We all know what you see on Instagram often isn't real. 

Even Alexa Chung has openly confessed that her IG feed is full of creative crops. 

That's what one Thai photographer has set out to reveal exactly how people distort images to make their lives look more amazing. 

Chompoo Baritone named his series #SlowLife, which shows a typically impressive IG post, along with its surrounding reality. 

The amusing compositions show people enjoying a moment with friends, on a holiday or making a meal, along with the closely cropped, heavy filtered segment they'd most likely share on social media.

Taking to the current #fit trend, where we see people post photos of their impressive yoga skills; one of Chompoo's snaps shows a girl being assisted by her friend during the handstand. 

Another satire is the #foodporn craze, which sees a healthy homemade meal – beside not-so-healthy noodles and a microwave meal. 

“No one is as happy as they seem on Instagram,” said Alexa Chung to Stella magazine.

But then she added: “Instagram would be awful if it was reality, wouldn’t it? 'Here are my spaghetti hoops and me crying over EastEnders.'”