she feels about you.

will ferrell animated GIF

6. She makes you smile
As cheesey as it sounds, you can’t help but crack a broad grin the moment you see her. Try and fight it next time and see – you won’t be able to keep it in!

smile animated GIF

7. It’s so natural and easy to have a good time with her
It’s so effortless to have fun with her. There’s no forced awkward conversation between you and you vibe and bounce off one another so naturally. In essence, she’s like your best friend, but you’re also really attracted to her.

love animated GIF

8. She pushes you to be successful
She motivates you to strive to be the best you can be. She is always there for you when you need a pick-me-up and only ever contributes to your overall happiness and confidence. She never puts you down.

quotes animated GIF

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Turning 18 and finally being the legal age to buy alcohol is a huge milestone in our young lives, but with that, comes a lot of funny and interesting mistakes we made at that age! Here are a few of them!

1. Thinking you’ll automatically get in everywhere just because you’re finally legal
Unfortunately now we get the bouncer’s excuse of STILL being too young and/or being too drunk (do they not know we’re students and cannot afford the drinks inside the club?)

shes too young for you bro gif

2. Spending wayyyyyy too much money
When you started going out you went overboard on new outfits, taxis and a few cocktails beforehand. At this stage, a night out consists of whatever outfit you don’t have any pictures on Facebook wearing, trying to get a free rickshaw from on Grafton Street and trying elaborate ways to sneak a naggin of vodka into the club!

3. Discovering that the person you kissed isn’t as good looking as you thought
You learn that the person you spent the night kissing isn’t as good looking as you originally thought, when you Facebook stalk him the next day. You decline the request and swiftly try to move on with your life.

4. No night out is complete without the banter in the take away afterwards
Making best friends with other people in your college is essential to cheapen the taxi fare home.

5. Realising you’re a complete lightweight, but not letting that stop you
Realising you’re a complete lightweight, but powering through the night in order to keep up with your friends and save face. It’s such a terrible mistake, but we were young and drunk at the time.

6. Losing your prized possessions in a drunken stupor
Finally now you understand that the best possible outcome from a night out is you return home with your phone, purse and preferably no hangover the next day. 

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So you're into your first few weeks of college and it's not everything you imagined it would be. Here are the biggest mistakes college freshers make:

1. Thinking you will be in love with your course
While some may love their course, many are faced with the reality that it just isn't what they thought it would be. It's important to deal with this as soon as you realise so you can work it out and do something you actually love. Four years is a long time. 

2.Thinking we’ll pass the year by doing zero work
Rookie mistake – you will fail. Hard. 


3. Late night cramming
Early to bed early to rise is much healthier and productive than studying until 5am. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.58.41

4. Shifting someone in your class
You spotted him in the first week of lectures fell madly in love, shifted him on the class night out and haven’t been able to face him since. Worse still everyone in your class will never let you forget it and make sure to bring it up as often as they can…oh the shame!

5. Joining 50 clubs and societies and attending none of them
Everything seemed so good so interesting. And the classic ‘it’s the best way to make friends’ was being thrown around like it was going out of fashion. So you joined everything from the tennis team to the tea society and haven’t attended one event.

6. Becoming a full time party animal
So you’re finally free and your weekly social life is a lot more exciting than your weekend one. Constantly receiving invites to events on Facebook it can be hard to decide which one to go to, so your solution? GO TO THEM ALL.

7. Thinking your life will revolve around Starbucks
Such a cliche girly expectation that a lot of us are guilty of. Think you’ll constantly have a caramel cream frappuccino during your lectures? Think again – those are damn expensive… You can have an americano with a shot of caramel on Fridays if you like though. 


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We all have them, we complain and moan about them… But we still don’t ‘hide’ them.

1. The Bragger
This is the friend who is posting about all of their material items. Example: “New Car!” “New Phone!” “New Hair!” Also posts exotic holiday snaps when the rest of us are stuck in work or college, and the only beach we will see is the one on our desktop wallpaper.

Bitch I'm Fabulous

2. The Selfie Queen
This person is CONSTANTLY posting pictures of themself, although you’re pretty sure you know what they look like already.

3. The Joker
Everyone has a few of these; the ones who post random hilarious statements that you have definitely pondered in your own head before but have never been ballsy enough to say aloud…

4. The Music Buff
This person usually falls into the indie or hipster category and posts a yYouTubelink for some new, hip, under recognised band on a daily basis and just KNOWS you haven't heard of them. 

5. The Duck Face
Usually girls, this is the one who is always posting pictures of them out on the town, glammed up to the max, pulling the most perfected duck face you have ever seen.

6. The Hangover Fiend
This is the kind of people who post statuses about how “unbelievably dyyyyin” they are, or who are tagged in photos looking worse for wear after a heavy night of boozing.

hungover hangover gif

7. The Foodie
This is the person who uploads photos of the meal they’re about to eat/have just eaten. So. Annoying. And it makes us have uncontrollable cravings… Foooooooood, nom. At least they're inspiration though. 


8. The Promoter
That guy who invites you to every event under the sun, knowing that you have no intention, nor will you ever have, of going to the “Ladies Poker Night” or the “Sexy Strippers” club evening. 

9. The Hypocrite
This is the friend who posts really positive, uplifting quotes, or links inspirational stories, but you know that in person they are pessimistic, down trodden and miserable. Also the people who make cruel, unnecessary comments one week, then post a status about how that-thing-they-said-last-week is a pet peeve of theirs.

10. The Moaner
Constantly taking to Facebook to post about what a bad day they’re having, or to write about pointless things none of us care about, such as “Waiting for the bus in the rain :(” Shut up please.

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We all know those classic fashion rules like "blue and green should never be seen" and "always remove one accessory before leaving the house" but what if we just ignored them? Here are the fashion rules it's time to ditch!

1. Wearing White All Year Round
Some people even might think that white on white should never be seen but looking at past seasons it’s a big trend and one you should bend. The crisp and clean look doesn’t have to be kept for the summer though; wearing white in winter can look just as fresh especially when everyone else has transitioned into dark autumn colours! This is one trend that will make you look great and stand out from the crowd.

kim white

2. Mixing Your Jewellery
You will probably have heard your granny say once or twice that you shouldn’t wear your silver necklace with your gold watch and so on but this is definitely a rule you should break. Mix up whatever you have in your jewellery box and team them all together for a really chic and retro look.


3. Putting Black and Navy Together
These dark colours together will give a great toned effect to your outfit and make you look super slick. Navy heels with an all black outfit will spice it up a bit and turn your look from Penneys to Prada.

black and navy

4. Putting Black and Brown Together
This is another rule that we don’t understand. Black and brown are neutral colours which mean they can be themed with any colour including themselves! Take into example an all black outfit; pairing it with a brown bag and leopard print scarf will make you look the bees knees. 

black and brown

5. Shoes and Bags Must Always Match
No, no and no. This seems to be one of them cardinal rules that was passed down from generation to generation. It might have been all the rage in the 50’s but definitely not today. The colour palates for your wardrobe can range immensely so don’t be afraid to go out with red shoes and a blue bag! Once your shoes and bag match your outfit you’re good to go; they don’t have to match each other.

bags and shoes

6. Never Wear Red if You’re a Red Head
In some ways this rule can be broken and in others it can’t. Of course a red head can wear red but be sure to pick the right shade that doesn’t conflict with your hair or your skin tone. This rule can actually go for all hair colours and skin tones as you need the right balance of shades to make an outfit work. 

emma stone red

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It's been hard to say goodbye to summer, but there are some reasons we are very happy to see the back of it…like these!

1. College Time

For those of us lucky enough to be heading back to college, it's the best time of the year! Until one week in and you're starving, all your clothes are dirty and you're broke. But it's all in the anticipation!

2. Less Socialising

Whatever it is about summer, it tends to bring out our inner disco drinking divas. We come down with serious case of FOMO if we’re not perched in a beer garden, cider in hand, every single weekend. Winter then, paves the way for less drinking, more nights in catching up on Netflix and a general sense of letting our livers rest up. 

3. Everywhere Smells Better

The ever lingering smell of sweat is replaced with a smell of hot chocolate, cool breezes, log fires and joy.

4. Fun Non-Festival Events

Festivals are great and all, but once the summer is over you’ll probably be glad to see the back of them for a while. Sure, what’s not to like about all day drinking, camping in a leaky tenet and eating enough burgers to sink a ship, but it’s good to try something new which is why, come the close of summer, Halloween and Oktoberfest are where it’s at. No portable toilets, no muck, no wellies, just pure, unadulterated joy.

5. Less Personal Prep

With summer comes shaving, tanning, waxing, polishing, buffing and boring times all round. Alas, not so much when it’s all over. The end of summer spells the end of personal grooming and personal pride too, on some level. Layer on the woolen goods because there’s a yeti hiding underneath this jumper.

6. Public Transport Is More Bearable

Public transport during the summer is really some mild form of torture. Sweat, tight spaces, late schedules, angry people and windows that won’t open all combine to make for a very uncomfortable commute indeed. Now, getting on to a warm bus is somewhat of a comfort instead of a curse. For the most part.

7. Better Food

Goodbye boring salads and hello fantastic comforting winter food, we’ve really missed you. After all a few extra pounds in the winter equals insulation, meaning there’s no better time to treat yourself to that tempting little treat that you’ve no doubt got your eye on…

8. More Excuses To Curl Up On The Couch

When the weather’s great outside, you might feel guilty for swapping that run for a run of the Kardashians and a nest of blankets, but now there’s no such guilt factor. Stock up on blankets, socks and great films because it’s getting chilly out there and we’re going nowhere.

9. A Fresh Start

September is ingrained in our minds as being a fresh start, a new beginning and the start of another year, perhaps more so than January. Think about it, you spend roughly 18 years of your life starting anew every September so now is as good a time as any to rid yourself of any past mistakes, any regrets and above all, to try and achieve anything that you want after a lazy or unproductive summer. Go out there and get it.

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No one is perfect, but there are some things to look out for if you’re looking for a boyfriend. There are small signs that you can look out for that make them a firm candidate for your next significant other. Here is the quintessential boyfriend checklist.

1. They have good manners
They don't have to be a good little Catholic school boy,  but manners in general are definitely something to look out for. What it comes down to is respect and having respect for other people no matter who they are. Steer clear of the pretentious douchebags and look for those that actually treat people properly.

2. They have a great personality
Let's face it, you're going to need things to talk about so boring just isn't going to cut it…

3. They make you smile
This one is very simple, but is definitely an important one to have on the list. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything, and they just make you smile. They might say something funny or they might not, but if being around someone makes you happy then it’s a definite reason to get with them.

4. Being openly generous
If they actually think about others instead of just themselves, then it’s a good reason. They’ll have no problem with helping others and sometimes forget to put themselves first

5. They’re passionate about something
Even if it’s just a hobby, when they have something that they’re really passionate about then it really gives you a sense of what they’re like. Sure, they might work an office job and get good money, but if they don’t have something that really gets them going then what are they actually living for.

6. A good group of friends
Everyone needs people to support and care for them ,but if their friends couldn’t care less about who they are seeing, then they’re not good friends. If someone talks about how many friends they have then they’re clearly covering things up. It’s better for them to have a few close friendsthan loads of kind of friends that they only see every now and again.

7. Being trustworthy
Even if it’s with the smallest things, being able to fully trust them is a big thingObviously no one wants to date someone unfaithful, but if they can show that they can be trusted then they should be considered. 

disney animated GIF

8. Having a plan in life
Things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, in fact, they never play out exactly as you think. You need someone that has some ambition and even if they might not be in the job they want at the moment, they have a vision for their future. You need someone with a level of determination and a belief that will get where they want to be.

9. They make an effort to like your friends
They won’t get along with everyone, but at least if they make an effort your friends will like them. If someone doesn’t try to get to know your friends and just dismisses them maybe you need to reconsider . It’s a good thing if they make an effort  and we all know that once you have your friends approval it’s all signals go.

10. They challenge you
You need someone that has a different perspective on life and that has different views than you. If you both see things exactly the same way then you won’t grow and learn together. You will learn to like different things and maybe even something that you once hated.

11. A sense of humour
Seriously, there are some people out there who can’t take a joke and never crack a smile. Humour is necessary when looking for a potential boyfriend,  especially if they have the same sense of humour as you. Sometimes things just click and you get each other’s peculiar humour.


12. They’re able to cook
Whether it’s them making breakfast for you when you’re hungover or being able to make you a romantic dinner. Being able to cook is an incredibly important asset for someone to have if you’re looking for a boyfriend. It’s more common for girls to be able to cook so a guy that can properly cook is a rare breed.

12. They know how to scrub up
It’s one thing to judge someone on the day to day, but if you see them when they scrub up you will see a lot more of what they’re about. Then later down the line you won’t have to worry what they will look like when you’re introducing them to your friends and family. It may seem like a small thing, but being presentable is an important factor.

13. They are content by themselves
If someone can get enjoyment out of just being by themselves it means that they won’t be needy. The last thing you need is a clinger that hangs on your word and can only be happy when they’re with you. It’s not a healthy way to live if you’re always dependent on someone else to make youhappy. Find someone that is content by themselves, but is happy when you’re together.

14. They give you their full attention
It’s seems nowadays we can never just talk to someone, we have to be on our phone at the same time as well. If they give you their full undivided attention, then you should really consider them. If they actually make an effort to listen to you without doing anything else, then you know you can be honest with them and you will make the effort to have conversations with them.

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As friends, you’re required to be there for the dumpee, no matter how much their personality changes in the process. It’s tough but it’s good karma so stay strong and remember, it’s only a phase…hopefully.

1. The Drama Queen/King
Things like “we were soooo good together,” when they clearly were not, as well as remembering things not quite the way they happened are key to your mate becoming ‘The Drama King/Queen’.


2. The Bitter One
They can no longer see anything good in the world and the relationship itself has become the reason why everything is just so terrible. They will belittle everything and anything they can on the way to becoming the grinch. Pull them back and show them that there is hope, in the form of tequila.

robin himym

3. The Drunken Mess
Okay, so many of us head straight to the bar when a relationship breaks but this person takes it a step further with stained clothes, lack of showering, constant drinking, Adele on repeat and lots of crying. 

4. Gender Hater
Their girlfriend/boyfriend has dumped them, therefore all women/men are absolute bitches/bastards.

5. The Hopeless One
Nothing makes sense, the world is a dire place. While it may feel like the worst, the break-up doesn’t mean that they’re condemned to being forever alone. It’s just hard for them to see  that they’re going to be fine when their heart has recently been broken. It will fade away though, but you’ll probably have to motivate them to go looking for someone new.

6. The Recluse
Hiding behind curtains and not keeping any form of respectable hours. Respect is something they will probably lose for themselves for a while. Trying to feel something, anything, by any means necessary. Keep an eye on them now that you have identified the symptoms.

7. The Black Sheep
You haven't seen them for the entirety of their relationship but now that's it's over, they're back. 

8. The Cray Cray
Nightvision goggles and an unhealthy amount of Facebook stalking mean that this one needs a close eye indeed. 


9. Eat, Sleep, Break Up, Repeat
This person has the ability to move on at almost record speed and will probably have had a LOT of relationships. 

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There isn’t a lot that changes when a guy grows up, they might look different or sound different, but they’re still really a kid inside. Some guys are better at hiding it around you than others, but one thing is for certain – when they’re with their friends, they will always act immature. Here are the signs that your boyfriend is still  immature.

1. They’re incredibly shallow
They’re all about looks, whether it’s being obsessed with how they look or only caring about how others look. Being attracted to someone is a small part of a relationship, if all they care about is looks , then they’re definitely immature.

2. They’re very materialistic
It is good to have something to work toward in life, but if all they are working for is a new iPhone 6 or a new part for their car instead of spending it on their girlfriend, it shows immaturity. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, but if all your money goes to other things, then it shows where their priorities lie.

3. They still think toilet humour is hilarious
We all like a little bit of crude humour every now and again, but if he has the sense of humour of a 10 year old then it’s not a good sign. When you get to a certain age, you look back on the things that you used to think were funny and see how childish they were. If he is immature he still finds the same things funny.

4. It’s never their fault
They won’t take the blame for anything or admit when they’re wrong. It’s a real sign of immaturity if they can’t own up to something, it’s one thing to be stubborn once a while but sometimes you just need to accept when you’re wrong. Relationships aren’t all fun and games and sometimes you just need to concede defeat.

5. The only dish they know how to make is beans on toast
They are not well versed in the culinary arts and the closest they come is beans on toast. They would never be able to make a romantic dinner for you, instead they would order Chinese food and maybe let you have some of their chips.

Scumbag Steve Meme | INVITES GIRLFRIEND OVER FOR ROMANTIC DINNER MAKES BEANS ON TOAST | image tagged in memes,scumbag steve | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

6. Their favourite movie is anything by Michael Bay
Kids like big explosions and loud noises in movies, but if that is still all they look for in a movie then they’re clearly immature. When you get older your tastes change and you watch movies with a bit more substance. For some they still get excited by seeing the same explosions over and over again.

7. Their career is going nowhere
It’s a scary world out there, but after a while you have to learn to come to grips with it. There is no point in sitting around waiting for things just to happen, if they’ve no job and no direction, they’re not accepting responsibility for their life.

8. They never make any plans
Staying in is always the best option for them and they never plan to go out to dinner or see a movie. Their equivalent is getting a take away and watching Netflix. It’s basically the same idea to them,expect there is a huge difference between going out and staying in.

9. They always say they’re too broke
If they are strapped for cash, then sometimes there is no problem with asking for a lend of money. If they actually have money but still ask you for some then they are clearly taking advantage of you. If they can never pay for things or are always stingy with money, then they are clearly to immature for a relationship.

10. He is more emotionally unstable 
Guys have feelings too, but they don’t wear them on their sleeve for all to see. Guys should have their emotions intact and only open up during those intimate moments. If they burst in tears at pretty much anything they still have the emotional stability of a toddler.

11. They think that a T-shirt and sweatpants is always suitable attire
So you decide to go out somewhere for a change, but they just wear the clothes that they just wore to the gym. It wouldn’t hurt if they made a bit of an effort every now and again. Clearly they’re too immature if they think that wearing the same clothes for every occasion is acceptable.

12. Their favorite music is by Scooter
They listen to music that was popular about 5 or 6 years ago and don’t even realise it. They have ambitions of becoming a DJ, but they don’t know the first thing about music. They always blare their music in the house and think that everyone needs to hear what they’re listening to.

13. They have no idea how to comfort you
There are some guys that don’t have a clue what to do when their girlfriend is emotional. It doesn’t take that much, all you need is a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to. They don’t need someone to tell them to get a grip.

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Ever felt that you don’t match the requirements of the basic lady etiquette? You are not alone! However, as much as some of us lovely ladies try to join in on the good manners and tidy hair, the universe turns around and says no. Here are the 26 signs that the lady life isn’t for you:

1. You’re Unwillingly 100% Accident Prone

You’re covered in bruises, leaves in your hair and probably covered in bird feces and it’s only 2pm on a Monday. Overall, the universe does nothing for your grace and poise.

2. You Probably Fall Over A Lot Too

No doubt you do: us class of girl literally can’t help it! Maybe it’s our feet, maybe it’s because we’re thinking about cheeseburgers or were wearing shoes too high for us, either way we’ve fallen over so many times that there’s just no point mentioning it to anyone anymore.

3. For You, There Is No Dancing Etiquette

The music flows through you, making your limbs do whatever feels good: however, this usually results in smacking numerous people in the face, people taking pictures of you and of course, falling over.

4. You Can’t Help But Get Anxious Going To Formal Events

You feel like you’ve completely forgotten any kind of lady training you were given growing up. All you can do is at least try to look like lady, hope there’s only one kind of fork, knife, spoon and not make a fool out of yourself.

5. You Rock The “I’ve Just Rolled Out of Bed Look” Pretty Well

The fact that this “look” became a thing was incredibly convenient to you. Often enough people ask what hair product do you use to get that Russell Brand look, the answer always being “I just don’t brush my hair.”.

5. Telling People About Your Bodily Functions Is In No Way “Oversharing” To You

It’s typical of you to break conversational boundaries without even thinking about it.

6. Exercise Isn’t Really Your Thing

Not to mention you’ve never been to an aerobics class, the thought of spin class exhausts you and you pretty only exercise when you realise you’ve gained some unwanted pounds. Why can’t we just eat fried chicken and suffer no consequences?

7. Your Mother Is Constantly Throwing Shade At You

“Would you not wear something a bit more… feminine?” Yep, mothers have no shame in telling us what they think of our appearance. They miss the days when they could dress you in whatever pink stuff they wanted. She respects your independence, but that doesn’t stop the judgemental looks.

8. You’d Rather Wear Tights Than Shave Your Legs

Ugh the weekend is upon us and you’ve a few social engagements to attend. Depending on the season, the amount of tights you have that don’t have holes in them, and your energy levels you might shave your legs. It’s just so devastating when you shave your legs, and it wasn’t worth it.

9. You Identify More With J-Law More Than You Should

Everybody loves J-Law, they think she’s so quirky and cute. But to you she’s essentially your better looking famous twin: she’s lazy, falls over a lot, and loves pizza. But she gets away with it: tell us how J-Law.

10. … And Liz Lemon

“Will there be free food?” Food on our planet is the centre of the world, no doubt you watch food shows all day long, and get insanely jealous of Man vs. Food’s – Adam Richman. Liz, like us, makes most of her decisions around her appetite, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

11. You Don’t Understand The Concept of Eating Lettuce


12. You Own More Underwear With Cartoons Characters On Them Than Thongs Or Anything Involving Lace

Underwear with Kermit the Frog on them are cute! Plus they’re way more comfortable that a string inserting itself in between your buttcheeks. 

13. You’re Secretly Proud of Your Ability To Burp The Alphabet

Most people can’t do that! Or at least the whole thing… All I know is that I don’t have any other party trick and this one always impresses people, even the lads!

14. Drinking Rosè Is The Closest You Come To Anything Pink

Nothing against pink, we just don’t tend to wear much of it. Rosè is alcoholic, and by no means should it be discriminated against for being pink, but it’s definitely the most pink thing in our lives.

15. Swearing Like A Sailor Is Just How You Speak

We know other words, but when you fall over all the time and constantly fumble into situations with the least amount of grace, you curse a whole lot!

16. You Don’t Use Cutlery As Much As You Probably Should

I didn’t know eating pizza with a knife and fork is a thing? Why is it a thing? The one food you’re allowed use your hands to consume and the mannerly folk take it away from us… it’s not fair.

17. Finding Food In Your Hair Is A Daily Occurrence

You could have dinner, really focus on your food to mouth motor skills with you hair in a towel and still manage to find bits of cornflakes in it. Another minor mishap in the life of struggling lady.

18. You Sometimes Forget Basic Manners

People who are not completely forward with are annoying. In order to get answers you sometimes forget to ask politely. You often confront the pink elephant within the room much to the annoyance of others, but you honestly couldn’t give a flying feck.

19. But At Heart You Know You’d Couldn’t Be Happier Being Any Other Way

Sure look, at the end of the day you’re able to turn around and laugh at yourself. You see your life as a show on comedy central and you’d prefer to have food in your hair everyday for the rest of your life rather than try to be anyone else. Plus we have way more fun than ladies.

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