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It's hard to believe The Lion King came out 23 years ago – yeah, just let that sink in.

The Disney classic provided the soundtrack to some of our most precious childhood memories, and although we may not have seen it in a while, its message of loss, friendship and pride has stuck with us all this time.

However, a recent revelation about the film's family dynamics has us questioning everything we thought we knew about the beloved film.

In a recent interview with HelloGiggles, the film's director and producer, Rob Minkoff and Don Hahn, dropped the ultimate bombshell – Scar and Musfasa are not brothers.

Now, we know what you're thinking. Doesn't Mufasa refer to Scar as his brother while he's dangling from the cliff edge?

Yes. In fact, here's proof (fast forward to 1:30). 

Well, according to Don, he only does this because they're part of the same pride.

“We talked about the fact that it was very likely [Scar and Mufasa] would not have both the same parents,” he explained.

“The way lions operate in the wild…when the male lion gets old, another rogue lion comes and kills the head of the pride. What that does is it causes the female lions to go into heat , and then the new younger lion kills the king and then he kills all the babies. Now he’s the new lion that’s running the pride.”

He added: “Occasionally there are prides that do have two male lions, in an interesting dynamic because they’re not equals. One lion will always kind of be off in the shadows.”

"We were trying to use those animal truths to underpin the story so we sort of figured Scar and Mufasa couldn’t really be from the same gene pool."

Please excuse us while we question our entire existence. 


Can Trump be trusted?

We think everyone knows the answer to that is nooo, but this video shows just how much he lies.

Every single night-time show host in the US is blatantly taking the p*ss out of the new president, but the best clip so far comes from Jimmy Kimmel.

"President Trump claims he doesn't know Vladimir Putin. He says he has no deals in Russia and if you can't take his word for it, take his other word for it," says Jimmy.

In the video, Trump is giving very contrasting answers to questions about Putin, and it's really ridiculous how many times he changes his mind about 'knowing' him.

The clip is two minutes long, so tuck in… it's pretty unbelievable.



It's safe to say that we all LOVE First Dates Ireland and it is a major success for viewers (but not so much for the actual daters).

However, everyone knows that going on a first date is super nerve-wrecking – nevermind a BLIND first date with a hundred cameras pointing in your face.

Some act totally cool and hit it off, and others, well, we'll just say they don't click.

The latter can be said for daters from the second episode, Dawn and Alannah-Rose.

The pair didn't exactly see eye-to-eye, yet their post-date summary suggested something completely different.

Spotted by Joe.ie, the post-date analysis said that the women went straight to The George and Alannah-Rose said it was "one of the best nights of her life."

However, in reality, that didn't actually happen:

Yep, so apparently they headed to a totally different nightclub, and Dawn left soon after they arrived.

The analysis has since been changed for anyone watching the repeats. Now, we just can't wait for this Thursday's drama. 


We all know what you see on Instagram often isn't real. 

Even Alexa Chung has openly confessed that her IG feed is full of creative crops. 

That's what one Thai photographer has set out to reveal exactly how people distort images to make their lives look more amazing. 

Chompoo Baritone named his series #SlowLife, which shows a typically impressive IG post, along with its surrounding reality. 

The amusing compositions show people enjoying a moment with friends, on a holiday or making a meal, along with the closely cropped, heavy filtered segment they'd most likely share on social media.

Taking to the current #fit trend, where we see people post photos of their impressive yoga skills; one of Chompoo's snaps shows a girl being assisted by her friend during the handstand. 

Another satire is the #foodporn craze, which sees a healthy homemade meal – beside not-so-healthy noodles and a microwave meal. 

“No one is as happy as they seem on Instagram,” said Alexa Chung to Stella magazine.

But then she added: “Instagram would be awful if it was reality, wouldn’t it? 'Here are my spaghetti hoops and me crying over EastEnders.'”



There are so many myths out there about food – so what’s true and what is not? Buzzfeed decided to take a a look and what they discovered will fascinate you.

Though oranges had the most Vitamin C? Think again… Munching celery because you thought it had negative calories? No way.

Have a watch to discover some interesting lies about food busted! 



While we try to always be as honest and open as we can with the people in our lives, there are still some lies we tend to tell from time to time…

1. "I’ll be ready in a minute"

We're going as fast as we can – promise!

2. "I’m fine"

Probably the most well known lie that women tell. We all know its not true. "Fine" is girls-speak for: "if you don’t figure out what’s wrong by yourself in the next 10 seconds you’re in for it." Whatever you’ve done start making up for it now. 

3. "It wasn’t that expensive"

It totally was, but we look amazing in it, so no judgement from you ‘Mr I Only Ever Shop in Penneys’. We deserve it every once in a while. We don’t complain to you about those ugly-ass runners that cost a stupid amount of money. Not to your face. We’d like you to do the same.

4. "I don’t mind"

Oh we mind – but we're trying to be nice. 

5. "Him? He’s just an old friend"

Erm apart from the year when you were fourteen – but that hardly counts now, right?

6. "I just don’t want to be in a relationship right now"

You're just not her type but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, soz. 

7. "I woke up like this"

Nope, she got up an hour earlier and snuck on some concealer and mascara – boom. Oh that minty fresh breath? It's just natural. 

8. "You don’t have to get me anything for my birthday/Christmas/Anniversary"

Yeah, I know, we’re frustrating. She says it but you’ve got this niggling feeling that that can’t be right and you’re correct. No way will she be pleased if you come up empty handed. If you do and you say: "But you told me you didn’t want anything." You’re supposed to smarter than this.

9. "I’m not jealous"

She’s jealous. Probably while you two are out in a bar and some sweet young thing sidles up next to you and starts getting a bit too friendly. She wants you but you’re taken. Act like it.

10. "It was so annoying, they wouldn’t stop hitting on me"

It wasn’t annoying, she loved it. The only reason she’s even mentioning it is because she wants to get a reaction out of you. Like jealous rage and confessions of undying devotion. It never works because if you don’t act jealous she’ll get annoyed and if you act too jealous then you’re being the insecure annoying one. It’s a lose-lose move, if only we’d stop saying it…

11. "Sure, go on have fun"

It’s not that she doesn’t want you to have fun, she  does. But just doesn’t enjoy the idea of you having fun without her. She’s not going to stop you but you’re going to have to tell her how much you wish she could have been there. And you missed her. And she’s great.

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Don’t worry girls, we all tell these lies to ourselves on a daily basis. You are not alone.

1. I’ll go to bed early tonight

I take nap right here

No, you won’t. And you knew that almost immediately after you made this decision, it was not going to happen. Go on, stick on another episode of Gossip Girl. One more won’t hurt.

2. I’ll start going to the gym every day

You know exercise will make you feel better but this couch is soooo comfy…

3. I’m not gonna get drunk tonight

Well that bottle of gin you bought tells us otherwise…

4. I’m not getting with HIM again

Don't drink the gin then…

5. I’m giving up junk food


Chocolate doesn't count though, right?

6. I’m staying in this weekend

WHO is going out?! I'm there. 

7. Sure I don’t even like him, it’s only a bit of fun.

You think I’m gorgeous, you want to kiss me…

This one is okay for the first few weeks/months, but eventually it’s yourself you’re going to be convincing, not your mates.

8. I’m gonna start studying, like, really soon.

One for the college students out there…we believe you. 

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There are some things that guys just don’t say because they know what the repercussions will be. Whether it’s just to their friends or their girlfriends there is a lot that guys lie about. If it’s with their mates, it’s usually just trivial details that they lie about, but if it’s to their girlfriend then they will lie just to keep the peace. Here are the things that guys will always lie about.

1. How much they’ve had to drink
If they get particularly drunk one night, they’ll always try particularly hard to hide the fact that they are. They will say that they had one or two, when in reality it was 6 pints, three jägarbombs and a naggin of vodka. 

2. How many times they go to the gym
Whether it’s to their mates or when they are trying to impress a girl, they will always fabricate the little details. Even though they seem to always be carrying a gym bag around with them it doesn’tnecessarly mean that there are going to the gym all time. They want to give off the impression that they have a healthy lifestyle, which they do, but maybe not to the extent that they say.

3. How many girls they have slept with
Well, this is quite an obvious one, guys will always stretch the truth in terms of how many girls they slept with. If they say it to their mate, they will greatly exaggerate it, but if it’s to their girlfriend they say less. Either way guys will always change the number.

4. Whether or not you look fat in that
You really shouldn’t ask a guy this question in the first place, but even if they think a certain dress makes you more filled out they won’t say it. Guys will never say yes to this question unless they are gay or are a platonic best friend. If a guy is in anyway romantically linked with a girl the answer will always be no.

5. How busy they are
 A lot of the time thought it basically means that they would just rather be alone. Sometimes they just need a little me time, which basically means watching football or playing the Xbox. 

6. How interested they are
If a guy has to actually say “That is really interesting” it means the exact opposite of that. When they say it, it means that they have zoned out and have completely lost interest in the conversation. If they were actually interested in the conversation they would contribute to it. 

cool story bro animated GIF

7. Where their career is going
Guys will always pretend that there is some direction to their life, when someone asks what are you going to do after college it’s always hard to answer. Usually we just say something we’re interested in and not what we are actually going to do, which is sit at home in our pyjamas watching Breaking Bad all day.

8. If they like your friends or not
You don’t get on with everybody you meet, but if a girl asks a guy what he thinks about her friends he will always say he likes them. Most of the time there are always one or two that they don’t like, but they will never say it. It’s all an attempt to keep the peace and to not stir up any unnecessary drama.

9. How tired they really are
When a guy says he is tired, they just say it so they can get ourselves out of doing something. Fact. 

finn the human animated GIF

10. If they’re actually listening to you
If a girl asks a guy if he was listening, then he was most definitely not. Girls can sense when guys are thinking about something else while they’re talking. 

11. That they would rather be with you
Sometimes they might say they would rather be with their girlfriends when if fact all they want to do is hang out with the lads. 

12. Why they didn’t text back
A lot of the time they have every intention of texting back and then their minds wanders and they completely forget about it. 

13. How much they think about sex
It's a LOT, basically. 

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There are some little, itty bitty white lies that are essential to the survival of every relationship. If you value your other half, you will learn the correct answers to those difficult questions. Sometimes, honesty is not the best policy:

1. “No, you do not look fat in that.”

Boys get insecure too, and if he asks you if he's looking husky, don't think he will take it any better than you would yourself. 

2. “What’s my type? You, of course.”

Actually, our type is a combination of Ryan Gosling and Colin Farrell but we love you anyway. Honest.

3. “No, I don’t fancy any of your friends.”

Apart from the three hot ones. And the funny one isn't too bad either.

4. “Of course I’d prefer a night in over a girls night.”

Of course there’s nothing we'd rather do than spend five hours getting glam, followed by six hours of gossiping, bitching and laughing but it’s not worth the sulking you’re inevitably going to do if we go.

5. “Yes I totally remembered our anniversary.”

Yes, Facebook did remind us that today is our anniversary.

6. “I did notice your new hairstyle.”

Noooo, of course you're not receding, darling! 

7. “You’re the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Yup, the best….

8. “It’s that time of the month.”


9. “My parents love you.”

Apart from Dad…and mum too actually. 

10. “I’m totally cool with you having friends of the opposite sex.”

We want to be cool with it all. It’s just that all of your opposite sex friends are hot, intimidating and just generally, we hate them.

11. “Size isn’t everything.”

It's not everything, but it's not nothing either, y'know? 

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For some reason, us girls lie to each other about small things. Whether it’s about saving face or just trying to get one up on each other, here are some of the more classic things those frenemies (and besties!) are likely to tell you:

1. “He’s AMAZING in bed.”


While this one could be true if your bestie said it to you, if it comes from your frenemy, it is almost certainly a big fat lie!

2. “I wish I was single.”


No, you don’t. This is something that girls in relationships say to comfort their depressed single friends, especially after another night of failure on the man scene.

3. “Oh my god, no, I LOVE your boyfriend.”


Oh, the guy who took you away from me and now I have to see all the time? Don’t fall for this one…

4. “Yeah, she is a total bitch.”


Nine times out of ten, this is uttered about some girl that dares to speak to a boy you’ve been creeping on silently and from afar, for some time. The girl in question seems pretty sound to you, but for friendships sake, she’s the biggest bitch going. Still, we appreciate the gesture.

5. “No you do not look fat in that skirt.”


NEVER tell a girl she looks fat. Every girl knows this cardinal rule and to break it would be to buy your ticket out of the circle. It’s like Ross once told Chandler. Don’t even think about it. “Do I look fat?”. “NO.”

6. “No waaaaaaay have you gained weight.”


Again, as stated above. Fat+ Girl= End of friendship. When she’s feeling bigger than normal just pretend nothing has changed and then swiftly change the subject.

7. “It was sooooooo good to see you.”


It really wasn’t good to see you. It was actually pretty awkward, uncomfortable and just generally laced with small talk and so, if I don’t see you again for quite some time, I’ll be happy.

8. “Yeah, I’m literally on the way right now.”


30 minutes later and you are STILL waiting. Infuriating doesn’t even cut it.

9. “You look AMAZING in that picture. What other chin?”


Once again, we appreciate this lie.

10. “I am in no way drunk at all. I’m not even tipsy.”


You may be lying on the floor as you say this, but that does not make it any less of a lie.

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Parents tell their kids some pretty messed up things, and so far from the truth that it’s hard to register when we finally learn. Here are some lies you may have heard as a child.

1. “Don’t pull that face, God will see and leave you looking like that.”


If you grew up with an Irish Catholic parent then you were likely to have been fed this horrifically scarring lie at some stage. To this day, there’s still that underlying fear some of us have that this may in fact still happen.

2. “Santy sees everything”


This lie gets children everywhere to act and do exactly what their parents want any time of the year. How crafty.

3. “Eat up all of your vegetables and your hair will be curly”


We all wanted curly hair as kids, then boom, your 11 and begging you mom for a GHD and haven’t eaten broccoli in years for fear of curls.

4. “Eat your crusts and you’ll get hairs on your chest.”


We were four and some of us were girls, why the hell would we want hairs on our chest? WHY? All of those hairy men clearly ate all of their crusty Nutella sandwiches back in the day.

5. “Your school days are the best days of your life.”

tumblr_m31mxjHi4K1r4u9wdo1_500 (1)

Oh yes, I do miss those tiny benches and a school-bag that always smelt like rotten apples.

6. “You’re so bold, you’re not like mine at all, you’re actually adopted.”


You have always secretly wondered since…

7. “That’s only for adults.”


No fair!

8. “Children have to go to bed by 9 o’clock, it’s the law.”


Even during the summer when it was bright out, you were forced to go to bed or else the police would come. Scarred.

9. “Don’t eat the apple pips, otherwise an apple tree will grow in your belly.”


Terrifying stuff.

10. “Don’t swallow your chewing gum, it’ll make your insides stick together.”


Actually, this one might be true.

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Excessive blinking, looking to the left or covering their mouth.

These are all signs someone is telling you fibs.

Watch this handy video and try it out on your bestie tonight – “So you’ve idea how that wine stain ended up on my favourite dress then?”

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