The 10 lies all women tell one another


For some reason, us girls lie to each other about small things. Whether it’s about saving face or just trying to get one up on each other, here are some of the more classic things those frenemies (and besties!) are likely to tell you:

1. “He’s AMAZING in bed.”


While this one could be true if your bestie said it to you, if it comes from your frenemy, it is almost certainly a big fat lie!

2. “I wish I was single.”


No, you don’t. This is something that girls in relationships say to comfort their depressed single friends, especially after another night of failure on the man scene.

3. “Oh my god, no, I LOVE your boyfriend.”


Oh, the guy who took you away from me and now I have to see all the time? Don’t fall for this one…

4. “Yeah, she is a total bitch.”


Nine times out of ten, this is uttered about some girl that dares to speak to a boy you’ve been creeping on silently and from afar, for some time. The girl in question seems pretty sound to you, but for friendships sake, she’s the biggest bitch going. Still, we appreciate the gesture.

5. “No you do not look fat in that skirt.”


NEVER tell a girl she looks fat. Every girl knows this cardinal rule and to break it would be to buy your ticket out of the circle. It’s like Ross once told Chandler. Don’t even think about it. “Do I look fat?”. “NO.”

6. “No waaaaaaay have you gained weight.”


Again, as stated above. Fat+ Girl= End of friendship. When she’s feeling bigger than normal just pretend nothing has changed and then swiftly change the subject.

7. “It was sooooooo good to see you.”


It really wasn’t good to see you. It was actually pretty awkward, uncomfortable and just generally laced with small talk and so, if I don’t see you again for quite some time, I’ll be happy.

8. “Yeah, I’m literally on the way right now.”


30 minutes later and you are STILL waiting. Infuriating doesn’t even cut it.

9. “You look AMAZING in that picture. What other chin?”


Once again, we appreciate this lie.

10. “I am in no way drunk at all. I’m not even tipsy.”


You may be lying on the floor as you say this, but that does not make it any less of a lie.

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